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URGENT: On the eve of papal visit, Brazil about to legalize abortion through the back door, while Conference of Bishops remains silent

Our friends at the Brazilian web log Fratres in Unum send us the following text which we are honored to share - we ask news providers reading us, especially those of pro-life organizations, to spread it far and wide, urgently (no attribution of any kind needed):

A brief introduction to foreign Catholic brethren

A bill caled PL03/2013 was recently voted and approved by the Brazilian Congress. Originally, when presented back in 2002, the bill was about the emergency treatment of women victim of rape, but the text of the bill was changed on April 5th 2013 in a way that in practice will legalize abortion in Brazil. The bill was submitted to Congress in an urgency regime, requested by the Minister of Health of President Dilma Rousseff, Alexandre Padilha.

The minister stated that this bill was about the emergency treatment of woman victim of rape and that Congress should honor the 2013 International Day of Women, celebrated on March 8th, by passing this law. When some pro-life groups found out about the trap that was hidden in the wording of the bill it was too late, the bill was already approved by Congress (House and Senate) and since then the life of the unborn in Brazil is hanging by a thread, that thread being the full veto of this bill by the President Dilma Rousseff.

Back in the 2010 presidential campaign, when President Dilma's candidacy was at risk over recorded interviews where she stated that she was in favor of abortion, President Dilma signed a public document committing herself not to change the current abortion legislation in Brazil. She won the elections but despite her compromise her government is trying again and again over the years to legalize abortion using the tactics of trying to widen the interpretation of legislation.

The PL03/2013 bill is President Dilma's latest step to accomplish the goal of legalizing abortion in Brazil. The text that follows is a painful revelation that the CNBB, the Brazilian Episcopal Conference, is, in the best possible scenario, at least informing beforehand the enemies of life, in this case President Dilma Rousseff's government, about the content of a note that the CNBB intends to publish about the PL03/2013 bill.

The tone of the text is best understood if the reader takes into account the history of CNBB on many social issues over the decades, the English-speaking reader can't access all this information but a piece of that history concerning abortion can be found in an article published by the National Catholic Register here.

After reading the article above and the one below the reader will find that there's some reasoning behind the suspicion that many Brazilian catholics have about the CNBB's historical close connections to the Brazilian ruling party: PT (Labor's Party).


Party Allegiance: Note about the PL03/2013 sent beforehand to the "appreciation" of the President Dilma Rousseff. How delicate! (Original link)

A certain numerary of Opus Dei, pro-life militant and member of the Commission of Bioethics of the CNBB, is in the spotlight recently for a do-gooder attitude that infests some Catholic circles.

This time she puts herself in defense of a position supposedly neutral and balanced, but, in reality, "pontius-pilatian", by the CNBB.

Otto von Bismarck, great persecutor of the Church, said that "the less the people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they sleep in the night". That is, laws are like sausages, it's better not to know how they are made. However, in a discussion this lady was having in a Facebook group she gave away the methods used by warm Catholics that look for an accommodation between right and wrong, between virtue and vice, softly gagging other leaderships with its actions (like the Commission for Life and Family of CNBB was trying to do with a communication that is already circling by email and on social networks to its subordinate organs - link).

Up to the morning of this July 16th 2013, you, dear reader, don't know the official pronouncement of the CNBB. Rome burns while Nero plays, calmly, his harp. President Dilma has until August 2nd to veto or to sign the bill. We already know the story: some days before the baby is thrown out with the water CNBB will publish a little diplomatic note. Everything seems to be very synchronized...and, indeed, it is!

Instead of timely making clear the Catholic position using the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis to Brazil, in which the government would hardly take such an unpopular measure, what does the Brazilian National Bishop's Conference do? To our eyes it sleeps. But, discretely, it acts. The distinct member of the Bioethics Commission tells us:

"As I have less compromise on the subject than Father [blacked out], I think I can put it in a nutshell one of the aspects of the CNBB's position. It considers not very delicate to present its demand to the media before presenting it to the President. Therefore, we are all waiting for the final position, even those who already know about it"

That's really it, dear reader: the Brazilian Episcopal Conference considers "not very delicate" to make a pronouncement before presenting "its demand" to the President! Before positioning itself before Catholics, society in general and, above all, before God, the CNBB forwards "its demand" to the prior knowledge (or was it to receive a nihil obstat?) of Mr. Gilberto Carvalho, the Mandatarian's interlocutor.

