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You report: First Mass of diocesan priest at Brooklyn Carmelite Monastery

Reader T. Barboza sends us this report from Long Island - another newly-ordained diocesan priest celebrating a Traditional Mass as one of his First Masses:

On the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, the Reverend Raymond Flores was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Brooklyn. The following Friday, Father Flores celebrated his First Traditional Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Brooklyn Carmelite Monastery. The Low Mass was the Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on First Fridays. It was attended by the local faithful as well as the cloistered Carmelite sisters, who sang during the entrance, offertory, communion and recessional. Following the Mass Father Flores offered his first priestly blessings.

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Unknown said...

What a blessing for the Carmelites Sisters! Please consider supporting this cloistered order, who rely upon your charity and the sale of Hosts to support themselves. Also, please offer up a prayer that God will bless them with an increase in vocations to this hidden life of prayer.

P.J.David said...

Deo Gratias! May God Bless this Priest, May many more vocations following his good example.
May god bless parents of this priest and the Carmelite sisters. America needs more Catholics come to adore God through True Sacrifice of Holy Mass that the country escapes the imminent punishment of God for all the immorality and sin that plagues the country now.

O Blessed Mother intercede for us withThy son,Jesus.


Bwangi Kilonzo said...

Lord be with him

Alenda Lux said...

A newly ordained Priest in the Diocese of Charlotte also said his first Mass in the EF at the one Church in the city (and maybe the Diocese) that offers that Mass. He will also be handling all Masses, in both forms, at that Church this summer as the Pastor will be away.

This is a big deal, b/c as far as I can tell he was the only Priest ordained in the Diocese this year. It is the epitome of an American Catholic diocese. Bad music, everyone in shorts and flip flops in the summer, the Church emptying out after Communion, people talking loudly to each other during the recessional hymn, cavernous churches with giant projection screens like you'd see in a megachurch, etc. All I can say is thank goodness for this younger generation of Priests. I used to live in the Diocese of Arlington, VA. I know folks here do not think highly of Bishop Loverde, but the Diocese one way or another is one of the most traditional in the country, in large part because of a large influx of young, traditional, newly ordained priests. The process in Charlotte will be slower, but the case of Fr. Christian gives hope.

Angelo said...

I knew a priest in our Diocese who while still a Seminarian attended the TLM permitted by the Bishop. He asked the Bishop for permission to say the TLM after Ordination. The Bishop said yes, but only after being a priest for 3 months. After 3 months he said the TLM for us and chanted it gloriously. After his Masses were drawing crowds, the liberal priests were furious and convinced the Bishop to punish him for saying the Old Mass. After this young priest refused to stop saying the TLM, all his faculties as a priest were taken from him. At the end the Bishop and young priest reconciled. We need young priests like this one in this article and the one I speak of. They are our only hope for the future of the TLM.

Bwangi Kilonzo said...

The days of taking away faculties are gone, hopefully.

Jesse said...

If I am not mistaken this Carmel was the home of the late Mother Mary Electa, O.C.D. who died in the mid 1970s. The holiness of life of Mother Electa was such that on the night of her death, there were many recorded miracles in Brooklyn. Her cause for canonization is being prayed for and the Sisters send leaflets if you ask them. May Mother Mary Electa be an ardent intercessor for the newly ordained Father Flores.

Antoniette said...

This is indeed the Brooklyn Carmel, but it is in a new facility as the original Carmel(where Mother Electa was prioress) on St. John's Place was closed in 1997, with 3 surivivng sisters going to Buffalo Carmel. They refounded from Buffalo after a brief hiatus in their current location. They are truly a great bunch of traditional sisters, who deserve vocations. Incidentally, one of the Brooklyn sisters went to England when the original Carmel closed in 1997. She (Sr. Maria of the Holy Spirit) is celebrating the 50 anniversary in Carmel at St Helens Carmelite Monastery of Prompt Succour in St. Helens England.This will happen on the actual Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16th.

Robbie said...

It's good to see the new generation of priests are very much inclined to the real traditions of the Church. But are we seeing the exception to the rule in these reports? Are the number of new priests learning and preferring the EF still extremely small? Are the vast majority of new priest still NO only?

Also, I would like some help from those better acquainted with the topic. I'm trying to put together a list of Cardinals who at least attempt to hue to tradition. Based on past comments, these are the names that seem to get the most support, but who are the others we can look to for guidance?



peted said...


Some more:

Carlo Caffarra
Velasio De Paolis
John Tong Hon
Juan Sandoval Íñiguez
Antonio Cañizares Llovera
Jean-Pierre Ricard
Franc Rodé
André Vingt-Trois

Christopher Feeney said...

One more Cardinal I can think of: Cardinal Piacenza.

Christopher Feeney said...

Also, re: the days of Bishops removing priests' faculties being over is most assuredly NOT over; unfortunately. I personally know of no less than SIX priests who are not "technically" suspended, and thus have NO canonical recourse, but are simply "without assignment" and have been told to "agree" to not offer Masses in public and even appear as a cleric in public, as worst, or at BEST are "in residence" but cannot minister in their own parishes. These poor priests have to fend for themselves as the respective dioceses/congregations, of COURSE, cut their salary. It's not been easy lately.

Robbie said...

Thank you those who provided the names of Cardinals who make an effort to hue to tradition. I appreciate it very much.