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Liturgical dance from all over the world

After the recent post on the Filipino bishop who led the liturgical dancing at his own installation Mass in the presence of his country's cardinals and papal nuncio and many of his brother bishops (The Bishop as the Chief Liturgical Dancer of his Diocese), we would like to post some recent (2012-2013) videos of liturgical dancing from six different locations in North America, South America, Western Europe and Asia. 

We are sometimes unjustly accused of publishing every disturbing piece that comes our way. The fact of the matter is that we have been very restrained in our posting. Through the years we have not posted numerous other examples -- verifiable and genuine ones -- of liturgical abuse (many of them worse than the ones posted below) and of open doctrinal or episcopal dissent that have been brought to our attention.

All the videos posted below are from places that are not "mission areas" in the traditional sense of the term, and where Catholicism has been present for hundreds of years if not more. 


Western Europe 

 In the Pope's own cathedral, during a Mass in 2012 at the Altar in front of the Papal Throne in St. John Lateran. Not as exuberant as the other examples in this post, but still...

Assisi. At a Mass for an international youth gathering celebrated at the main altar of the Lower Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, August 2012. The gathering had included a workshop on liturgical dance:

North America

The "danced" Gospel at the Easter Vigil of 2013 in the Newman Hall Holy Spirit Parish, Berkeley, CA.

Offertory" at the Easter Vigil of 2013 in the same parish. Take note of the wine for the Mass being brought forward in a glass pitcher.

Pentecost Mass (2012) at the Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Baltimore.

South America 

Procession and Benediction with the exposed Blessed Sacrament.
CONALJO 2012 in Popayán, Colombia. 
(CONALJO stands for Congreso Nacional De Jovenes De La Renovación Carismática Católica)

During the entrance procession at a Mass by a bishop in the same event. Watch out for the friar who joins in the dancing.

At the Offertory in the same Mass:

The entrance procession in another Mass at the same event, with priest and deacons devoutly preparing themselves for the sacred mysteries by vigorously clapping along with everyone else.


"Dance of the New Fire" at the Easter Vigil of 2013 in the Holy Cross Parish, General Santos City, Philippines, after the Paschal candle had been brought to the sanctuary and right before the singing of the Exultet


  1. These dances shouldn't be at Mass. These people should be charging admission in a theatre for all their creative work. It's very surreal. Pray for them and the priest that are leading the flock astray. May they all have a true and deep conversion to the Catholic faith.

  2. I desperately hope this is not the kind of "differences" our Holy Father has been trumpeting as of late. And, although emphasizing and maybe even reinforcing synodality as a bid to reunite the Catholic and Orthodox Churches might be a good idea, with this stuff going on the Orthodox will be high-tailing it in the opposite direction...

  3. Ever see liturgical dance at an SSPX chapel?

  4. When I was a student at U.C. Berkeley several years ago, I had the regrettable experience of assisting at numerous liturgies at the Newman Center, which is basically the face of the Catholic Church for the University. It is a disgrace in so many ways: infantile, heretical, self-aggrandizing... A young Catholic at Berkeley hardly has a chance. The Dominicans at the DSPT up the hill need to be given the student apostolate.

  5. Sad to see this very public DEMOLITION OF CATHOLICISM.

  6. How about introduction of pole and belly dancing into these 'liturgies'? What difference would it make for the showbiz? The moment a priest faces people and shows a back to God, talk of reverence becomes meaningless in NOM.

  7. Many times, some have pointed to the Ethiopian Church, claiming that she has an order of liturgical dancers, who exercise their ministry in church services.

    This is not true.

    I have been told by an Ethipian Orthodox priest that these "dances" are actually little more than elaborate processions, and take place OUTSIDE the church, and NOT in service time.

  8. Anonymous2:09 AM

    The two homosexual men in Berkley had me laughing so hard. I'm laughing, not sad, because i just cant image Christ is present there.

    Their twirling really was fabulous!

  9. Rorate Caeli should not hold back from reporting all the disturbing news. Since coming to this site not long ago, I now know that I am not alone in being concerned about the practice of so much error in the Church. Only those who are destroying the Church are opposed to this site. Bl. John Paul ll made it clear that we have the right and at times the obligation to make these things known. Rorate Caeli makes known whats really happening in the Church and those who comment are fulfilling their obligation to make their opinions known. Lest they sin by impugning the known truth. Mother Angelica was yanked out of our local Catholic station, because modernist priests accused her of causing divisions in their parishes. The faithful were learning the truth from Mother Angelica and pointing it out to their pastors and fellow parishioners. That is what they were opposed to, THE TRUTH! Thanks Rorate Caeli for informing us. The modernist heretics don't like it because they know that sites such as this one will only end their evil party that has ravaged the Church.

  10. Wherever liturgical dance arises, you KNOW that a true liturgical act is impossible. The common thread in all these liturgical dance performances is an obsession with SELF-EXPRESSION and there is no way this narcicissm can co-exist with true worship.

    It's not funny, but tragic and sad.

