Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Seventy-Fourth Posting of Souls

Below, please find the seventy-fourth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. 

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 34 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

Kenneth Minogue, London UK
Tullio Bertamini, IC, Domodossola, Italy
Perpectual D'souza Mumbai, India
Hynek Dostal and all dead of the Dostal Family, Missouri, USA
Charles Vanek and all dead of the Vanek Family, Iowa and Missouri, USA
Nicholas Felix Miller and all dead of the Miller Family, Iowa, USA
Herbert Throckmorton and all the dead of the Throckmorton family, Warwick, England
Robert Crichton Mitchell Cotts and all the dead of Mitchell Cotts family, Suffolk, England
Members of the Dean and Alexander family of Lancashire and Lincolnshire, England
Chris Battle, Washington, D.C.
Charles Gazzo, Iowa, USA
Suzanne R. Nicholas, Washington State USA
Professor James Crider, Washington State USA
Manuel Currillo, Washington State USA
Danny Rumill, California USA
Jan Dietrich, California USA
Marianne (Domenicone) Rock, Arizona, United States
Mason M. Bogosian, Rhode Island, United States
Charles C. Rock Jr, Arizona, United States
Laura J. Albanese, Rhode Island, United States
Paul Gonzales, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Fr. Vicente Cajilig, OP, Metro Manila, Philippines
Eddie DeSalle Jr., Pennsylvania, USA
Gregory Galindo, Pennsylvania, USA
William A. Johns, Pennsylvania, USA
Robert & Laverne Kreke, Ky., USA
Walter Holmes, York England
Joan Holmes, York England
James Gandolfini, Tewksbury, USA
Camilla Ceriana, Turin, Italy
Isabella Rolando, Turin, Italy
Fr. Amin Abboud, Sydney, Australia
Sammy Yatin, Ontario, Canada
Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, Ravenna, Italy
Bishop Jude Speyrer, Louisiana, USA
Count Wilhelm zu Waldburg-Zeil, Germany
Richenette Marnilo, British Columbia, Canada
William C. McGruder Kentucky USA
Adrian H. Morley Kentucky USA
Mary K. Morley Kentucky USA
Mooney Family Kentucky USA
Marks Family Kentucky USA
Coen Family Kentucky USA
Wegman Family USA
Manola Morley Kentucky USA
Herbert Morley Kentucky USA
Morley Family Kentucky USA
Walter Robinson Kentucky USA
Mollie Robinson Kentucky USA
Dee Crowell Kentucky USA
Jack Crowell Kentucky USA
Ed Robinson Kentucky USA
Jim Robinson Kentucky USA
Marie Robinson Kentucky USA
William Robinson Kentucky USA
Agnes Robinson Kentucky USA
Bill Meredith  Kentucky USA
Pete Robinson Kentucky USA
Evelyn Robinson Kentucky USA
Rose Robinson Kentucky USA
Margaret Robinson Clark Kentucky USA
Oliver Clark Kentucky USA
Tracy Bloom Kentucky USA
Dick Pilger Kentucky USA
Jean Cooper Kentucky USA
Kathy Baezack Kentucky USA
John Fabian, New York, USA  
Mary Fabian, New York, USA,
Tommy Kincaid, New York, USA
Tony Verdi, New York, USA
Rose Verdi, New York, USA
Anthony Verdi, NewYork USA
Nancy Kovar, New York, USA
Agnes Carmody, New York, USA
Charles Carmody, New York, USA
Jennie Verdi, New York, USA
Chuck Carmody, New Jersey, USA
Patricia Carmody, New Jersey, USA
Daniel Burt, Asuncion, Paraguay
Ruth Hall, Oklahoma, USA
Lindy Boggs, Louisiana, USA
King Baudouin, Laeken, Belgium
Zita Habsburg-Lothringen, Vienna, Austria
Otto Habsburg-Lothringen, Vienna, Austria
Pacita Roque Buenconsejo, Metro Manila, Philippines
John William Jones, Mississippi, USA
Lindy Boggs, LA, USA
Father John McCaffery, OFM, Italy
Gillette and Emmanuel Gonzales, France
Fr. Paul Humbrecht, France
Fr. Jean Vallieres, NH
Clarence and Iola Ortman, IL
Alain Gonzales, France
Joseph Lopez, Algeria
Francoise Lopez, France
Mary Vorva, South Rockwood, MI
Fr. Walter Farrell S.J., Clarkston, MI
John Horn, Florida
Madeline Horn, Florida
Jack Craig, Warren, MI
Robert Persinger, Royal Oak, MI
Most Rev. Patrick Cooney, Gaylord, MI
Fr. Robert S. Liberty, Warren, MI
Monsignor Clifford Sawher, Detroit, MI
Stella Masko, Center Line, MI
Fr. J. Pomann, Arch. of Detroit, MI
Karen Elenbass, Cadillac, MI
Alger Ignash, Center Line, MI
Peter Hudik, Virginia USA
Paul H. Chene, Center Line, MI
Ralph Kohlitz, St. Clair Shores, MI
Michael McCluskey, Center Line, MI
Rose Pryzbylinski, Detroit, MI
Cheryl Hicks, Warren, MI
Bud Frye, Warren, MI
Adela Cieslak, Detroit, MI
John Herman, Detroit, MI
Rev. Peter Rypel, Detroit, MI
Most Rev. Stephen Woznicki, Saginaw, MI
Lena Bica, Warren, MI
James Offutt, Clinton Township, MI
Dolores Kailukaitis, Warren, MI
John Rosekevitch, MI
John Jacek, Tennessee
Shirley Jacek, Detroit, MI
James McNally, Center Line, MI
