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Traditional Pilgrimage to the Luján Basilica, Argentina

We received the following from readers:

During the past weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), the 4th National Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Christendom in Argentina took place, from Rawson, Province of Buenos Aires, to the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Luján, the National Patroness of Argentina, in the same Province.

The pilgrimage lasted for three days with the celebration of public Masses in the Extraordinary Forum on each one of them - the last one, inside the Basilica, celebrated by Archbishop A. Baseotto, emeritus of the Military Ordinariate (image below).


Athelstane said...

Well, traditionalists may not be welcome to stay in Buenos Aires, but at least they seem tolerably welcome to visit.

Congratulations to the pilgrims of the National Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Christendom. It looks like a well attended event.

New Catholic said...

It all happened outside the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (the same territory of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires), itself not part of the Province of Buenos Aires

Dalmiro GR said...

Disculpen que escriba en español. Yo participé de la peregrinación y fue excelente!. Son casi 100km que recorrimos en tres días. Muchos sacerdotes van acompañando a los peregrinos escuchando confesiones, dando consejos, alentando...
Le quiero dar las gracias a todos los organizadores.
Cada año somos más peregrinos, sigamos rezando por todas estas inciativas.


Long-Skirts said...

"Late have I loved Thee...oh, beauty ever ancient"

Dick Winters said...

See this:

Mary Kay said...

Dalmiro, Gracias para el informacion.

andrew young said...

It's ironic that a ceramic statue from the cathedral which accompanied Argentinian forces to the Falklands, was after the cessation of hostilities taken back to the UK and since 1982 has resided in the Cathedral of the Military Ordinariate of Great Britain.

Café Literario said...

As we can see, tradition is very much alive in this country. Praised the Lord!

Jerónimo Vincent said...

Please, take notice that Antonio Baseotto is a Bishop, not an Archibishop.
Second: the picture of the Monday Mass in the Basilica is from last year's EF Mass. Actually, this year Bishop Emeritus Baseotto celebrated it in the new altar (ad Orientem, of course) and dressed in a light blue chasuble -a privilege for Hispanic countries.

Translation for Dalmiro's comment:
"I´m sorry I´m writing in Spanish. I participated in the Pilgrimage and it was excelent! It was about 60 miles that we travelled in three days. Many priests accompany the pilgrims, hearing confessions, giving advice, encouraging them.
I want to thank all the organizers.
Each year we are more pilgrims; let's keep praying for all these initiatives.

Jerónimo Vincent said...

Another thing: the interesting thing about this Pilgrimage is that there's a raising amount of young people who are more and more interested in Tradition and came from a Novus Ordo background. That's very encouraging.
Greeting from Argentina.