    What can a lonely lay man do?

    Is there any authoritative text in the NO that forbids these practices?

    Are we powerless to stop this madness?

  11. Doesn't anyone love God anymore? Are we all caught up in expressing ourselves instead of worshiping God? I think even pagans have more respect for their false gods.

  12. After witnessing this sickening display, I can't even begin to think what will be done at World Youth Day.

  13. Just a laughable banality! When people cannot see how ridiculous they are what hope is there. As I took the table cloth outside and shook it I was reminded of these imbeciles!

  14. The third video here is priceless. The church has come a long way since VC2, baby.

    These are the same priests that denied us the Latin Mass for forty years. What they seek is to destroy the Faith. We must fight them at every turn.

  15. WYD should be interesting.

  16. This is typical man-centred nonsense.Remember the price of John the Baptists head.We need a return to the Tridentine Mass.

  17. Anonymous12:52 PM

    'c'atholics can't (and shouldn't) dance!

  18. BOOTY

    Who dem ladies
    Dressed in yellow
    Standin 'neath
    That pulpit's fellow -

    Dancin' round
    From east to west
    They one up-man-ship

    Did I say man?
    I be a mess -
    They says they each
    A green-godess

    And all approved
    'Cause they know how
    To rock her dome.

    Them cassocked boys
    They frown and glare
    At them there ladies
    Feets all bare.

    Then bishop smacks
    Upside they heads,
    "You cassocked boys
    Yo' time is deads.

    Them yellow gals -
    They sure can sell
    Approved hand-baskets
    Made for...

    ...just DO like they
    Is much behooved
    To shake yo booty
    And be approved!"

  19. Imagine the satisfaction of the devil at seeing these many mockeries of the worship of our Lord. We must exhort others around us to join us in increased prayer and fasting to put a stop to this evil onslaught.


  20. The last video "Dance of the Fire" is appropriately titled...those responsible for these horrors better wake up so they don't experience fire that probably won't inspire much inspiration to dance.

  21. It's one thing to say that the sobriety of the traditional Roman Rite does not translate well into every cultural setting, or even to every temperament. The exuberance of many of the Eastern Rites, for example, is entirely legitimate, and properly channeled, and might be more readily received by, say, some African communities.

    But that is not what is going on here. These are locales where the Roman Rite existed for centuries. These are locales where the priests and liturgists lost confidence in their liturgy, or worse, belief in what it taught. They think that they must entertain to keep people in the doors. And that's the charitable interpretation. Too often, it is merely an excuse to exercise their own unanchored creativity, a creativity formed and stamped by modern popular culture.

  22. The first clip was a nice sentimental Hawaiian Luau sans fire throwers. The rest were trite, bland, and boring albeit deficient copies of a Broadway musical. However, dance does not belong in the holy mass and is not in continuity with tradition.

    Of course, my Novus Ordo friends will argue, using the reductionist fallacy that the prayer of consecration was made and Christ is present in the Eucharist, so, that is all that matters. But,Complaining will do no good because as the Church burns Rome fiddles.

  23. I am so sorry. We need Rosaries prayed daily, on our knees, devoutly to make reparation for this nonsense, and lots of penance.

  24. Yes, Aloysius Gonzaga, there's something you and everyone else can do: Refuse to ever again attend another Novus Ordo service.

  25. I have no problem with any of this as well-intentioned (though somewhat talentless) attempts to inject a note of theatricality to Gospel readings. That is, after all, the origin of medieval Mystery and Miracle plays. But the Church has been through all of this before. The bishops in the Middle Ages realized that this belongs outside the church (the building) out on the parvis. It has no place in any Mass or liturgical service.

    1. Yes OUTSIDE church in a kind if procession type of activity but NEVER during Mass. I'd never heard of Liturgical dance until now and wish I still hadn't ha ha! I attend TLM and NO and I'm certain the majority of NO attendees would not be keen on that kind of thing in church. Saxophones, drums and tambourines are a different matter though............

  26. Anonymous6:48 PM

    "Jesus never imposes. Jesus is humble."

    - Pope Francis, Angelus, today

    Words to heed...

  27. We've come a long way from the days of St. John Vianney threatening his flock with hellfire for attending the local dances.

  28. It is really sad to see prelates sitting on their backsides, clearly ( by not stopping this madness) approving of it.
    Hopefully we will all learn when faced with this egocentric non-sense, we will walk out. ( and stop giving them money).

  29. On the contrary, Dr. Williams, I'm afraid I would have to seriously object to what I see in these videos being exhibited in any presentation anywhere, because of the monstrous BANALITY of the 'dances' alone! Well-intentioned or not, no person should be subjected to the poverty of mind that choreographed what is seen here! That these meanderings-on-hoof brazenly profane the alleged Mass seems almost but insult added to the meanest injury, one apparently abiding in the mind of whomever scripted the 'things' we see being danced! The movements themselves alone! And poor Catholics the world over tithe their monies that support it! Truly, the mind pales..

