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Let this give us hope! (part 2)

Yesterday, we brought you the story (here) of the Redemptorist priests in Limerick, Ireland, and the scandal they have caused with their balloon Masses and novena, their mocking of the Traditional Latin Mass and their praise of Masses for -- and run by -- the Gay [sic], Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender groups, all while attacking Catholics praying the Rosary outside those Masses for their conversion. 

Today, one of the priests took to the pulpit and decried certain "blogs" (read: Rorate) he read today, filled with "radical, entrenched, fundamentalist" people who just can't understand the new faith they believe in at this church -- the faith of Assisi. He did this all to the praise of the local bishop who was in attendance and spoke. 

Some key points, which you'll see in the quick video (h/t reader) below:

First, Rorate is speaking out against them, because they are inclusive and sympathetic towards others. - No, we pointed out only their actions and their words -- they disrespect God in His house, they embrace openly practicing homosexual groups, not out of true charity and a message of conversion, but out of acceptance for their "lifestyle."

Second, traditionals, us "radical, entrenched fundamentalists," are the ones in need of prayers. - We are all in need of prayers, and certainly thank all who wish to pray for us: thank you!

Third, just like they accept disordered communities with no message of the Church's true teaching and let them run the Masses, Jesus reached out to Jews and Gentiles. - It's the same thing, right? They're like "Jesus".

Fourth, traditionals are Pharisees. - (Yawn).

Fifth, Catholics are not the "only group that can be saved" because we get a lot wrong. - Yes, we do: for instance, letting some unbelievable men be ordained; their success may be measured, e.g., by the demographic death spiral of the Church in Ireland.

Enjoy the video. Then pray and do penance for these priests and the bishop applauding their diabolical work.


  1. More of the effeminate, lack of manliness, absolutely misinformed [ignorantly or by design] limp wristed sputum that Pope Francis and others have the root out of the Pure Bride of Christ.

    Will pray an extra 5 decades for his soul and the Church

  2. Dear Father,
    Thank you for the prayers. I hope you continue to read Rorate Caeli. You might learn something about the Mystical Body of Christ and the Faith that you appear to have lost.


  3. "Jesus included Jews and Gentles" invited them to the only means by men may be saved

    "may have quite a bit of the truth" ok so basically Father has basically contradicted both Lumen Gentium and Nostra Aetete both of which state the Catholic Church has the fullness of revealed truth in it.

    If you are reading Father I beg you to do the following, Read the works of your order's founder, he is known in the Church as the Doctor of Moral Theology, please I beg you out the love I have for the Holy Priesthood and for your soul.

  4. Still a bunch of poofs

  5. Good, more publicity for this excellent outlet of true catholic news and commentary, I hope more of father's poor parishioners will come here and discover Catholic Tradition.

  6. Dear Father,

    We here in the West have had 40+ years of this effeminate drivel rammed down our throats from the likes of you. Do you not realize that behind most of the disinterested faces in the congregation is someone who'd like to just openly laugh at your nonsense (but keep silent because of WHAT you are, not WHO you are)?

    Memo to the Redemptorist priests in Limerick: The 1970s and the vacuous, touchy-feely stupidity that went along with those times are long gone.

  7. Can these men be saved? When does a Catholic become a protestant? Could they claim to be in Union with the Bishop of Rome? To share the same faith with him?

    I tell you the shepards are eating the sheep with the wolf.

  8. When Jesus met with sinners,they were instructed to give up their sin,just as John The Baptist before him(Repent and Believe the Gospel).If we accept the teachings of the Bible(Gospel) what other course is there.

  9. If this is Mount St Alphonsus in Limerick its perhaps worth noting that that the head of the Redemptorists there Fr. Adrian Egan backed Redemptorist dissenter Fr. Tony Flannery in July last year.


  10. I will pray for this parish. We have the blind leading the blind from the pulpit.

    Father, for the love of God, please realize that truth and supernatural charity can never conflict.

    "Hatred can be charming, while true charity can be stern."--St. Augustine

  11. I wonder if Rorate Caeli bloggers would be willing to sign our petition to the Holy See to have Canon Law # 915 applied, since it is widely ignored in dioceses today. You can read the text of the petition here

    Thank you and God bless.

