Rorate Caeli

Final reply to Tracey Rowland, by the Melbourne Latin Mass Chaplain

A definitive reply to Rowland's remarks, by Fr. Glen Tattersall (comment to previous post):

Dr Rowland is Dean of the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne. She is a person of some prominence in the Church in Australia.

As chaplain for those Catholics in Melbourne attached to the Extraordinary Form, I feel compelled to offer the following observations, given that Dr Rowland claims to speak from experience:

1. Dr Rowland rarely attends Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Melbourne - I can recall having seen her once at Mass (a Low Mass on a weekday) in the last two years;

2. I do not recognise as present among the Catholic Faithful I am privileged to serve any of the problems she alleges in her interview.


Fr Glen Tattersall
Senior Chaplain,
Catholic Community of Bl. John Henry Newman [Arch. of Melbourne, Victoria]