Cecelia Kirkegaard (and husband), Southfield, MI
Cyril May, Royal Oak, MI
Harley Johnston, MI
Duane Hilden, Center Line, MI
Sophia B. Yandura, MI
Forgotten souls in Purgatory
Duyen Dang, Alberta, Canada
Vincent Paul P. Barredo, Philippines
Vicente Mariola, Philippines
Francisco D. Balbos, Baguio, Philippines
Luzviminda Declaro  Cebu City  Philippines
Hara Matilde Bumaat Cebu City  Philippines
Vicentita B.  Nacorda, CA  USA
Raquel Balaguer Hermida, Sorsogon, Philippines
Fr. Estanislao Lagutin, SJ, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Father Kevin Sumler, Beaumont, Texas USA
Robert Stevenson, Tennessee, USA
Octavia Broad, Tennessee, USA
Joe Pat Farrell, Oklahoma, USA
Joseph L. Waitz, Sr.  Louisiana, USA
Greg Digman
Betty Franklin
Warren Zevon
Daniel Hickey
Peggy Grimsson
Mike Buck
Mr. Freddie
Michael Bitter
Leonz Rochy Magnus Lenzi
Caleb Augustine Gray
Elizabeth Parady
Benjamin Franklin Mottern
Luther William Harris
Betty Grimsson
Peter Johan Sones
Maria Elizabeth Lenzi
Fridolon Lenzi
Maria Magdelena Sohns
Johann Baptist Lenzi
Marie Eve Sohns
Frederious sohns
Anna Maria Sohns
Maria Elizabeth Sohns
Anna Sophia Sohns
Anna Katharina Lenzi
Maria Ursula Lenzi
Johannes Lenzi
Maria Katharina Lenzi
Franz Anton Lenzi
Maria Elizabeth lenzi
Mr. and Mrs. Caruthers and daughter
Frederich Rieth
Johann Wilheim Rieth
Elizabeth Reed
Leonard Rieth
Rebecca Reed
Mary Ann Sallie reed
Catherine Reed
Mathias Reed
Johannes Reed
John Jacob Rieth
Anna Margreth Reed
George Rieth
John Reith
Mr. Kaona
Margaret Catherine Moore
William Reed
The Reed Children
Eli geist
Dennis du Trieux
Cryn Frederickz Van Lobbrecht
Thomas Reed
Lucretia Reed
Joseph Reed
The Gretlin family
Russell Ward
Cardinal Simon Ignatius Pimenta, Bombay, India
Andrew John Cosgayon Casimiro, Philippines
Franco Allegrini, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret Mary Delacherois, British Columbia, Canada
Penelope Charlotte Kennedy, British Columbia, Canada
Irene Marie Statham-Ames, British Columbia, Canada
Carmel Mary Whelan, British Columbia, Canada
Hugh Gaffney, British Columbia, Canada
Stephania Pozniak, British Columbia, Canada
Antonio May Pulice, British Columbia, Canada
Eutimio Ranallo, British Columbia, Canada
Luciano Gabriele Torresan, British Columbia, Canada
James Anthony Trayner, British Columbia, Canada
John Patrick Berry, British Columbia, Canada
Emma Costa, British Columbia, Canada
Benjamin Crick, British Columbia, Canada
Nellie Mary Duchscherer, British Columbia, Canada
Jean Kazun, British Columbia, Canada
Jakov Mardei, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Luigia Martin, British Columbia, Canada
George Steven Ptic, British Columbia, Canada
Andrew Rossi, British Columbia, Canada
Stella Mei-Yee Tam, British Columbia, Canada
Elizabeth Newbold Taylor, British Columbia, Canada
John Basil Varcoe, British Columbia, Canada
George H. Waller, British Columbia, Canada
Gloria ZuHoene, British Columbia, Canada
Andrew John Cosgayon Casimiro, Philippines
Franco Allegrini, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret Mary Delacherois, British Columbia, Canada
Penelope Charlotte Kennedy, British Columbia, Canada
Irene Marie Statham-Ames, British Columbia, Canada
Carmel Mary Whelan, British Columbia, Canada
Hugh Gaffney, British Columbia, Canada
Stephania Pozniak, British Columbia, Canada
Antonio May Pulice, British Columbia, Canada
Eutimio Ranallo, British Columbia, Canada
Luciano Gabriele Torresan, British Columbia, Canada
James Anthony Trayner, British Columbia, Canada
John Patrick Berry, British Columbia, Canada
Emma Costa, British Columbia, Canada
Benjamin Crick, British Columbia, Canada
Nellie Mary Duchscherer, British Columbia, Canada
Jean Kazun, British Columbia, Canada
Jakov Mardei, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Luigia Martin, British Columbia, Canada
George Steven Ptic, British Columbia, Canada
Andrew Rossi, British Columbia, Canada
Stella Mei-Yee Tam, British Columbia, Canada
Elizabeth Newbold Taylor, British Columbia, Canada
John Basil Varcoe, British Columbia, Canada
George H. Waller, British Columbia, Canada
Gloria ZuHoene, British Columbia, Canada
Madeline Li, British Columbia, Canada
Sr. Catherine Donelan, New York, USA
Bishop João Alves, Coimbra, Portugal
Maria de Medeiros Alves
Teresa dos Santos, British Columbia, Canada
Brother Jim Kane, IC. Dublin, Ireland
Geny Chagas de Oliveira São Paulo Brazil
Lawrence Charles McClarey, USA
Bishop Joseph Vernon Fougère, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Bishop Franz Xaver Eder, Passau, Germany
