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Liturgical dance from all over the world

After the recent post on the Filipino bishop who led the liturgical dancing at his own installation Mass in the presence of his country's cardinals and papal nuncio and many of his brother bishops (The Bishop as the Chief Liturgical Dancer of his Diocese), we would like to post some recent (2012-2013) videos of liturgical dancing from six different locations in North America, South America, Western Europe and Asia. 

We are sometimes unjustly accused of publishing every disturbing piece that comes our way. The fact of the matter is that we have been very restrained in our posting. Through the years we have not posted numerous other examples -- verifiable and genuine ones -- of liturgical abuse (many of them worse than the ones posted below) and of open doctrinal or episcopal dissent that have been brought to our attention.

All the videos posted below are from places that are not "mission areas" in the traditional sense of the term, and where Catholicism has been present for hundreds of years if not more. 


Western Europe 

 In the Pope's own cathedral, during a Mass in 2012 at the Altar in front of the Papal Throne in St. John Lateran. Not as exuberant as the other examples in this post, but still...

Assisi. At a Mass for an international youth gathering celebrated at the main altar of the Lower Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, August 2012. The gathering had included a workshop on liturgical dance:

North America

The "danced" Gospel at the Easter Vigil of 2013 in the Newman Hall Holy Spirit Parish, Berkeley, CA.

Offertory" at the Easter Vigil of 2013 in the same parish. Take note of the wine for the Mass being brought forward in a glass pitcher.

Pentecost Mass (2012) at the Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Baltimore.

South America 

Procession and Benediction with the exposed Blessed Sacrament.
CONALJO 2012 in Popayán, Colombia. 
(CONALJO stands for Congreso Nacional De Jovenes De La Renovación Carismática Católica)

During the entrance procession at a Mass by a bishop in the same event. Watch out for the friar who joins in the dancing.

At the Offertory in the same Mass:

The entrance procession in another Mass at the same event, with priest and deacons devoutly preparing themselves for the sacred mysteries by vigorously clapping along with everyone else.


"Dance of the New Fire" at the Easter Vigil of 2013 in the Holy Cross Parish, General Santos City, Philippines, after the Paschal candle had been brought to the sanctuary and right before the singing of the Exultet