  12. This man is working for the anti-church. He needs to be told by a superior to "get off our property!"

  13. So the priest is a heretic as he happily admits he breaks with past church teaching (and thus current church teaching). 2:35 "It's not as the church would have told us before..."
    And he also admits that he is lost according to his own words for he has a fixed and unmovable position and is non-inclusive of the whole church before VII. Non-inclusiveness is the ultimate sin to him apparently and he's committing it.
    This poor guy. I tell ye. He's so drunk on kool-aid he can't think straight (pun intended). Someone give him a stout. If his delicate palate can handle it.
    St. Patrick, pray for them. They know not what they do.

  14. This man and priests and bishops like him are responsible for the cliff face collapse of the Faith in Ireland. The clericalism rampant in Ireland is still present but the downside is that in lieu of teaching and preaching the Catholic Faith what is presented are the personal theories and beliefs of the priest concerned. The bottom line is that a priest like the above example can publicly deny a dogma of the Faith and no action will be taken against him. Thus are the faithful in Ireland cheated by their shepherds.

    By the way the founder and leading light of the Association of Catholic Heretics, Fr Tony Flannery, is one of the above priests brethren.

  15. "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise." (Thomas Gray)

  16. Pope Benedict XVl said many times that priests today need to be re-educated on what the Mass is. Then they can teach the people what the Mass is. This priests and others like him should seek the truth about what the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass truly is, because its obvious they don't know. This sermon was filled to the brim with either hypocrisy or sheer ignorance of the Catholic Faith. What do they do with their time that they cannot seek a true and authentic knowledge of the Mass?

  17. I have an honest to goodness question for father. If I'm lost because I disagree with you... where am I going when I die?

  18. By having (in Soho) a special Mass specifically for people who suffer from a mental and spiritual disorder, the implication is that this disorder is a gift. It is like having a 'community' for people afflicted with schizophrenia or, for that matter, with kleptomania. Homerasty is a spiritual disorder, not a beneficent orientation.

    What these people really want is to be accepted for what they tend to do, not for who they are, and what they tend to do is one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance.

    Still, it is encouraging to see that the Clown Priest in this episode, this 'event' he laughably calls a Mass, is on the wrong side in ethics. Liturgical error and moral error go hand in hand: they are both deviations from truth.


  19. If anyone ever wondered why the pews grow emptier and emptier, it's priest like this man. He's decided, by proclaiming his love for VCII, that, in fact, the Church was on the wrong course for more than 1900 years.

    In his view, only now, in the last 50 years, is the Church on the right path. Yet, I suspect he's unwilling to notice the rapid drop in Mass attendance after VCII. Yet, I suspect he's unwilling to notice the rapid drop in vocations after VCII.

    Yes, in this priest's mind, VCII saved the Church. Yet, all of the metrics say otherwise. Until we put the Catholic back in the Catholic Church, nonsense like this will continue.

  20. Hello Mr. Perkins! Lovely to hear from you again!You have been missed!

  21. You're all so mean and judgmental. Don't you know that he's in "full communion"?

  22. Sometimes, I despair and want to lock myself up in an SSPX monastery somewhere...

  23. It seems that there is not only a problem with the Redemptorists in Ireland. Check out this video from St. Louis MO's Redemptorist led St Alphonsus "Rock" Church:
    This was the venue of the notorious Rev. Maurice Nutt, C.SS.R,whose antics Rorate readers may watch at at another Redemptorist led church:
    Nuttt left St. Louis under a cloud after being accused by police officers of inappropriate advances of an apparently sexual nature. As I recall Nutt said his actions were misunderstood. Rorate readers may decide for themselves when they read about it here:

  24. Pope Francis gave a thought-provoking homily today.

    "We have a Father. Very close to us, eh! Who embraces us ... All these worries, concerns that we have, let's leave them to the Father, He knows what we need. But, Father, what? My father? No: Our Father! Because I am not an only child, none of us are, and if I cannot be a brother, I can hardly become a child of the Father, because He is a Father to all. Mine, sure, but also of others, of my brothers. And if I am not at peace with my brothers, I cannot say 'Father' to Him."

    This, the Pope added, explains the fact that Jesus, after having taught us the Our Father, stresses that if we do not forgive others, neither will the Father forgive us our sins. "It's so hard to forgive others – said the Pope - it is really difficult, because we always have that regret inside." We think, "You did this to me, you wait '... and I’ll repay him the favour ":

    "No, you cannot pray with enemies in your heart, with brothers and enemies in your heart, you cannot pray. This is difficult, yes, it is difficult, not easy. 'Father, I cannot say Father, I cannot'. It’s true, I understand. 'I cannot say our, because he did this to me and this ...' I cannot! 'They must go to hell, right? I will have nothing to do with them'. It’s true, it is not easy. But Jesus has promised us the Holy Spirit: it is He who teaches us, from within, from the heart, how to say 'Father' and how to say 'our'. Today we ask the Holy Spirit to teach us to say 'Father' and to be able to say 'our', and thus make peace with all our enemies."