Bishop Jesús Humberto Velázquez Garay, Guanajuato, Mexico
Bishop Joannes Baptist Matthijs Gijsen, Reykjavik, Iceland
Bishop Anthony Gerard Bosco, Pennsylvania, USA
Bishop Vincenzo Cozzi, Melfi-Rapolla-Venosa, Italy
Bishop Innocent Hilarion Lotocky, O.S.B.M., Illinois, USA
Bishop Francois Xavier Nguyen Quang Sach, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Bishop Joaquín Piña Batllevell, S.J., Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
Bishop Guido Breña López, O.P., Ica, Peru
Bishop Thaddeus Joseph Jakubowski, Illinois, USA
Bishop Adhemar Esquivel Kohenque, Tarija, Bolivia
Sr. Christine of Mary, OCD, California, USA
Family Mori/Akutagawa São Paulo,SP. Brasil
Nenita Santos Contreras, Metro Manila, Philippines
Paul Callaway, District of Columbia, USA
William Ralston, Georgia, USA
Marlon K. Miller, Louisiana
Adrienne Kerrest, France
Luka Kuhar
Jozefa Kuhar
Benjamin Bernard
Adelina Bernard
Ignatius Zupancic
Mary Zupancic
Frank Zupancic
deceased of Kuhar family
deceased of Rebolj family
deceased of Bernard family
Dr. Ernesto S. Racela, Metro Manila, Philippines
The René Petit-Lampson family  Charleville-Mézières  France
Solomon Sigor, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph  Wong  Kim Chai, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Mary Agnes Dimong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
George Segie, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Lucy Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia,
Cecilia Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Andrew Ong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Anthony Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Gertrude Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Jonathan Lee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Peter Lanai Wong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Katherine Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia 
Philip Ong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Stephen Ong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph Ong, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Michael Alan Osenkowski, Rhode Island, United States
Robert Matthew Osenkowski, Rhode Island, United States
Barbara Ann (Conca) Domenicone, Rhode Island, United States
Roland L. Dufault, Rhode Island, United States
P. Roland Dufault, Rhode Island, United States
Celia N. (Cinquegrana) Dufault, Rhode Island, United States
Carol Ann (Petrucci) Croft, Rhode Island, United States
John Petrucci, Rhode Island, United States
Elenora (Cambio) Petrucci, Rhode Island, United States
Flora Renzi, Rhode Island, United States
Pasquale Giuseppe Domenicone, Rhode Island, United States
Filomena (Falcone) Hagerty, Rhode Island, United States
Anthony J. Conca, Sr., Rhode Island, United States
Carmela (SantAntonio) Domenicone, Rhode Island, United States
Angelo Domenicone, Rhode Island, United States
Maria (Cardillo) Domenicone, Rhode Island, United States
Pasquale Domenicone, Castelnuovo Parano, Frosinone, Italy
Giuseppe SantAntonio, Teano, Caserta, Italy
Anna Montuori, Teano, Caserta, Italy
Carmine Conca, Rhode Island, United States
Luisa (Luminiello) Conca, Rhode Island, United States
Michele Falcone, Rhode Island, United States
Teresa (Ruggiero) Falcone, Rhode Island, United States
Mieczysław (Meddie) Jozef Osenkowski, Rhode Island, United States
Czesława Feliksa (Stukus) Osenkowski, Rhode Island, United States
Ann (Prantkielewicz) Applebey, Rhode Island, United States
Michał Wojciech Osenkowski, Rhode Island, United States
Apolonia A. (Jedziniak) Osenkowski, Rhode Island, United States
Josef Stukus, Rhode Island, United States
Zofia (Skurka) Stukus, Rhode Island, United States
Leroy Jenkes Applebey, Rhode Island, United States
Josephine Adelaide (Jacques) Applebey, Rhode Island, United States
Adam Prantkielewicz, Rhode Island, United States
Ludwiga Agatha (Swedas) Prantkielewicz, Rhode Island, United States
Victorino D. Santillan, Philippines
Elizabeth Kroh Weaver, Oklahoma, USA
Barbara Dunbar Stewart, Georgia, USA
William Niebuhr Weaver, Sr., Oklahoma, USA
William Niebuhr Weaver, Jr., Oklahoma, USA
Rolynn and Mildred Hansen.  Adel, IA, USA
Marian and Bonnie Conover.  Adel, IA, USA
Karen Winchester and Terry Rolles.  West Des Moines, IA, USA
Larry and Vickie Hansen.  Frankfort, IL, USA
Becky and Todd Groskreutz, and Family.  Frankfurt, IL, USA
Joe and Julie Hansen, and Family.  Manteno, IL, USA.
Brad, Jolena, and Brooke Conover.  Clive, IA, USA.
