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Liberalization of drugs? Not the solution
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There are so many situations in Brazil, and throughout the world, that require attention, care and love, like the fight against chemical dependency. Often, instead, it is selfishness that prevails in our society. How many “dealers of death” there are that follow the logic of power and money at any cost! The scourge of drug-trafficking, that favours violence and sows the seeds of suffering and death, requires of society as a whole an act of courage. A reduction in the spread and influence of drug addiction will not be achieved by a liberalization of drug use, as is currently being proposed in various parts of Latin America. Rather, it is necessary to confront the problems underlying the use of these drugs, by promoting greater justice, educating young people in the values that build up life in society, accompanying those in difficulty and giving them hope for the future. We all need to look upon one another with the loving eyes of Christ, and to learn to embrace those in need, in order to show our closeness, affection and love.
July 24, 2013

By the way, all the pope's addresses in his first international journey are available here.


Augustinus said...

Wherein it is demonstrated that this Pope can be very specific in criticizing or condemning something when he wants to.

7fbc6254-eb65-11e2-85d7-000bcdcb471e said...

True, Augustinus, at the same time the Pope is very much about sound-bites. A lot stuff said but in their generalities. Not yet spoken with any doctrinal force, so to speak. ??


JC Fej said...

Franciscus, I understand that this is a tough issue, but you state that the liberalization of drugs is not the answer, so are you stating that throwing drug users in cages and consequently forever ruining their life is the answer? We as Catholics believe in compassion, and to treat individuals with substance abuse problems as criminals by throwing them in jail next to rapists and thieves is not compassionate. Substance abuse problems are a health related issue and not a criminal issue.

I could go on, but the thought of you, Franciscus, reading a traditional Catholic site isn't reality, so I'll just stop.

Jared Ulrich said...

To say drug abusers are not criminals is woefully naive. It sounds like the compassionate thing to say especially when all of us know people who have been touched by addiction. It is truly tragic.

But the fact is half or more than half of all the world's criminal acts are done under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I'm not saying drug abusers are any more predisposed to criminal behavior than the rest of us, nor should they be stigmatized for their additions. But the fact is while under the influence of drugs the instances of murder, rape, even homosexual behavior, pedophilia, etc., is infinitely higher because the faculty of reason is abandoned.

Sure, let's treat the problem. But there are not enough mental health facilities in the world unless you are a Communist.