Rorate Caeli

Let this give us hope! Brick by ... oops

Well, so it's not exactly in the mold of St. Gerard or Blessed Francis Seelos. But, it'll certainly raise up a new generation of Church Militant and force open those shuttered Irish seminaries, right? 

One of the most disturbing parts of this is that the Redemptorist rector of the church chastised the adults who were, God willing, mortified at what they saw: "Older people, you're not doing it. If you don't do it, you'll be put out."

Haven't most traditionals heard those same words over the last 50 years, more or less?


Yesterday, a Redemptorist priest of this same Church proved -- as if we needed proof -- that how you pray is certainly how you believe.

Watch the video below of his sermon. Father explains how he's "glad" he never saw the old Mass in Latin, or learned Latin or saw the Mass where the priest turns his "back to the people" because Vatican II "returned the Mass to the people" and we should be "creative in our liturgies."

Then, more disturbing, he reflects on a "special and different" Mass he attended in Soho "prepared for and by" the GLBT community that "deeply moved" him and was "very, very impressive."

Was anything wrong with this according to Father? Only that there was a group of Catholics outside the church saying a Rosary for their conversion, which Father found "appalling."

These priests may want to listen to this sermon to know how to truly convert souls to the One, True Faith.