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You Report: a First Mass in Croatia

Congratulations to Croatia! No, not because it became the 28th member of the European Union this week, but because one of the (not many) priests ordained this ordination season in that nation decided to celebrate a Traditional Mass as one of his First Masses. Reader Tomislav Pejkovic reports from Zagreb:

Rev. Fr. Marko Tilosanec celebrated his First Traditional Mass as a Missa Cantata. Everyone practiced a lot, both the servers and our little choir. As you can see, the sanctuary is really small especially with the new altar blocking the way, but it seems they did everything very well for a first time.

As you might know, we do not have any traditional priestly societies in Croatia and when we started with Mass in February 2011 Rev. Fr. Vitkovic, who was asked by Cardinal Bozanic to initiate it, taught himself how to say the Mass. We also never have incensation so it was a new experience on multiple levels.

Congratulations to Fr. Tilosanec, and many, many decades of fruitful ministry! 

Note: If you wish to see how widespread the TLM landscape has become in the past 6 years, following the publication of Summorum Pontificum by Benedict XVI, just visit our You Report series of posts. And, if you wish to send us your report from anywhere on earth, please contact us with a short report and images. Thanks to Mr. Pejkovic.


Zephyrinus said...

Ad Multos Annos.

Deo Gratias.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

Such good news.

Athelstane said...

Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Marko Tilosanec, and best wishes and prayers for a long life of serving his flock.

Luka said...

More photos here.

Deo gratias!

Luka said...

...and here.

Edward said...

Great News !!! May he bring back the Galgothic Rite too!

Sasha said...

What is Galgothic Rite?

hebetissimus said...

Perhaps "Glagothic" is a typo for "Glagolitic," i.e., the Roman Rite in Church Slavonic?

Luka said...

Glagolitic rite is equivalent to the Roman rite, only difference is the language. Instead of Latin, the Old Slavic is used. "Glagolitic" means written using glagolitic alphabet (see - alphabet traditionaly used for Old Slavic.

Pope Urban VIII proclaimed Old Slavic the fourth liturgical language and allowed the translation of the Missale Romanum to Old Slavic. But the rite is the same.

Carolus Borromeus said...

The permission to use Church Slavonic ("Old Slavic") in Croatia dates since Middle Ages, probably as far as 10th and 11th when the still mighty Byzantine Emperors encouraged the use of Slavonic in the Byzantine Empire.
It seems that St. Cyril and Methodius designed glagolitsa, not the cyrillic alphabet (which was desined by their disciples).
Missale Romanum in glagolitsa was printed in 1483 (only three decades after Gutenberg's Bible!). it can be seen here (
Urban VIII reiterated the old permissions, and took care of translating the Tridentine Missal to Church Slavonic. Subsequent Missals used the Latin alphabet. The last edition of Missale Romanum in Church Slavonic ("the Weiss edition") was published in 1927.