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Superman Altar-Stage abandoned

After a few days of unusually strong winter rain in Rio, the "Campus Fidei" bizarre altar-stage-area prepared in the Guaratiba neighborhood (previous post) has become a muddy, flooded, affair - and, after millions spent, it will not be used. Only the much more regular-looking stage on Copacabana beach (below), used for the other World Youth Day events, will be used for both the papal vigil and the papal mass.

Why were two huge stages in two different parts of the city necessary anyway?


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  2. How fabulous, a stage borrowed from Liberace's final tour. Someone in Rio must've missed the humility memo. Will Monsignor Ricca appear out of a big cake at the finale? It's showtime!

    1. a trad with a sense of humour. I would have been very proud of that myself . even pinko lefties can find this wyd stuff annoying.

  3. Have you noticed the absence of Our Lord's corpus on these two stages as well as the cross used by Pope Francis in wishing Happy Ramadan in Italy? Simplicity appeals to Protestants I guess--nevermind those pesky traditionally bent Catholics!

  4. I know that Latin has been dropped from this year's O.F. liturgies, but does anyone know if the "Benedictine arrangement" of the altar has been preserved?

  5. God promised he wouldn't destroy the world by flood, again... But the Fortress of Solitude is fair game.

  6. Well,

    At least the Catholics in Rio can go to Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

  7. There is some Latin in the later Masses - Gloria, Sanctus, Pater Noster, Agnus Dei, and the Pope will recite the Sunday Angelus in Latin as is customary.

  8. From "Superman-Jesus Church" style, to "Mega-Church Bowling Alley" style.
    Still, I guess less mud is an improvement.

  9. All the glee strike me as not charitable, but, I cannot explain why deep down, I too are gleeful

  10. Why were two huge stages in two different parts of the city necessary anyway?

    Yeah, why? Delusions of grandeur, perhaps? Evidently God said no to the that one. It does look too much like the Fortress of Solitude--well, the Donner one. The Snyder one is way different. Sorry, way OT.


  11. That's a shame. I was looking forward to the prospect of a hologram Marlon Brando as Papal MC.

  12. I really really hate the use of a foreign language at Mass. Portuguese? Vatican II said we all have to speak English OK!
    OPPPPS why didn't we just all settle on a compromise called our common ancient language Latin!!!

  13. "Superman stage-altar abandoned", due to inclement weather? God works in mysterious ways.


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