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Giddy "Progressives" losing all sense of proportion

One of the most influential Spanish-speaking "progressive" religious journalists, José Manuel Vidal, today begins an article commemorating the first anniversary of the death of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, S.J., with these words:

Next August 31 is the first anniversary of the death of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, which we could call "the Baptist", the precursor, the cardinal who, during the long years of the ecclesial "winter-involution" kept alight and upright the Conciliar torch. And it was not easy for him. Rowing against the current is only within the reach of the wise and strong. Dissenting within and from the Church [is something] only the saints and prophets can do.

I do not believe I exaggerate if I say that, in a certain sense, Bergoglio is Martini's son.

No, the latter is probably not an exaggeration - but "the Baptist", precursor, presumably, of a new "Christ"? Really?... And it is quite true that Martini had an incredibly hard life as an academic star in biblical studies, as the most influential Church figure in Italy for two decades, as the omnipresent face of the Church in Italian television, radio, newspapers, and bookstores, as the Archbishop of the largest see in Europe, and as a Prince of the Church. God forbid any cleric from enduring this much ignominy!

For traditional Catholics, left on the sidelines for decades, this Wojtylian-Martinian struggle, still being fought by their descendants, is truly a battle of their own making. Just please avoid hitting us when you fire on your true adversaries in this war for power, influence, and positions. And leave the name of Saint John the Baptist alone!