Elisha, Kevin, and Cameron Schwartzberg.  Oak Forest, IL, USA
Marisa, Brian, and Hadleigh Bolton.  Flower Mound, TX, USA
Fernanda and Jason Winchester.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
David and Pamela Winchester.  Des Moines, IA, USA
Bryan Niday, and Janet Niday.  Johnston, IA, USA
Fr. Sojan George, HGN.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Deacon Jim and Sue Bindel.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Frank, Cindy, Carpenter, and Solisa Wyatt.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Fr. Carmen Mele, OP.  Fort Worth, TX, USA
Davy and Rosalie Tolentino, and Family.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Justin and Lisa Teague, and Family.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Orlando and Veronica Garcia, and Family.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Albert and Gloria Schaub.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Ben and Karen Velasquez, and Family. Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Don and Linda Knox, and Family.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Shane Cronin.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Frank Bourgeois.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Jake Landon.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Ryan Brem, and Family.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Michael Wood.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Sam Broadbent and Family.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Ashleigh Welter.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Sean Brown.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Cory Scott. Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Naomi Brown.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
McKane Rodgers.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Matt McAndrew.  Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Michael and Meg Stone.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Kendra Dowlatshahi.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Chris Ayers.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Steve and Genae Helmbrecht, and Family.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Robbie Dawson.  Greenville, TN, USA
Fr. Vijayan Joseph.  Pigeon Forge, TN, USA
Deacon George and Dolores Fredricks.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Fr. Michael Cummins.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Fr. Aniete Akata.  Nigeria.
Michael Ramsey.  Elizabethtown, TN, USA
Fr. Dennis Kress. Elizabethtown, TN, USA
Fr. Peter Iorio.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Fr. Manuel Perez.  Johnson City, TN, USA
Albert J. Kindred New Brunswick, Canada
Elizabeth “Betty” Foltz, Ky., USA
Rafella Engle, Ky., USA
Gerry Deters, Ky., USA
Dorthy Cady, Ky., USA
Rev Fr Andrew Hrdina OFM Cap. Victoria. Australia
Jas Sidhu. Victoria Australia
Br. Patrick Kendrick, Missouri, USA
Joseph Hoebing, Illinois, USA
Virginia Wolverton, Illinois, USA
Elvin Wolverton, Illinois, USA
Harold Frieburg, Illinois, USA
Ksenija Kokotovic, Belgrade, Serbia
Alan Ormsbee, Florida, USA
Donna Hostutler, West Virginia, USA
Virginia Davis, New Hampshire, USA
Robert Pennington, Hawaii, USA
Kieran Archuleta, New Mexico, USA
The Madden Family, New Mexico, USA
Becker, Ruth, WI, USA
Bohatkiewicz, Frank, WI, USA
Bolton, Arnold, WI, USA
Colby, robert, WI, USA
Conjurski, James, WI, USA
Correa, Mary, WI, USA
Ellefson, Richard, WI, USA
Erickson, Roger, WI, USA
Federmeyer, Edna, WI, USA
Freitag, BArry, WI, USA
Gielas, Thaddeus, WI, USA
Gotch,  Virginia, WI, USA
Hintzman, Reverend Ned, WI, USA
Horsley, David, WI, USA
Huber, Mary, WI, USA
Kaphengst, Emma, WI, USA
Koprovic, DIane, WI, USA
LeQuesne, John, WI, USA
Lueck, Jo Ann, WI, USA
  Matolek, Margaret, WI, USA
Meinke, Shirley, WI, USA
Noble, Robert, WI, USA
Preston, Phyllis, WI, USA
Rampart, Clyde, WI, USA
Ruetten, Bernard, Jr., WI, USA
Sharpe, Cheryl, WI, USA
Smallwood, Windred, WI, USA
Statema, Mary, WI, USA
Tebelius, Violet, WI, USA
VanHoof, Lou Ellen, WI, USA
Willems, David, WI, USA
Elizabeth Bowman
Johannes Boni
Barbra Bear
Jacob Bauman
Vogel Family
Peter Stiteler
Catharine Barbara Cassel
Anna Maria Wagner
Eve Wagner
Johan Franciscus Moser
Sebastian Steer
Mary Redinger
Johann Jacob Lenzi
John Peter Rieth
Matthias Van Brackle
John Van Kirk
Anna Catharina Feg
John William Dougherty
John Dougherty
Peter Fagan
Frederich Crissman
Catherine Crissman
Anna Elizabeth Essick
Michael Ruble
Margaret Ruble
Anna Mary Elizabeth Hoffman
Catherine Ketterman
Abraham Witmer
Elizabeth  Blouser
Johann Balthasar Laber
Ida M Lauver
Mary Catherine DePew
John Frederick Crissman
Samuel Bauman
Niclolaus Moser
Phillippe du Triex
Jacob du Triex
Phillip Truax
Mary Ann Stiteler
John Peter Stiteler
Frederick C Stear
Johan Paul Moser
Matthias Ruble
Maria Elizabeth Busch
