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WYD Rio: an all-traditional experience in a beautiful church

Juventutem Niteroi (based in Niteroi, the city across the bay from Rio) sends us the link to the program of Traditional masses and activities in Rio de Janeiro during World Youth Day, all based in the former Cathedral of the city - Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo da Antiga Sé (Our Lady of Mount Carmel of the Ancient See - address), under the guidance of the Apostolic Administration St. John Mary Vianney.

If you know young men and women going to Rio, especially those who may not have experienced a traditional mass before, or priests who are going to World Youth Day for any reason, please keep them informed of these activities.

Tuesday, July 23rd / Terça, 23 de julho

3pm - Missa cantata

Wednesday, July 24th / Quarta, 24 de julho

9:30am - Catechesis / Catequese (S. Ex. Revma. Dom Fernando Arêas Rifan)

10am - Missa cantata

6pm -Solemn Pontifical Mass / Missa Pontifical Solene (S. Ex. Revma. Dom Fernando Arêas Rifan)

Thursday, July 25th / Quinta, 25 de julho

9:30am - Catechesis / Catequese (S. Ex. Revma. Dom Fernando Arêas Rifan)

10am - Missa cantata

3pm - Missa cantata

Friday, July 26th / Sexta, 26 de julho

9:30am - Catechesis / Catequese (S. Ex. Revma. Dom Fernando Arêas Rifan)

10am - Missa cantata

3pm - Missa cantata

Another reader informs us that the side altars of the Church are ready to be used for Low Masses by all priests willing to do so - minor details of vestments and other items could be arranged with the staff that will be present there. Confessions will be widely available there and certainly Low Masses will also be available on the days preceding and following the main days, as well as public liturgical hours - there should be more information on the spot.


Unknown said...

Muito bem!

Malta said...

I hope they will feed them a humble meal after, kids love to eat!

Athelstane said...

That's simply a stunning church.

Juventutem is blessed to have such a fitting locale.

John paul Gainey said...

In which language will the catechesis be offered?

3fbb3724-e751-11e2-b8e9-000bcdcb5194 said...

Let us be thankful they weren't placed in the "new" cathedral:

Paul S. said...

John Paul Gainey - all indications are that catechesis will be offered in Portuguese.

Everyone - those who use Facebook may want to head over to these related "Facebook events" from Juventutem Niterói:
"Extraordinary WYD with the Apostolic Administration" - for the whole week, perhaps.
"Solemn Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form during WYD" - Wednesday, July 24th

See also the Facebook listings of Missa Tridentina no Rio de Janeiro RJ, apparently edited by the folks at Euntes Docete:
Fan Page
Event page, for all WYD events.

While we won't be on the ground in Brazil, Juventutem Michigan will be doing the best to 'retweet' Juventutem activities in Rio as they occur, from our twitter handle.

If you'd like to help with any translation to or from Portuguese, let me know.

Gabriel Castillo said...

I am interested in Masses that will be celebrated Ad Orientem. I will be registered as a journalist with WYD, because among other things I am going to WYD to make a few short films. 1) Ad Orientem 2) The youth and the desire/love for tradition. If you think you could contact me with locations of where I can find more traditional churches that I may discretely take a little video and possibly an english speaker who would like to do an interview on those topics. Thank you

For an example of some films I have made search in youtube for "The Altar Server"

My email is

New Catholic said...

Mr. Castillo, you will surely find lots of traditional masses in this church. Bishop Rifan speaks English, so you can just speak to him, I am sure he'll answer, even though he'll surely be very busy.


Ferdinand Velasco said...

We plan to attend as many of these solemn liturgies as possible. Please advise: What is the best way to reach the cathedral via public transportation? Thanks.

Francisco said...

Pilgrims who come to WYD Rio 2013.E are part of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of the Old Cathedral, located on Street Primeiro de Março - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.E use the Metro.A carioca station is the best option to get to church.
(Next to the Imperial Palace)

Ferdinand Velasco said...

We were there yesterday. It was a beautiful Mass. Can we get some information about the readings and Propers for the weekday liturgies during WYD? We don't speak Portuguese. Thanks.