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Solemn Profession in Nursia

Our friends at the Monastery of Saint Benedict in Nursia (San Benedetto in Norcia), Umbria, Italy, sends us the news of the most recent solemn profession. Congratulations!

On Saturday August 3, 2013, Br. Michael Reyes, O.S.B. and Br. Francis Davoren, O.S.B. of the Monastery of San Benedetto in Norcia, Italy made their solemn profession in the Basilica built over St. Benedict and St. Scholastica’s birthplace. This marks the first time that two of our monks made their vows at the same time.

The community in Norcia now numbers 17 monks, with 11 in solemn vows. The attached photos show the traditional mystical burial of the monks, as well as a close up of the two newly-professed at the reception after the Mass.

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