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Priest who denounced supposed "ring" under arrest for false accusations
And another priest under arrest

Patrizio Poggi, the priest suspended a divinis who denounced a supposed "ring of homosexual and pedophile priests" in the Roman Curia (previous post here), also on Italian television network La7, is under arrest on an inquiry of false accusation of a crime (calunnia, lit. calumny) conducted by the Carabinieri.

The Vicariate of the City had already declared Poggi's declarations were false and slanderous.

(Source: Corriere della Sera; tip: Il Blog di Raffaella)


In other news, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, who had worked in the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See until his indictment weeks ago, was also arrested today in an ongoing investigation involving irregularities in the Institute for Religious Works (IOR). 

Statement of the Holy See spokesman on the matter.


  1. The Novus Ordo nice culture will do nothing to clean up house.

    What are people afraid off. Let go all priests that do not want to be priests.

  2. Thank you for being careful. Let us all be careful and please keep us on the right track here.

    Also, did you see this

  3. Jesuits used to be known for fearlessness. Will we get strong leadership? I think everyone knows the long odds of that, so pray hard. The slap on the wrist discipline approach is still in full force for those clergy not living out their vocation faithfully or worse yet, in grave sin. Here in my diocese it still goes on, while all the orthodox, Traditional Priests are sent to the outskirts.

  4. You sure it was the Carabinieri and not the Carbonari? ☺

  5. Supertradmum: Talk about a headline with no foundation in the story.

  6. Always, always treat the statements of convicted criminals with extreme caution, as they have already proved themselves to dishonest and untrustworthy. With any priest who has been rightly convicted of an offence there has been a massive breach of trust; that they should follow this with an equally outrageous slander should surprise no one.

  7. "Jesuits used to be known for fearlessness"

    Keyword is 'Used"

    Jesuits is the door through which filth entered the Church.

  8. Alan, thanks for good link

  9. We shared the SSPX's declaration, for the record, yesterday:

    As for the CNA/NCRegister opinion column lightly camouflaged as a news report, it sounds to me like the kind of less than objective and accurate reporting that I've come to expect from CNA. Agree with the SSPX declaration or not (I personally do not agree with it), it doesn't represent any change in policy, profession, or position in relation to the Church, and it does not indicate any definitive break with the Church.

  10. @Jordanes551

    I agree with SSPX 4 & 5.

  11. "suspended a divinis"
    Birds of a feather....

  12. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Just because he has been arrested and charged with making a false report does not mean his claims are not true. The black hand has a LONG reach.

  13. "We'll see what we can do about it." Pope Francis...things are happening...the devils are fleeing!


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