Rorate Caeli

Let this give us hope! (part 2)

Yesterday, we brought you the story (here) of the Redemptorist priests in Limerick, Ireland, and the scandal they have caused with their balloon Masses and novena, their mocking of the Traditional Latin Mass and their praise of Masses for -- and run by -- the Gay [sic], Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender groups, all while attacking Catholics praying the Rosary outside those Masses for their conversion. 

Today, one of the priests took to the pulpit and decried certain "blogs" (read: Rorate) he read today, filled with "radical, entrenched, fundamentalist" people who just can't understand the new faith they believe in at this church -- the faith of Assisi. He did this all to the praise of the local bishop who was in attendance and spoke. 

Some key points, which you'll see in the quick video (h/t reader) below:

First, Rorate is speaking out against them, because they are inclusive and sympathetic towards others. - No, we pointed out only their actions and their words -- they disrespect God in His house, they embrace openly practicing homosexual groups, not out of true charity and a message of conversion, but out of acceptance for their "lifestyle."

Second, traditionals, us "radical, entrenched fundamentalists," are the ones in need of prayers. - We are all in need of prayers, and certainly thank all who wish to pray for us: thank you!

Third, just like they accept disordered communities with no message of the Church's true teaching and let them run the Masses, Jesus reached out to Jews and Gentiles. - It's the same thing, right? They're like "Jesus".

Fourth, traditionals are Pharisees. - (Yawn).

Fifth, Catholics are not the "only group that can be saved" because we get a lot wrong. - Yes, we do: for instance, letting some unbelievable men be ordained; their success may be measured, e.g., by the demographic death spiral of the Church in Ireland.

Enjoy the video. Then pray and do penance for these priests and the bishop applauding their diabolical work.