Elizabeth Rohie Rubie
Henrey Moser
Elizabeth Van Kirk
Johannes Reed
Elsey Truax
Phillip Sohns/Sones
Anna Margaret Wohlfahart
John Jacob Reed
Anna Catherine Sones
John Phillip Schneider
Joseph Mottern
Francis Gillispie
Esther Schneider
Maria Ursula Schnetzier
Maria Kym
Johanne Jacob Bittner
John Reed
Solomon Reed
Maria Moser
Mary Verena Boni
Anna Marie ProbstMary Ursula Bitters
Franz Joseph Lenzi
Sarah Catharine Hart
Margaret Ellen Dougherty
Anna Catharina Sohns
Leonz Lenzi
Johann Rieth
John Casper Reed
John Jacob Reed
Fridolin Boni
Maria Boni
Katharina Lenzi
Jacob Lenzi
Lucina Lenzi
Marcus Lenzi
Martin Lenzi
Verena Lenzi
Peter Lenzi
Joseph Herzog
Larry Zarletti, WI, USA
Mary Sue Wilcox Schwartz, Iowa, USA
Anna Marie Reed
Hannah Moore
John Mowry
Samuel Truax
Adriaen Block
Hendrick Christiansz
Petrus Stuyvesant
Peter Munuit
Emma Elizabeth Moore
Christopher Reid
William Kieft
David Truax
Walter Van Twiller
Jesse Geist
Solome Reed
Frederick Moore
William Verhulst
Simpson Sprankle and Familes
Amos Moore
Jakob Boni
Samuel Harris
Anna Vogel
George Stear
Sarah LaRue
Maria Moser
Chrischona Herzog
Joseph Lenzi
Margaret Redinger
Adam Wagner
Phillip Reed
Eve Stiteler
Cornella Van Brackle
Rachel Janse
Anna Muller
Peter Ruble
Elsje Van Kerken
Sytje Van Kerken
Janse Van Kerken
Katharina Rauw
John Peter Feg
Mary Witmer
Michael Witmer Lauver
Mary Ann fox Burns
Peter Dougherty
Rachel Crissman
John Jacob Busch
Nicholas Steer
Elizabeth Fleck
Elias  Wagner
Isaac DePew
Mary A. Ducan
Elisha Harris
Sarah Bear
Robert Harris
Susannah Stager
Anna kendig
John Blouser
Susan Fagan
Bridget Logan
Catherine Dowlan
Gertie Alsey
Fronica Martin
John Paul Moser
Anna C Anspach
Hans Georg Riedt
Lysbeth Post
Daniel Moser
Rosina Wagner
Catharina Sohns
Anna Gretlin and Families
Margaretha Drijer and Families
Martin Kym and Families
Elizabeth Agglin and Families
Mary Stewart
Mary Walton
Henry Gray
Letticia O Osvume
Eve Marie Reifwein
Matthius Van Kirk
Mary Ann Dick
Johan Peter Mattern
Catharina Walbert
Maria C Euler
Jacob Schneider
Maria Erb
Isabella Gillispie
Elizabeth Gillispie
John Dick
Willaim Dick
Maria Wunderlin
Johann J Bitter
Anna Barbara kern
Abraham G Brady
Sarah Parady
Klara Thomann
Anna Trondale
Elsie Reed
Ambrose Gray
Frederick Hart
Thomas Moore
Mary Goldie Gray
Betty Millard
John Hayes
Anna Maria Hayes
Elizabeth P Meier
Leont Lenzi
John Wohlfahart
Maria Agatha Zimmerman
Heinrich Mattern
Oswald Lenzi
Phillip Thomann
William Moser
Susanne du Chesne
Phillippe Antoni du Trieux
George Wendel Lauber
Maria Elizabeth Ritter
Esther Gansser
Jan Janse Verkerk
Mayke Gisberts
George Cuddy Harris
Michael Lauver
Jacquemyne Trieu
Anna Maria Risch
John Stiteler
Susannah Harvenot
Balthaser Lauver
John Truax
Susan H Stear
Andrus Ketterman
Sabatian Steer
Catherine King
Brian Stagg, Tennessee, USA
Leonard and Charlotte Skidmore family, Pennsylvania, USA
Chick and June Gillooly family, Pennsylvania, USA
Harold Vest, Pennsylvania, USA
James Fayad, Pennsylvania, USA
Barbara Jean Duffe Michigan, USA
Alice Wisebaker Toledo, OH, USA
Minnie Pomeroy mToledo, OH, USA
Robert Duffey Toledo, OH, USA
Ethel Duffey Toledo, OH, USA
Norm Szakovits Toledo, OH, USA
Linda Duffey Toledo, OH, USA
Fr. Hector Bolduc Green Bay, WI, USA
Fr. Ron Kurth Toledo, OH, USA
George Kraus Ida, MI, USA
Denise Kraus Ida, MI, USA
Greg Woda Toledo, OH, USA
Richard Johnson Rochester Hills, MI, USA
Kevin Nieswander Bowling Green, OH, USA
Mike Duffey, Sr.  Ida, MI, USA
Bridgeta Castro Meno, Guam
Sharon Pollak, Pennsylvania, USA
Ryan James Hermance, Texas, USA
Joe Parker Hollingsworth, New Mexico, USA
Carroll Hollingsworth, Tennessee, USA
Sarah Inez Hollingsworth, Tennessee, USA
Tim Smith, Texas, USA
Paul David Best, Mississippi, USA
Winnie Channell Best, Mississippi, USA
Nell Hollingsworth Rast, Tennessee, USA
Ed Rast, Tennessee, USA
Billy Robinson, Mississippi, USA
All the ancestors of the Forsyth/Hollingsworth Family
All Deceased Priests
All Deceased Religious
Jo Ann Terrell, Texas, USA
William Brown Terrell Jr., Texas, USA
Carolyn Terrell, Texas, USA
Evelyn Terrell, North Carolina, USA
William Paul Voght, Michigan, USA
Paul Voght, Michigan, USA
Joseph Gerard Cummings, Georgia, USA
Margaret Mary Cummings Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Terrance Joseph Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Clark Ronald Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Mark Paul Edwards, Pennsylvania, USA
Betty Foltz, KY., USA
Joseph Gerard Cummings, Georgia, USA
Margaret Mary Cummings Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Terrance Joseph Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Clark Ronald Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Mark Paul Edwards, Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Ochoa, El Paso, Texas, USA
Stefan Kochanek of Chicago Illinois, USA
Dionizy and Helena Lipka, Krosno Poland.
