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It's official: the European Union hates Christianity

The tiny principality of Andorra, between France and Spain, has as its co-princes the French head of State (currently, the President of the Republic) and the Bishop of Urgell, Catalonia, Spain.

Since the introduction of the Euro, being surrounded by two euro nations, the Principality, though not a member of the European Union, decided to adopt the currency - as the Vatican, Monaco, and San Marino also did. As these other small states, it can mint some coins.

One of its most celebrated artistic works, an image of the Romanesque church of Sant Martí de la Cortinada, had been chosen as one of the images of a new coin.

That was too much for the European Union and the European Central Bank, that ordered the image removed from the coin. It could not even remain as an iconic work of art of an area that was historically poor and treasured its few artistic relics from the past - no, imagery that can be considered offensive to the "principle of neutrality in the matter of religious beliefs" is to be removed. It does not matter, apparently, that the image is in the heart of the self-understanding of a people, and of all peoples of Europe. Now, just a bell tower will remain; bell towers are probably not religious enough... The tiny nation that has a Bishop as one of its heads of State could not resist the orders, as Slovakia successfully did in defense of the sainthood of Saints Cyril and Methodius in a commemorative coin.

Update: post updated to correct the fact that the image identified by the Diari d'Andorra (that first broke the story) and ABC as Christ is in fact of Saint Brice of Tours. The remainder of the story is correct: the European Commission blocked the coin as violating religious "neutrality".

[Source: Diari d'Andorra, in Catalan; ABC, in Spanish; tip: La Cigüeña]


  1. IMHO I think it's better that Our Lord's image is not on the coin.

    To my way of thinking it would be sacrilegious!

    Remember "No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

    The belltower is good enough for me!

  2. It is OK to have Christ on a coin, the acknowledgment of God and/or images of Christ have been a constant feature of Western currency since the time of Constantine. Not sacrilegious at all.

  3. It's no worse than having "In God We Trust" on currency.

  4. This decision must be challenged with it was in Slovenia.

    Christ is in our hearts...not the principle of neutrality. We are not a neutral people....we are a pro-Christ people.

  5. How long do you think 'In God We Trust' will last before an atheist has 'the vapors'. The new motto on coins will be 'Choking Hazard, children Under 3".

  6. Sincere thanks and please accept my apology, Adfero. Of course I do see your point, sometimes frustration gets the better of me. Some remarkable things happen in our lives which cannot be a mere coincidence. It's been a great pleasure to meet interesting forum people like Unam Sanctam, Barbara, Long-Skirts and a few others. Our fight in Our Divine Lord's service continues with equal zeal and determination. For obvious reasons this is my last post. May God bless Rorate Caeli, protect and guide your families and each time I venture on your blog, I will keep you always in my prayers.

  7. It simply shows how the world hates Christ. They even crucified Him, because of envy and because Christ told them the truth. If Christ were here today perhaps He would be crucified again. But that will not be the case the second time around as the Bible tells us He will come in great glory to judge the world in righteousness. But on the other hand it is better that the face of Christ be remove from the coin. The Love of Money is the source of all evil. So lets just give the coin to Caesar and what is due to God let us give to God.

  8. With the current US regime, "In God we trust" on the currency is tantamount to a lie anyway.

    1. I would say that us true of all US administrations and secular governments in general
      The motto was only added in the 1950's. It's not a "tradition"

  9. @poetcomic1,

    The vapors? The vapors? Goodness! Fiddle-dee-dee!

    I thought the vapors was a term for feinting spells suffered by young Southern Belles often during their coming out parties in 19th century Atlanta and requiring a dose of smelling salts! LOL!

    Aunt Biddie from "Gone with the Wind" comes to mind.

    Great word choice poetcomic1!

  10. They and the Vatican should use Bitcoins.

  11. Liam, it's the 'vapours" with a u. Get it right! :-)

    Benedict Carter

  12. Anonymous3:09 AM

    The reason why In God We Trust is allowed on American money is because America's god is money. It's one of those self referential statements that HH is fond of decrying.

  13. "I thought the vapors was a term for feinting spells suffered by young Southern Belles often during their coming out parties in 19th century Atlanta and requiring a dose of smelling salts! LOL!"

    Actually that's what Yankees mistakenly believe "the vapors" means. In fact it's a polite Southern expression that refers to women having gas.

  14. I don't think that image is even of Christ Pantocrator. The figure is lacking the traditional cross in the halo. It looks more like the fresco of Saint Brice of Tours, the successor of Martin, after whom the church of Sant Marti is named (

  15. You are correct, Erik, and the Diari d'Andorra and ABC are wrong; post edited to reflect this.

  16. @Benedict Carter,

    'U' right, of course 9-)

  17. poetcomic1 - rofl! choking hazard.

  18. @Jordanes55,
    "Actually that's what Yankees mistakenly believe "the vapors" means. In fact it's a polite Southern expression that refers to women having gas."
    How deflating! And that explains those scented handkerchiefs tucked in the sleeves of their ball gowns? You've ruined my illusions entirely, Sir 8-)
    Here in Ireland having a gas means something much more genteel.

  19. That's a very strange ruling even on a purely legal level. The Euro bloc is made up of a large number of countries, many of which are expressly not neutral in terms of religion.

  20. Trash talk! This is the new springtime in the Church they promised! Egypt, Europe, the USA, and Asia. Everywhere is springtime! Open wider the of the Church! More breath of the smoke of... er..fresh-air!

  21. I hope all realize we are the generation witnessing the complete collapse of Western Civilization. Belloc--Europe is the Faith and without the Faith, there is no Europe. America next and faster....

  22. When will the Catholic Church call the European Union and the European Central Bank and demand the twelve stars appropriated by the EU for its flag and the ECB for its currency back? They crown the Blessed Virgin Mary, you know.


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