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Francis: defend life from the mother's womb to old age

In a particular way, faced with the culture of waste, that relativizes the value of human life, parents are called to pass on to their children the understanding that this must always be defended, already in the mother's womb, recognizing in it a gift from God and an assurance of mankind's future, but also in the care shown to the elderly, particularly to grandparents, who are the living memory of a people and the transmitters of life's wisdom.
Letter to Brazilian families for National Family Week
August 6, 2013

[Source: Conference of Bishops, in Port.; tip: il Sismografo]


O Resistente said...

Zu spat!

During the trip to Brazil H.H. was probably too busy to have said a word or two regarding the unborn; or, as he explained to reporters on the plane, it was not necessary.

Alas, Dilma Rousseff, the socialist president of Brazil, signed a pro-abortion law six days after H.H. left Brazil.

Paulo Ghetti Frade said...

Too little, too late!
Pope Francis left Brazil 3 days before Dilma signed abortion into law. Chances are that he was very aware of the situation in Brazil but instead of confronting Dilma and her Planned Parenthood like agenda, he chose to talk about "love and compassion" as Cardinal O'Malley mentions in this article . That didn't work javascript:void(0)out really well, did it?!! Is it really a coincidence that in places like Brazil and the United States, the National Conference of Bishops always seem to be a few days (if not weeks) late on these issues? When you analyze these patterns, you can't help but to conclude that it is not a coincidence. They are just cowards!

Mornac said...

Is it just me, or did anyone else just get a whiff of Seamless Garment?

New Catholic said...

Unpublished friend: you have a point, and I agree with it (the point being, this is a positive statement and we should receive it positively), but you cannot call Catholics "Catholics" here. Thank you.

O Resistente said...

That's obvious a positive statement and all should be happy about it.

However, given that:

(i) such a statement is specifically directed to Brazilians;
(ii) The Pope was in Brazil a couple weeks ago and said nothing of the sorts;
(iii) Brazilian pro-lifers fruitlessly lobbied and prayed for a clear anti-abortion statement from the Pope during his visit (aiming at a presidential veto in the bill); and
(iv) After the Pope leaving our country, our president just signed, without at least a partial veto, a bill largely expanding the "right" to abort,

...considering all the above, that statement from the Holy Father tastes somewhat bitter to me.

Barbara said...

Yes, bittersweet....

Scott Ramsay said...

Hopefully this isn't off-topic, but I'm beginning to think the upshot of these world youth days (and "teen" masses) is faith that is a mile wide and an inch deep.

My sincere condolences to those in Brazil.

-- In Christ Jesus Through Mary,

Scott Thomas Ramsay