Piotr and Katarzyna Kochanek, Krosno, Poland.
Antonino Casti, Rome, Italy
Francesca Casti, Rome, Italy
Domenico Ruggeri, Pesaro, Italy
Amalia Ruggeri, Pesaro, Italy
Luigi Ruggeri, Pesaro, Italy
Mario Ruggeri, Pesaro, Italy
Francesco Benedetti, Pesaro, Italy
Edda Benedetti, Pesaro, Italy
Augusto Petrone, Rome, Italy
Olimpia Petrone, Rome, Italy
Ida Casti, Orvieto, Italy
Hugh Kevin Landy,  Victoria, Australia.
Josephine Marie Landy, Victoria, Australia.
The Ashford Family,  Victoria,  Australia.
Morris Donovan,  Victoria, Australia.
Liz Maas, New York ,USA
Menga Singh Sidhu,  Johor, Malaysia.
Melkit Kaur Sidhu,  Johor, Malaysia.
Rev Fr Geoff James, Victoria,  Australia.
Rev Fr Denis Ward, Victoria, Australia
Rev Fr Hugo de Maria Victoria Australia.
The Landy Family, Victoria,  Australia.
 KERR, Roberto C.R., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ángeles Rawson, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ma. Rosario L. Batongbacal, Bulacan, Philippines
Efren B. Bataller, Camarines Norte, Philippines
Marta Nieves Villeza, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Mary Cole, Liverpool, England
Paul Cole, London, England
Wit Gruszka, Czeladz, Poland
Ludwik Gruszka, Czeladz, Poland
Ludwika Gruszka, Czeladz, Poland
Miroslaw Gruszka, Czeladz, Poland
Edward Gruszecki, Warsaw, Poland
Stanislaw Szkoc, Czeladz, Poland
Helena Szkoc, Czeladz, Poland
Zygmunt Szkoc, Raciborz, Poland
Stefan Zych, Katowice, Poland
Maria Duda, Warsaw, Poland
Colin Casella  Rochester, MN  USA
Eric Marsh, Arizona, USA
Andrew Ashcraft, Arizona, USA
Robert Caldwell, Arizona, USA
Travis Carter, Arizona, USA
Dustin Deford, Montana, USA
Grant McKee, Arizona, USA
Christopher Mackenzie, Arizona, USA
Sean Misner, Arizona, USA
Scott Norris, Arizona, USA
Wade Parker, Arizona, USA
John Percin, Arizona, USA
Anthony Rose, Arizona, USA
Jesse Steed, Arizona, USA
Joe Thurston, Arizona, USA
Travis Turbyfill, Arizona, USA
Billy Warneke, Arizona, USA
Clayton Whitted, Arizona, USA
Kevin Woyjeck, Arizona, USA
Garret Zuppiger, Arizona, USA
 Bishop Silvério Albuquerque, Feira de Santana, Brazil
Maria Mattos Vieira, Jequié, Brazil
Almerico Biondi, Jequié, Brazil
Ian Henry Lusconbe  Hereford  England
Sena Jurinac, Augsburg, Germany
Magdalena Llorca Mayuga, Metro Manila, Philippines
Bert Polman, Michigan, USA
Msgr. Cesar Salomon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Francis A. Fisher, Ohio
Margaret M. Fisher, Nevada
Ardelle Osenga, Alaska
Lorenz Osenga, Alaska
Ray Antunez, Arizona
George J. Fisher, Tennessee
Dorothy Fisher, Tennessee
George J. Fisher, Jr. Tennessee
Anselmo Gonzalez Climent, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ariel Gonzalez Climent, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aurelio Gonzalez Climent, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aurelio Gonzalez Espinosa, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carmen Climent, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pilar Llorente, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ariel Gonzalez Llorente, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Margarita Mateos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aurelio Mateos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Domingo Del Bianco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oscar Del Bianco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Titina Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucia Ruicci, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Amalia Ruicci, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chola Intano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria de Escasany, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Eduardo Escasany, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Manuel Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Manuel Benavidez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lidia Trucchi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oscar Amado, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan Blanco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rafael Di Marsico, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Matilde Miotto, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan Jose Cao, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Roy Bartholomew, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mercedes de Gonzalez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Serpa family, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Bernard M. Broderick, Sr., MI, USA
Mary Ellen Broderick, MI USA
Mary Oleszko, MI, USA
Simon Oleszko, MI, USA
Norman Olesko, Florida, USA
Fr. William Hermes, MI, USA
A. Guinness de Cuffe, Great Britain
Michael J. Sobran, Jr., VA, USA
Eric Stumm, Alberta, Canada
Virginia Bantleon Brier , Kansas, USA
Alfred H. Morse, Ohio, USA
Phero Hoan, TX, USA
James Holl, NJ , USA
Patricia Purdue, NJ, USA.