    So simple, but so true.

  25. The traditional mass scares the lavender mafia. It's rich in masculine prayers of sacrifice, unworthiness, acknowledging our sinfulness. It scares them right away That's why they detest it.

  26. Those who can't be adviced, can't be helped.So much for the tolerance towards homos.Christ and antichrist."One can not dine with boogyman or reason with a fool." Slavic proverb.

  27. To be charitable is to correct their error- indeed, it is an act of mercy to instruct the ignorant and admonish the sinners! I see no wise men nor holy saints in that church; and so, we must be merciful and correct their errors- if they would not obey to correction, then chastisement will come!

    The rod of chastisement comes from the masculine and the firm, not the effeminate and the soft. The masculine is vital, the effeminate is ineffectual.

    We shall overcome these traitors to the faith, for if it is not from us that the wrath of God will come to punish their wickedness, they will become their own undoing, for God will not tolerate their evil and so, neither should we.

    Indeed, the Diabolical is with them, for they revel in their sins and find no need for repentance.

    Let us continue in the path of prudence and wisdom, and embrace our sacred Traditions, for the have been handed down to us from the time of Christ and beyond.

    Let those who love the Tradition handed down by our venerable and holy fathers thunder out loudly! Preach against Sodom and Gomorrah, furiously and righteously hate their depravity! Pray for their salvation, for the Lord would prefer that they be saved than be destroyed- yet what outrage it is for them to reject the Lord! It is an OUTRAGE that the wolves mislead the sheep to their doom! Have they no shame!? Have they no fear of God!?

    Iesu Christe, Fili Dei, Domine, miserere mei peccatoris!

  28. "... as a human race we share our goals of having a peaceful world, a world with justice, a world with integrity..."

    It is precisely because the human race does not share these goals, that we have a world without peace, justice and integrity. Something to do with Original Sin and the Expulsion from Eden, if I remember right, or is that too radical and entrenched a concept for Our Man In The Pulpit to grasp? After all, as he readily acknowledges, his catholicism could have quite a deal wrong, so he has to try and find the truth as he journeys in faith.

    So here are some heady concepts which he might consider before he films and broadcasts his next sermon for us (offered in the spirit of dialogue, naturally).
    Truth is absolute and immutable, already revealed, so there is no need to try and find it, because Faith isn't a journey, it's a destination.

    And why has he got CCTV screens in his church, people can see and hear him well enough, can't they? And why this great enthusiasm for filming himself and broadcasting his ramblings to the world? Would it be all too horrendous and ignorant to suggest that this might betray a rather unhealthy streak of exhibitionism?

  29. As some of you may know, I live in Ireland in the County Cork. I have listened to the Reverend Father's exposition, and my heart breaks. It breaks because for all his obvious rhetorical skills the substance is at best vapid, at worst so opaque as to be dangerously misleading about the tenants of our Holy Catholic Faith. A critique the Reverend Father's 'message' would be futile, I fear. I do however pity those poor desperate souls (almost certainly aged) who braved the violence-ridden, drug-infested, streets of Limerick to be served up such pap. The people of Limerick need the hope of Christ Jesus and the crystal clear doctrine of Holy Mother Church to sustain them through these times when the elderly of Limerick are beaten to a pulp or killed in their homes by drug crazed thugs or gangs for their meagre possessions; when the young are corrupted; when the poor go in want spiritually and physically owing to the oppression of the Irish Government and their European Masters. Yes, friends do please pray for this poor misguided priest and pray even more for those starving souls who attended sat through this sermon hoping for a feast of Faith and were delivered such greasy cabbage 'soup'.

  30. PS Am I right in thinking that Panto Priest and Our Man in The Pulpit are two different priests?

  31. Dia daoibh,
    Please note that these Redemptorists in Limerick are probably running scared for the following two reasons:

    1. The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has taken over a former Jesuit church not far from these guys;
    2. The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal are working hard in nearby troubled housing estates.

    a Mhuire na hEirinn, a Bhride, gui orainn

  32. If this priest is not a homosexual I have never seen a rainbow.

  33. Ah well then Matthew, my Lad, may I cite another Matthew? Matthew 24:12

    "12 And because iniquity shall be multiplied, the love of the many shall wax cold."

    May I humbly suggest that you might be a biteen more prudential in your judgements?


