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Giddy "Progressives" losing all sense of proportion

One of the most influential Spanish-speaking "progressive" religious journalists, José Manuel Vidal, today begins an article commemorating the first anniversary of the death of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, S.J., with these words:

Next August 31 is the first anniversary of the death of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, which we could call "the Baptist", the precursor, the cardinal who, during the long years of the ecclesial "winter-involution" kept alight and upright the Conciliar torch. And it was not easy for him. Rowing against the current is only within the reach of the wise and strong. Dissenting within and from the Church [is something] only the saints and prophets can do.

I do not believe I exaggerate if I say that, in a certain sense, Bergoglio is Martini's son.

No, the latter is probably not an exaggeration - but "the Baptist", precursor, presumably, of a new "Christ"? Really?... And it is quite true that Martini had an incredibly hard life as an academic star in biblical studies, as the most influential Church figure in Italy for two decades, as the omnipresent face of the Church in Italian television, radio, newspapers, and bookstores, as the Archbishop of the largest see in Europe, and as a Prince of the Church. God forbid any cleric from enduring this much ignominy!

For traditional Catholics, left on the sidelines for decades, this Wojtylian-Martinian struggle, still being fought by their descendants, is truly a battle of their own making. Just please avoid hitting us when you fire on your true adversaries in this war for power, influence, and positions. And leave the name of Saint John the Baptist alone!


RipK said...

In retrospect and even though they are both neo-jesuits, Martini looks conservative in front of the newly risen Bergoglian phenomenon! And the Wojtylian side is greatly suffering these days.

New Catholic said...

I would tend to disagree: the Pope seems to believe in many basic things that Martini practically treated as myths in his writings.

Jack Tollers said...

As the late Madiran would've said:

"Et nous, les chiens".

Martini against the current? He must be kidding.

Jack Tollers.

Angelo said...

"Dissenting within and from the Church only saints and prophets can do." He errs! Dissenting within and from the Church only modernist heretics can do and they do it to perfection. Today rowing against the current of error only a Traditionalist can do. And we will not be stopped until full and complete victory is obtained. That "Bergoglio is Martini's son" is a tragic thing to have to say, but its the truth.

poetcomic1 said...

Old wisdom, "The devil can imitate every virtue except for obedience."

LeonG said...

The correct yardstick for all these people is Pope St Pius X's "Pascendi...." No wonder the post-conciliar papacies keep quiet about him, especially during a centenary year. Liberal modernism is the enemy; never forget this truth. Their lack of discernment pursues them in everything they do & say.

The auto-demolition continues as the smoke of Satan continues to asphyxiate those who advocate the novus ordo creed of which Martini was a manifest devotee. He is obviously being marked out for a post-conciliar beatification "subito" like so many of his errant contemporaries. They will ignore his Cardinalate, his episcopate and everything he has been recorded saying in favour of his "courage & interior holiness" which we could witness objectively, could we not?

LeonG said...

The liberal modernists are little short of propagandists - repeat the lie as often as possible to the ignorant masses.

Since 1965, those who are experienced in listening to them and see the way they function, know they are more dangerous to the church than the secular media.

LeonG said...

The Wojtylian side is not suffering since it is being fulfilled in yet another postmodernist papacy bent on further liturgical deconstruction; obsessive ecumenism at all costs and in personalising according to his own interpretation of matters, his pontificate. JP II set all these trends in motion. Frances I is almost as much an anthropological phenomenologist he was but this time without the immense intellect he possessed.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

“I do not believe I exaggerate if I say that, in a certain sense, Bergoglio is Martini's son.” No José, I believe you don’t believe it. But I do. And I also believe, that, in every sense, you have completely lost your marbles.

Long-Skirts said...


"Precursors" like him --
Down Traditional lanes
I'm bowlin'--

Cause in this bowling
Alley of tears
Our balls they haven't stolen!

Mike said...

I've not the vaguest idea whence comes this prevalent notion that Wojtyla's pontificate was some giant extravaganza of back-peddling away from that besotted Council. It was a perpetual 'extravaganza', no question about that, but I didn't see any back-peddling! Long years of the ecclesial 'winter-involution'? What is that - a not-revolutionary
enough 'springtime'? Kept alight the 'Conciliar torch'? Rowing against the current? It wasn't easy for him? .. Honestly, these tiresome people need to get their stories straight. In one breath, the Council is the New Springtime. In the next, they are all beleagured rowing against the current. That part about 'keeping alight and upright the Conciliar torch' - it was a torch alright, burned everything down and shed light on nothing. One thing can be said about the legion of 'progressive' religion (not 'religious'!) journalists that now populate God's earth. Unlike the Roman Church which they wretchedly calumniate, they 'progress' and push us all to pick up the torch and move with them, but never say where or what they are so gleefully progressing TOWARD. They don't, because they can't. Because they are, and always have been, in furious flight against, and away from, the Truth.

Matthew said...

Straight from the horse's mouth that they practice a new religion - one which is neither Holy, Catholic, nor Apostolic. Their standard is the Council, not Our Lord, not the Faith, not Tradition.

Alan Aversa said...

Saints don't dissent. That's what Lucifer did, saying "I will not serve." ("Non serviam").

Frank Carleton said...

Meanwhile as we have related another episode of religion as the extension of politics by other means let us recall that there was a man sent from God whose name was Marcel

LeonG said...

Yes Frank and we know Pope JPII considered himself a son of Pope Paul VI admiring him most of all. Marcinkus was another Pauline child rescued from ultimate prosecution and very embarrassing revelations by none other than Pope John Paul II. And who appointed the gay proselyte Cardinal Bernadin Cardinal Legate in USA but his friend, indeed, JPII. Cardinal Law also has a nice cosey sinecure in Vatican City because he was also rescued from a potentially grisly litigious process thanks to the very same pope. Do we need to cite more in order to understand who these people really are?

Even NO Catholics have immense doubts now through the incessant revelations of clerical abuse cover-ups by that very papacy and its right-hand man. However, the liberal modernist self-fulfilling prophecy has to satisfy itself. Martini was courageous and holy because he was one of them.