    It cannot be coincidental that the poverty of mind and spirit that these displays exhibit finds its home within the novus ordo. It expresses the novus ordo well -but, as I say, not beautifully.

    I will NEVER accept the mean concoction that is the novus ordo. I have not, since the first day of its imposition, and do not today. Let death come first.

  30. Priam: "Ah me, for my evil destiny.
    I have had the noblest of sons in Troy, but I say not one of them is left to me.

    ...All these have been killed, and all that are left me are the disgraces, the liars and the dancers."

    - adulescens

  31. "Liturgical dance" is an oxymoron. As soon as you start dancing, you stop celebrating the liturgy. No prayer is addressed to God, no worship is directed to Him, while the dancers put themselves on display. I've endured many liturgical abuses since converting to the Faith, but thankfully have not yet suffered anti-liturgical dance (it's not done in our diocese, as far as I know). On the first sign of dancers or leotards at Mass, I and my family will be out the door and heading for home, and then will switch to a different parish.

  32. We constantly encounter repackaged vile nonsense in support of this fake, counterfeited and egalitarian new church of revolution. Truely monstrous Orwellian force coming from the boweles of satanism is at work within the temple of God, where ignorance is viewed as strenth, war as peace and slavery as freedom. Brethren, we've got lot of work to do, lot of sacrifies to make and lot of prayers to offer before the The Throne of Our Divine Lord in order to defeat this nine head hydra.

  33. Holy enchilada! Pagans at play with no sense of embarrassment or shame! I don't know about the rest of you but I feel both in plenty. How utterly repellent. Why would any sane person want to subject themselves to a)watching this digusting display of inept heretics b)take part in such degrading and de-spiritualizing nonsense that dishonors our Lord's sacrifice and love for us c)let this hokey weirdness be videotaped for the world to watch and laugh at d)all the above ? Bring back the inquisition! Bring back the rack! It would be less painful to endure these tortures than subject oneself to these unholy dance troops from Hell...Martha Graham's dancing satyrs. ugh

  34. r100s, "Jesus never imposes. Jesus is humble" you quote Pope Francis. True we have a free will. If we choose to use our free will to follow Christ, then no one is more imposing than Christ himself. "if you love me, then keep my commandments" all the way to, "When I was Hungry you did not give me to eat...Off to the fires of hell prepared for the devil and his angels." "If you wish to follow me, deny your very self, take up your Cross and then follow me." Sounds like Our Lord is an imposing God. And we his followers love him for that!

  35. My son's girlfriend is thinking of converting but after this.... I really don't know what to say.

  36. Well it does say praise him with dance right? I miss the old mass so much. God help us.

  37. LOL. I think you are enjoying this!

  38. \\Is there any authoritative text in the NO that forbids these practices? \\

    Aloysius Gonzaga, I'm not familiar with the GIRM or related documents, but I DO know that the Holy See through CDW and other dicasteries has repudiated and condemned the practice.

    Just the other day I say Cardinal Rajneeth (spelling?) on EWTN saying that this was NOT to be done.

  39. The one from Columbia has the steps, sound and rhythm of Israeli folk dancing. I am surprised that Colombians
    would be dancing with that type of music. I would think salsa would be more their style. Yes, it is all quite ghastly.

  40. Jordanes551 said...

    "... but thankfully have not yet suffered anti-liturgical dance (it's not done in our diocese, as far as I know). On the first sign of dancers or leotards at Mass, I and my family will be out the door and heading for home, and then will switch to a different parish."

    ...well isn't that nice for you but it's going on in many, many dioceses. You should be concerned for the WHOLE Church! Where it happens in even one diocese we should have the courage to say "no"!!!!!

  41. "Jesus never imposes. Jesus is humble."

    And what of the casting out of buyers and sellers and money-changers in the Temple?

    Quoniam zelus domus tuae comedit me.

    The zeal of Thy house hath eaten Me up.

    Words to be heeded whenever anyone, priest or Pontiff himself, profanes a House of prayer - whether that be turning it into a den of thieves or a dance floor.

    - adulescens

  42. Pretty much now it's impossible to take the Catholic Church seriously by looking at these parties. I'm sure it can't get any worse than this, can it?

  43. I don't believe my eyes!

  44. I wonder why Pope Benedict resigned, he couldn't stop the liturgical abuses behind his back in his own cathedral!

    These shows should be sent to Broadway instead of disrupting our parish churches. This is one of the reasons I stopped attending the Novus Ordo!

  45. How very offensive to Our Precious Jesus .....
    If I ever saw any of that nonsense of liturigal dancing I would walk out and find another TRUE Catholic Church to worship MY LORD!

    Makes me very sad to see all this abuse! God Have Mercy !!!!!!!!!

  46. And you didn't even include England's proud contribution to this global phenomenon: in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, for the visit for the relics of St John Bosco.

    It seems this stuff is not going away.

  47. Hi, Dr. Shaw.

    We gave the Liverpool dancers their very own post:


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