Andy Betz, Texas, U.S.A.
William M Wright Sr New Jersey USA
Bernadine C Wright New Jersey USA
Ellen F Coughlin New Jersey USA
David C Coughlin Sr New Jersey USA
Baby Coughlin Oklahoma USA
Edward Wright New Jersey USA
Edward Zebrowski New Jersey USA
Mary Harrison New Jersey USA
Charlie Mack New Jersey USA
Frankie Handlowitch New Jersey USA
Beaman Ulrich New Jersey USA
James Alexander Beaman New Jersey USA
Alice Weichler Jaryno New Jersey USA
Theodore Weichler New Jersey USA
Alice Rose Adest New Jersey USA
Frances Sweeney Adest New Jersey USA
Thomas Sweeney Sr New Jersey USA
Wanda Wright New Jersey USA
Robert Wright New Jersey USA
George Wright New Jersey USA
James P Wright Sr New Jersey USA
Anna Straining Wright New Jersey USA
James P Wright Jr New Jersey USA
Donnie Venice New Jersey USA
Keith Johnson Oklahoma USA
Brad Davis Oklahoma USA
Kyle Smith Oklahoma USA
Mrs Rita Shannon New Jersey USA
Susan Shannon New Jersey USA
Thomas Shannon New Jersey USA
Carlos DeLozier Oklahoma USA
Carolyn Sue DeLozier Oklahoma USA
Baby Warren Oklahoma USA
Gary Fleming California USA
Doreen Fleming California USA
Son Martinez New Jersey USA
Maria Martinez New Jersey USA
Sr Saint Matthew New Jersey USA
Douglas DeFreitas New Jersey USA
Ian Crowder, Missouri, USA
Sara Hofstetter, Missouri, USA
Marie Niederlucke, Missouri, USA
Sydney Bornemann, Missouri, USA
Ian Crowder Sr., Florida, USA
Marian Crowder, Florida, USA
Fred & June Williams, Missouri, USA
Gus Niederlucke, Missouri, USA
Laverne Bornemann, Illinois, USA
John Rooney, Louisiana, USA
Mrs Sheila O'Mahony, Ealing, London, UK
Dorothy Marilyn Tracy, Florida, USA
Thomas William Raleigh Sr., Michigan, USA
Michael John Marie Dolan, Connecticut, USA
Michael Jennings, Michigan, USA
Kathryn Sexton, New Jersey USA
George Sexton, New Jersey USA
Alice Gilmore, New Jersey USA
Donald Gilmore, New Jersey USA
William Sexton, New Jersey USA
Hugh Begley, New Jersey, USA
Ellen Tolan Begley, New Jersey, USA
Margret Ritter Begley, New Jersey USA
Edmund Durr, New York, USA
Robert Durr, New York, USA
Raymond Durr, New York, USA
Robert E. Sexton, New Jersey, USA
Anna  Teodorovna Paskevska, Illinois, USA
George John Robinson, New Jersey, USA
Anna Vacha Robinson, New York, USA
George Robinson, New York, USA
Dimitry Shuster, Pennsylvania, USA
Raymond Robinson, New Jersey USA
James Martin  FitzGerald, Connecticut, USA
William FitzGerald, New Jersey, USA
John Reilly, New Jersey, USA
James Phelan, New Jersey USA
Sandra Phelan, New York, USA
Bruce Millard, New Jersey, USA
Patricia Thompson, New Jersey USA
Rev. Vincent Donadio, New Jersey, USA
Rev. Dom Andrew Jenks,  Rhode Island, USA
William Haney, Rhode Island, USA
Fortes Machado family, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Langone family, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lavôr family, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rev. Jerome Twarog, IL, USA
Rev. François Murad, Syria
Charles Kapelowitz, Texas, USA
Robert Greenwood, Washington DC, USA
Hazel Greenwood, Washington DC, USA
Bill Dixon, South Carolina, USA
Eleanor Starnes, South Carolina, USA
Ordway Starnes, South Carolina, USA
Gene McGrew, South Carolina, USA
Rachel McGrew, South Carolina, USA
Rex Thompson, North Carolina, USA
Teresa Ennis, South Carolina, USA
Bobby Dondt, New Jersey, USA
John Hanrahan, Massachusetts, USA
Roger Spreen, Washington DC, USA
Janet Spreen, Washington DC, USA
John O'Brien, Alberta, Canada
John Ashley, Newfoundland, Canada
Margaret Ashley, Newfoundland, Canada.
Kenneth O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada.
Fr. Lloyd Ryan, Ontario, Canada.
William O'Brien, Newfoundland, Canada.
Sr. Marjorie Kuntz, Ontario, Canada.
Kevin Largey, Ontario, Canada
Eric Walter, Ontario, Canada.
William Kay, Ontario, Canada.
Olivo Soppelsa, Ontario, Canada.
Cardinal John O'Connor, New York, USA.