  34. Get your will bequests made out to Traditionalist orders, both secular and religious although I'm inclined to prefer religious.

    We NEED guys and gals living in community. Even the best intentioned secular priest can't help be corrupted, even if just a little, by the world. (Goodness knows I'm tossed and buffeted myself by the attitudes and temptations of the world from all fronts. It's all I can do to be a good Catholic father and husband.)

    We need these oases of genuine Catholicism to generate spiritual benefits which will flow out and start influencing the godless culture, and not be corrupted BY the godless culture as this quasi-protestant priest in the video so clearly has.

    I'm still deciding whether to bequeath my $$$ to the Transalpines or the Wyoming Carmelites.

  35. Just as a final aside, there was a radical consolidation of the dioceses of Ireland in the works under Pope Benedict XVI circa 2011, about which I have heard not a pipistrelle's squeak of late.
    Perhaps whichever bishop was present for the 'soup ladeling' depicted on this video will be consolidated into oblivion should Benedict's reform of the Irish Church be realized under Pope Francis.

  36. 'tis

    From Limerick a priest there is -
    An actor, a clown in show biz -
    Of true Catholic blokes
    Makes fun of and jokes -
    In the pit he will pander; choice his.

    Tomorrow, June 21, 2013, the feast of St. Aloysius, 12 men will be ordained to the priesthood: 11 from the SSPX, and one from the Dominican convent of Avrillé, France. In addition, 6 will be ordained to the diaconate at the SSPX Seminary, St. Thomas Aquinas, in Winona, Minnesota, U.S.A. be of good cheer!

  37. Every Catholic would do well to read the Sunday Sermons of St. Alphonsus, founder of the Redemptorists. They can easily be found on line. Also the book by the same St. 'The Great Means of Salvation.' I believe Vat II called for Religious to return to the charism of their founder. Doing this would be a good start.


  38. I look at all this and just feel like, oh, well, this pope is doing his best i suppose. with the mind that he has. to rorate's readership i have always wanted to say that i have never considered you "traditional" catholics. i just consider you norma catholics. and i've never detected any hint of wanting to exclude anyone from the only true church of Christ, the one we profess to believe in every day or Sunday; the one which Pius XII expressly identified as the Roman Catholic Church.

  39. Speaking of Charity, Pope Benedict XVl spoke many times on what true Charity is. He said that Charity and Justice go together, you cannot have one without the other. He said, "Those who battle the unjust to end injustice is an act of Charity". So then for us traditional Catholics to battle the injustice of modernism is an act of Charity in the eye's of God. Which means we are pleasing God when we speak out against these Liturgical abuses and sermons laden with errors. Lets continue to console Our Lord in imitation of Bl. Francisco Marto of Fatima. Bl. Francisco Marto lived his short life consoling Our Lord after seeing him very sad because of the sins of men. Of course Christ is sad when he sees priests act and speak like these priests are doing.

  40. No surplice and stole while in the pulpit.

  41. Just more meaningless woffle. Sit down father and shut that blarney filled mouth!

  42. I don't agree with much of what Father had to say. However he can hardly be blamed. He is in fact being true to the messages that he and so many Catholics have received from those in the Church over the last 50 years.
    His thesis is 'either / or'. The real Catholic position is 'and'. Yes Jesus did seek "to bring [all those disparate' people on board" but not because He entertained some polyglot vision [doomed to contradiction] but becaue HE had a unified vision and a desire to bring them all to HEAVEN, not [man-made] heaven on earth.

  43. Please Lord, when will it cease?

  44. Found them - here they are. Tune in any time to watch on their webcam. Mass times are on their home page.

    Different priest this morning, but all in the same vein. Strangely, he did not refer to Masses as Masses, but as services, or worse, "sessions" (is one supposed to remain seated throughout?)

    He was expressing great hope for change with the new Pope. He told us about German bishops calling for the ordination of women as Deacons, then in tremulous tones bewailed the "heavy masculine profile" of the Catholic clergy. Then I had to tear myself away to take my son to the station for a train.

    Last night I wrote a full transcript of the video posted by Adfero before posting my earlier comment. No doubt these priests are being watched in Rome - the question is, who is watching? No doubt The Cabal is queering the pitch there.

    We must pray that the Pope will indeed bring about great changes, and that they are not the changes these boys are hoping for.

  45. Yes dear sweet Jesus when will it all cease ....
    The HOLY SACRIFICE of THE Mass has been lowered to clown masses , hand clapping and foot stomping events or sessions...PURIFY YOUR CHURCH and RESTORE Your Bride to Her proper order....St. Jospeh Patron of the Universal Church hear our prayer .

