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Fidem servavi, the name of the Encyclical of the two Popes?

Fidem servavi, "I have kept the faith" (2Tm iv, 7), should be the name of the encyclical on Faith, written by Benedict XVI and co-authored and signed by Pope Francis - at least according to some Italian sources, in particular Franca Giansoldati, religious correspondent for Il Messaggero.

It should be released in the fall.


  1. Teaching on this topic is much needed and I hope this encyclical ends up being helpful. Faith is often reduced to little more than a random guess or feeling, which makes all religions equally credible (or not credible) and its necessary connection to justification is also often lost.

    Also, despite the fact that multiple people worked on this encyclical (many encyclicals have had multiple collaborators and/or ghost writers), it will ultimately be the encyclical of one Pope, Pope Francis (assuming he promulgates it).

  2. Were they consciously going for irony?

  3. We dont need encylical's , we need action taken to clean house at rome and at chanceries throughout the world.

  4. On the contrary, we always need encyclicals. They are especially vital in this day and age. Papal teaching of truth is one of the strongest actions a pope can take - and only a pope can do it. In my view, the teaching in the encyclicals of Benedict XVI seem to deepen with each passing day. I'm anxious to read Fidem servavi!

  5. We need all of Christendom praying the Rosary daily, led by the Holy Father from St Peter's Square!!!

  6. We need the public Consecration of Russia by all the world's bishops, but encyclicals are the steppingstones to actualizing that.

  7. I have kept the Faith.....

    Implying...that others may not have...??

    I wonder who....Take a bow...the worlds Bishops...!!!

  8. "We need the public Consecration of Russia by all the world's bishops, but encyclicals are the steppingstones to actualizing that."

    Because Russia is a mess. Full churches, beautiful liturgy, glorious architecture and Icons, public morality, monasteries, convents and seminaries to the brim.

    If any land is pleasing to the Virgin in the world right now, it is Russia. The schism of the Eastern Orthodox hierarchy is lamentable. But the Russian faithful, Catholics and Orthodox, consecrate themselves to the Virgin by their just and honest lives and are certainly not in need of being consecrated to anyone or anything by the present bishops of the Western churches.

    - adulescens

  9. "We need to clean house at Rome....We need Christendom to pray the Rosary daily...We need the public consecration of Russia by all the world's bishops."

    All these "we needs" are about somebody else doing something.

    Nobody here, seems to be saying, "I need to be more holy. I need to be more charitable. I need to devote more time to prayer."

    God being my helper, this is what I intend to do. I don't care if others follow suit.

  10. I'll repeat what others have said: we need to clean house in Rome. It seems as though there is a lot of dancing around the important issues; they are mentioned but nothing is really done.


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