The enemy, instead of being confronted and neutralized on its intentions, is appeased. Instead of being treated for what it effectively is - enemy - receives the delicacies dispensed to cause partners, treatment reserved in reciprocity by wheeler-dealers. After all, gentlemen, should the cause of God be defended with tooth and nail, whatever the cost, or can it be the object of wheeler-dealing and human respect?

Even though some people consider "just, right and true that a woman receive medical treatment and anti-STD drugs", specially with a bill voted on the 8th of March, Women's International Day - what a delicacy -, isn't it obvious the real eager of the Federal Government on imposing abortion in Brazil? The bad intention exposed by tortuous maneuvers, in the dead of night, with projects approved with lightning speed, wouldn't it all demonstrate nothing more than a preoccupation with the health of women, therefore concluding that the bill will only need minor cuts? Come on, gentlemen! Don't be useless idiots!

The defense of the partial veto, with minor changes that would left untouched the whole body of a norm badly worded on purpose, created with the objective of widening its conclusions in the future, the defense of this is the same as letting oneself be fooled by whom who has clearly shown its true colors. To go down that path would be nothing but a patent demonstration of ingenuity or...complicity.

The noble member of the Bioethics Commission of CNBB considers "unreasonable a request for a total veto", because the "President will never do that". "Politics is the art of what is possible", a quote from that same Otto von Bismarck that she use to repeat frequently. Well differing, the Pope John Paul II qualified the political exercise as "the many different economic, social, legislative, administrative and cultural areas, which are intended to promote organically and institutionally the common good" (Exort. Apost. Christifideles laici, n. 42)

As the great Bishop Manoel Pestana Filho- considered by some as too "radical" - remembered , quoting Cardinal Pie, "there's a prudence that kills us". He always used to repeat the old bishop of the once-happy Anapolis [Brazilian city, a reference for the pro-life movement]: "The Lord does not asks us victory, but struggle". Therefore, CNBB, forgive the faithful if they have "not very delicate" thoughts about your proceedings. Brazilian catholics only want you to do politics according to John Paul II, not wheeler-dealing according to Bismarck!

How not to remember the famous quote of Saint Ezequiel Moreno? "Many of those who call themselves catholics help the 'revolutionaries'. They are always 'moderate', esteeming 'public peace' as a supreme good. These tolerant Catholics, condescending, mild, sweet, lovely to the extreme with Freemasonry and with the furious enemies of Jesus Christ, keep all their bad humor to those who scream 'Long live Religion' and defend it, suffering continuous penalties and exposing their lives. For them the latter are 'exaggerated and not prudent, compromising everything and causing the loss of the Church's interests."

It's paramount to recognize purely and simply that we are in a war and that the enemy must be confronted, not appeased!

(translation provided by Fratres in Unum)


Supertradmum said...

The enemies of the Church have created a fear as well as a death culture. Why are these bishops'conferences so afraid to speak the Truth-Gospel Truth? The enemies of the Church also know how to use politics and laws to undermine Her authority-nice reference to Bismarck, who was one of the first to undermine the Church in the public sphere by his horrendous kulturkampf. Liberation Theology, as la Marxist/Gramsci did the same thing in Brazil and many Latin American countries. Sadly, Catholics no longer think like Catholics, which is why the so-called Catholic nations are falling into neo-barbarianism. Most think like pagans and therefore, the result will be worse than classical pagan laws.

Supertradmum said...

Sadly, as in most countries, Catholics no longer think like Catholics. The kulturkampf hideously begun by Bismarck, mentioned above, has succeeded in the West and in some Latin American countries. The enemies of the Church have successfully undermined Her authority and created a culture of fear as well as a culture of death. These bishops'conferences weaken the Church from within.

What Bismarck did was to marginalize the Church's power and create a nation of compliant citizens who would follow the government first-no personal responsibility. Marx and Gramsci have succeeded in Brazil, just as they have in Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, etc.

The enemy, as the Pope Emeritus stated in December of 2012, is within the Church.

Anonymous said...

Supertradmum said, The enemies of the Church have created a fear as well as a death culture. Why are these bishops'conferences so afraid to speak the Truth-Gospel Truth?