Desmond Cummings, Antrim, Ireland
James Connolly, Argyll, Scotland
Rita Boyers, Argyll, Scotland
Peter Boyers, Argyll, Scotland
Charlotte Boyers, Argyll, Scotland
Pat Baillie, Antrim, Ireland
Mary Devlin, Antrim, Ireland
Henry Devlin, Antrim, Ireland
Harry Devlin, Antrim, Ireland
The McErlain family, Antrim Ireland
The Hegarty family, Argyll, scotland
The Leninhan family, Argyll, Scotland
The Devlin family, Argyll, Scotland
Luke Devlin, Antrim, Scotland
Sadie Connolly, Armagh, Ireland
Eamonn Connolly, Armagh, Ireland
Margaret McLaughlin, Antrim, Ireland
Patrick McLaughlin, Antrim, Ireland
Brian McAteer, Antrim, Ireland
Thelma Kapelowitz, Texas, USA
W.J. Smith family, Kentucky, USA
William Pratt, New Jersey, USA
Helene Pratt, New Jersey, USA
Father Jerome Schwab, South Carolina, USA
Monsignor Donald Hamburger, South Carolina, USA
Michael Sutsko, Pennsylvania, USA
Elizabeth Sutsko, Pennsylvania, USA
Antonio Commodari, Pennsylvania, USA
Assunta Commodari, Pennsylvania, USA
Clara Commodari, Pennsylvania, USA
Charlie Commodari, Pennsylvania, USA
Robert Commodari, Pennsylvania, USA
Ralph Mirarchi, Pennsylvania, USA
Bishop Joseph McFadden, Pennsylvania, USA
The Mirarchi Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Dave Donohoe, Pennsylvania, USA
Rev. Curtis Delarm, Pennsylvania, USA
Rachel Koteles, Pennsylvania, USA
Christian McNaughton , Pennsylvania, USA
Deceased of St. Catherine Laboure Parish, Pennsylvania, USA
The Sutsko Family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Commodari Family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Rigutsky Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Father Jerome Powers, South Carolina, USA
The Laws-Sobrinho Family, Ontario, Canada
Fr. Henry McErlean, Ontario, Canada
Rita Suazo, New Mexico, USA
Catherine Baca, New Mexico, USA
John Alcon, New Mexico, USA
Arthur Smith, New Mexico, USA
Elaine Koyawena, New Mexico, USA
Carrie Trujillo, New Mexico, USA
Fred Trujillo, New Mexico, USA
Ryan Vaio, New Mexico, USA
Will Frohlich, New Mexico, USA
Maxine Gutierrez, New Mexico, USA
Sister Charles Marie Coy, OSU; Kentucky, USA
Sister Laura Faucito, OP; New York, USA
Daniel Philip Linnell, Massachusetts, USA
Paul Brannon, Panama City, Florida, USA
Paul C. Shaffer family              NY USA
John & Margaret Shaffer family      PA USA
Francis Dennis Collins family        PA USA
Charles E Shaffer family            NY USA
Paul L Shaffer family                NY USA
Blaise Shaffer                      NY USA
Hugh Stormer family                  TX USA
Art King family                      TX USA
Don & Jean Eshenour family          NY USA
William French                      NJ USA
Mr & Mrs Gary Johnson family        NY USA
Mr Rodney Williams                  NC USA
Rev Fr. Anthony Bene                NY USA
Rev Fr. John O'Brien                NY USA
Rev Fr. William Shelley              NY USA
Monsignor Eugene Clark              NY USA
Monsignor Peter Gleba                NY USA
Nathan Shaffer                      NY USA
REv Fr. Shamon                      NY USA
Archbishop Fulton J Sheen            NY USA
Mr and Mrs Bud Thalman              NY USA
Mariam Thalman                      NY USA
Gramps Thalman                      NY USA
Mrs Yolanda Piscatelli              NY USA
Dr. & Mrs Paul Foote                NY USA
Miss Mary Lacey                      NY USA
Miss Rose Piscatelli & family        NY USA
Sr. William Mary (SJ)                NY USA
Anne Steenhuisen                    CT USA
Virginia Collins                    VA USA
Stuart Spencer                      VA USA
Bennie Williams                      CO USA
Bennie Williams                      NC USA
Grandma Daisy                        NC USA
Miss CP Raillard                    Paris FR
Peter John Zuiker Alberta, Canada
Zuiker Family  Ontario, Canada
Graveline Family Ontario, Canada
Velasco Family  Philippines
Rejesus Family Philippines
Leoncio Banate, Capiz, Philippines
Maria Del Carpio Banate, Capiz, Philippines
Doroteo Gomez, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Ines Custodio Gomez, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Ralph Ian Diaz Acepcion, Ontario, Canada
Terry Kuzina, Manitoba, Canada
Jake Galemore, Kansas, USA
James Eggleston, Surrey, United Kingdom
Mari Muldoon, Los Angeles, CA
The Muldoon Family and the Sampson Family
John Barry
The 19 Firefighters of Arizona
Joshua Rudd
Sr. Anne
Sr. Mary Anthony
Fr. Leo Clifford
Kari Stellino
John Christensen, Texas, USA
Robert Good Smith, Florida, USA
June Goodlad Smith, Florida, USA
Susan Lynn Goldie, Ohio, USA

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