Rorate Caeli

Event: "The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you."

From the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest::

Join us from the 17th -25th each month in praying to the Infant King at the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago, IL. Have your intentions remembered along with those of others throughout the world. Submit your offerings online in form of a flower or candle at on or before the 14th of each month and your intentions are offered up during this beautiful novena.

On the 25th – in honor of the day the Christ Child was born – a special High Mass with Renaissance Choral Music is celebrated. After Mass the 300 year-old Infant King statue is carried in a procession to which children of all ages are invited to participate.  A children's prayer and hymn are offered followed by a blessing for the children to conclude this beautiful monthly tradition and devotion to the Infant King.  Be sure to read about the monthly meditation available on our home page. These meditations provide you with spiritual insight to grow step by step in the virtues of the Christ Child. In addition, our Ex Voto Thanksgivings page offers a display of messages full of gratitude for the graces bestowed upon those whose petitions and prayers have been heard and answered by the Infant King.  


Dan Hunter said...


Thank you for this.

Jeanne Holler said...

I have done this many times....
How I love the Canon's of the Institute of Christ the King ...may God bless them all!

Arthur said...

Watching this video reminded me that, as a child, my parents had a statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague on their bedroom dresser.