Why is it assumed the bishops are afraid to speak? Could it not be inferred these bishops are themselves the enemies? When one or two don't speak up, we can see cowardice, but when a collective body as the Conference doesn't speak up then it's malfeasance for whatever reason and that counts them among the enemies of the Church and of God.


Der Kulturkampf said...

The bishops are afraid to speak because they are impostors. The outspoken enemies of Christ overtly seized His Church in Brazil. Today, most of her clergy is made up of conmen.

Our Lord promised the gates of Hell should never prevail over His Church, but He never said they wouldn't prevail over the Church in Brazil...

Liam Ronan said...

I thought, in light of the present topic regarding the reticence of the Brazilian episcopacy, there are those who might have a thoughtful read of this article published in the

Penned by Father Alexander Lucie-Smith and titled "Getting excommunicated is much harder than you think" I think the views expressed are a bit surprising.

Bwangi Kilonzo said...

Well, what else is new under the Sun? Pray for Holy Priests and Religious.

Angelo said...

Sounds good, but then wolves do disguise themselves in sheep's clothing. Pope's of the past surrounded themselves with secretaries and close collaborators, these helped him to fulfill his Petrine office. Pope Francis wants to do everything himself in his own way. I don't see how degrading Christ's Church is going to bring about the reform of hearts. God complained to St. Catherine of Sienna, saying that priests have the responsibility of literally making his house ornate. St. Frances of Assisi did just that. St. Francis made the House of God beautiful with the best of materials, at the same time he reformed the hearts of the people. Somehow the two went together. I still don't understand how making the Church physically ugly, is going to make hearts beautiful. That surely was not the way of St. Francis. So where is Pope Francis coming from! If Pope Francis is truly humble, he would lay aside his personal dislikes and in true humility use the great pomp and ceremony of 2000 years of tradition, which has served only to honor the Creator. God loves beauty, that's why he created the world, the Universe, Angels and Men according to his own image.

Anchorite said...

The Church has become an indispensable wing of the liberalism. Majority of priests, bishops, cardinals and now the Bishop of Rome speak and act as faithful card-carrying members of the Communist Party.
They are silent by choice, not out of any fear. They became bishops BECAUSE their loyalty to the "party" was proven. Pope Benedict's utter solitude on the Petrine throne was the same as Abp. Lefebvre's when he was the General of the Holy Ghost's Fathers: one abdicates/resigns when the whole body refuses to obey.
We saw the same pain, every day, in Bl. John Paul II's face - pain seeing his Church disobeying the Pope and Christ's teachings.
Pope Benedict left as everyone stopped doing what he asked to do. Now they finally elected the Chairman whose SILENCE they, bishops, can emulate with readiness.

LeonG said...

With the new catholic church in such a deplorable state and with an almost non-papal papacy, as it were, absolutely anything is possible in such an environment. When a pope has no Latin formation; a consequent lack of classical training and who appears to shun any protocol at all, believing this to be humility, the abandonment of any Roman Catholic criteria for action signifies that matters will deteriorate even further.

Expect anything and everything. As I stated here when Francis I was installed, this is going to be quite a ride.

David said...

We saw the same pain, every day, in Bl. John Paul II's face - pain seeing his Church disobeying the Pope and Christ's teachings.

He disobeyed quite a few teachings of Christ (Matthew 28:16-20 among others) himself and egregiously so.

Dr. Mabuse said...

"I still don't understand how making the Church physically ugly, is going to make hearts beautiful."

It's vanity. The uglifiers are boasting of their own highly evolved spiritual state: "See? We're so exquisitely spiritual we don't NEED beauty. We prefer churches that look like sewage treatment plants because we're too holy to even notice our surroundings. Unlike you traditionalists, who, like children, need bright-colored pictures and gaudy decorations to make you happy, we have a severe, ascetic faith which is higher and nobler."

Gratias said...

The Brazilian bishops conference will be complicit in millions of abortions. Marxists are triumphant. Pope Francis is not oa Marxist so we must hope he preaches against abortion in Rio, as is his duty.

Liam Ronan said...

For whatever interest it may hold for you, “The Irish Catholic” of 11 July 2013 has at last published my reply regarding the supine efforts of the Irish Bishops in announcing and enforcing Canon Law regarding these so-called ‘Catholic’ legislators in Ireland who have recently promulgated and approved laws introducing direct abortion into our Nation.

The link to the article and my comment are here: