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Rorate book review: The Remnants

"The crisis is over; we have lost. This is no longer just a prediction, it is a simple observation: Rome has been desecrated. We are in the age of darkness. Triumphalist reactions are in vain. The modern world and the Church deserve the punishment that God is raining down on us." -- John Senior.

When we received a copy in the mail last week of this book, we knew two things from the start: those who have been traditional Catholics pre-Summorum have at least heard the name John Senior. And, we guessed, those younger traditionals or older ones who came to tradition post-Summorum may have never heard of him. 

For those who have, and for those who experienced the pre-Summorum years after the Council and know what faithful Catholics who love tradition have endured for 50 years, the quote at the top of this post will not come as a surprise, sadly. For those new to tradition, who have never had to drive multiple hours one way to the nearest Traditional Latin Mass, the quote may come as a shock, and seem excessive. 

More than a decade following his death, Remnant Press has compiled some of Senior's writings in an easy-to-read book titled "The Remnants: The Final Essays of John Senior." 

We found this short book has something for everyone, regardless of how long they've been traditional, or if they're even traditional at all. Any serious Catholic would benefit from the wisdom and history it contains. 

Senior takes readers through the minds of thinkers like Newman, Virgil and Aristotle. He gives a blueprint on how to recapture Catholic life in the home and how to form young minds. And, because he lived it along with other traditional Catholic warriors like his friend Michael Davies and the late Walter Matt, readers get a glimpse into the dark days following the Council, and decisions many traditional Catholics faced with the Écône consecrations, the early days of Ecclesia Dei and the perhaps presumed choice between love of tradition and "obedience" to the current actions of those at the top of the Church. 

Click here to order this book. "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it."