  46. Dear father,
    If you are reading Rorate, may I say, it’s not radical to want to be truly Catholic and have a Catholic identity. T.S. Elliot pointed out that nothing new in poetry that was great could be accomplished without being rooted in tradition, its font, and source. The same could be said for the Church. Your homily denotes an attitude of rupture, but as Pope emeritus Benedict XVI said, there has been no rupture, and tradition has never been abrogated. We pray that you return ad fontes. Please consider learning and offering the TLM, which is in complete harmony with the beauty of your grand cathedral.

  47. My heart cries for this priest. Notice his lack of specifics on Church teaching about the issues at hand.

    Why is it that he cannot quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or a Saint?

    Why will he not mention that Vatican II is not a Dogma?

  48. Hi, Father, love that you visit our page! Yes, we are in need of prayers! Always! Pray for us as strongly and as often as you can! Thank you!


  49. Anne,

    I was thinking of the same homily by the holy father, but his words aren't very clear.

    Jesus had enemies, not because he refused to forgive them but because they chose enmity with him rather than friendship. Are we at fault if someone is truly in danger of damnation because of the choices he makes? Must we pretend that all souls who call upon God as "Father" are our friends, even if they reject the Church founded by God the Son?

    Yes, forgiveness is important. If the holy father was only talking about those we consider enemies because they've hurt or offended us, then I would agree that we should forgive them and pray for them, but I wouldn't necessarily go so far as to call them "friends" or welcome them into my home as such.

    I can give the holy father the benefit of the doubt, but soundbites like these, without the context that might make the full import of his words clearer, can be taken either way.

  50. To copy this over again from the last post-

    He is Fr Adrian Egan of the Redeptorist community in Limerick.
    See contact here:

    Their Bishop is Bishop Brendan Leahy
    The Diocesan contact details are:

    Limerick Diocesan Office, Social Service Centre, Henry Street, Limerick. Tel. 061-315856. Fax. 061-310186. Email:

    The Diocesan website is here:

    I would strongly encourage everyone to write a letter or atleast an email to the Bishop about this abuse. It's bad enough having to see this, but you are also able to do something about it.

  51. Check out this video! Homosexuals give the sermon at Mass.

    Dundalk, Ireland. St Gerards' Novena 2012, Day 8, Mass. Redemptorist Rector Fr Michael Cusack blatantly disregards Catholic doctrine by inviting unrepentant sinners to give the sermon at Mass. The founder of the Redemptorists, St Alphonsus Liguori, warned unambiguously that obstinate sinners put themselves in serious danger of eternal perdition, yet this Rector is confirming these poor unfortunates in their sin. Who knows how many children heard this "sermon" and now think that sins against nature are somehow permissible? How many people, as a result of this scandal, are now entertaining such impure temptations, bringing them down a dark road of misery and destruction? Several bishops in Ireland, Cardinal Brady and the Papal Nuncio among them, have received a copy of this video, so too has Rome. Alas, there is no response to date, yet priests who boldly proclaim Catholic teaching are swiftly punished.

  52. "Dundalk, Ireland. St Gerards' Novena 2012, Day 8, Mass. Redemptorist Rector Fr Michael Cusack blatantly disregards Catholic doctrine by inviting unrepentant sinners to give the sermon at Mass. The founder of the Redemptorists, St Alphonsus Liguori, warned unambiguously that obstinate sinners put themselves in serious danger of eternal perdition, yet this Rector is confirming these poor unfortunates in their sin. Who knows how many children heard this "sermon" and now think that sins against nature are somehow permissible? How many people, as a result of this scandal, are now entertaining such impure temptations, bringing them down a dark road of misery and destruction? Several bishops in Ireland, Cardinal Brady and the Papal Nuncio among them, have received a copy of this video, so too has Rome. Alas, there is no response to date, yet priests who boldly proclaim Catholic teaching are swiftly punished."

    Sol egressus est super terram et Lot ingressus est Segor. Igitur Dominus pluit super Sodomam et Gomorrham sulphur et ignem a Domino de caelo.

    Intuitus est Sodomam et Gomorrham et universam terram regionis illius viditque ascendentem favillam de terra quasi fornacis fumum.

    The sun was risen upon the earth; and Lot entered into Segor. And the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrha brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.

    He[Abraham] looked towards Sodom and Gomorrha, and the whole land of that country: and he saw the ashes rise up from the earth as the smoke of a furnace.


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