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Introducing Fisher More College: A Truly Traditional Catholic Education

The following post is by Jason Fabaz of Fisher More College:

“The proper and immediate end of Christian education is to cooperate with divine grace in forming the true and perfect Christian…” Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri

“There are three things which we desire all the Fellows of this College to care for above all things, namely, the worship of God, the increase of the faith, and the probity of morals.” (From the Statutes of St. John’s College, Cambridge University, England, written by St. John Fisher, Chancellor, 1516)

At Fisher More College we have been long-time followers of Rorate Caeli and applaud the contributors for their great work!  What unites almost everyone who posts here is a love for the Traditional Mass and the Traditional Doctrines of Holy Mother Church.  With that in view, we would like to share with you a little about a College that is completely committed to promoting the Traditional Mass, Traditional Doctrines and Traditional Catholic Formation and Education.

We’d like to present to you America's only fully-accredited 4-year Catholic College that proclaims fidelity to the Traditional Latin Mass as essential towards achieving its mission: The College of Sts. John Fisher & Thomas More (Fisher More College).

Our Goal is that every Traditional Catholic, regardless of where they attend the Traditional Latin Mass (Fraternity, Institute, Society, Diocesan sponsored, etc.) will learn about Fisher More College and recognize that we are a Catholic College that lives by the motto: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi (as we pray, so we believe, so we live) which we have adopted as Our Statement of Principles:

Lex Orandi: We pray the Traditional Latin Mass and the associated rich Sacred Liturgy that has been passed down to us through the ages. We are certain that fidelity to the Usus Antiquior is essential to achieving our mission.

Lex Credendi: We believe in the Holy Catholic Church, Her teachings, and Her traditions. We hold that this belief has been the greatest source of enrichment of faith, piety, and culture throughout all times.

Lex Vivendi: We live an apostolate of faith, service, and scholarship. We strive for holiness in forms that correspond to our three great moral duties toward God: to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him.

Fisher More’s curriculum is rooted in the Catholic scholastic and Thomistic tradition. Required texts include the works of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and many other great works of the Western intellectual tradition.  The program will produce graduates who are skilled in the arts of reading, writing, and thinking, who understand the purpose of life and the meaning of a vocation, and who possesses the will and character to live an excellent life.

Importantly, Fisher More is committed to providing Catholic education that is affordable for large families.  It doesn’t participate in any government or private student loan programs.  For full-time students living on campus, the cost of attending the residential College for the 2013-2014 school year is $5,000 per semester, $10,000 per year.  This amount is all inclusive of tuition, room, meals, and fees.  Those familiar with the prices of the old-line Catholic universities will recognize the bargain at Fisher More.  It is even less expensive than most tax supported state universities. 

We recently mailed our first-ever national fundraising letter, we call it our Rogatio Letter which has been distributed to over 10,000 people devoted to the Traditional Latin Mass. The letter was written on Thursday, August 22, 2013, the glorious feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On that same day, the College was consecrated to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. I invite you to click on the following link to visit our website and read our Rogatio Letter in its entirety.

Also, to read a collection of statements that describe the College’s apostolate and answers important questions, please click here: Statement of the Apostolate

Fisher More needs the support of Traditional Catholics in the U.S. and abroad in order to achieve its mission.  We hope you will consider actively supporting the advancement of the College and help promote awareness of this Catholic endeavor.

For more information or to join our mailing list to receive future communications from us, please contact:

Jason Fabaz

Director of Development and Institutional Advancement
Rorate note: Please know that Taylor Marshall is no longer employed at Fisher More College after the two sides mutually agreed to part ways in June 2013. 


Dan Hunter said...

Wonderful to see a Catholic College lead the way to Caritas and Goodness, in American Catholic institutions, by exclusively offering the TLM.

[Not the "Extra-Ordinary" Mass]

This is how the Faith will be brought back to our beloved country.

Watcher said...

Having just returned from visiting the campus, I can tell you that words alone cannot do justice when describing what a wonderful opportunity Fisher More College is. This IS the school for truly tradition minded Catholics. Academically, it is very tough and stringent - your children will absolutely receive a top notch education from top notch instructors. On top of that, the day is filled with Mass, the Rosary, and multiple other prayers and devotions; including terse, vespers and compline. The spiritual aspect is laced throughout the day, every day! In addition, the faculty, staff and students relate as a large family. Coming in at the beginning of this endeavor gives the students many opportunities to assist in forming the school which is a tremendous opportunity and will serve many as excellent resume pieces. I encourage everyone to stop by and visit the school yourselves to experience first hand what they are doing. If you have children that are preparing for college, you certainly need to check this school out. If you have no children, or your children are grown, I still encourage you to visit and become familiar with the school. They can use your assistance in promoting what they are doing, your prayers as they move forward, and certainly your donations if your are able which will assist them in keeping the tuition affordable.

Mike said...

@Dan Hunter

Hear, hear!

Forward! They are Ours! said...

Fantastic news! This is exactly what the Church needs - the traditional movement to continue to take root and spread.

Fisher More is small, but to have a College exclusively committed to the TLM, traditional doctrines and praxis is a great development.

James said...

I love the school.

What I have heard, just so you know, the over "400" is in their high school program called Fisher More Academy and is based online.

Fisher More College itself chooses to remain small enough where its mission will be protected. However, the school did grow, and double. Last year, there were 20 students. This year, there are 40+ students.

I have visited, and I am truly happy to have experienced the presence of young men and women who loved to be where they are, and understand why they are there. Truly beautiful

Alan Aversa said...

There's also the associated live, online Fisher More Academy for high school and lower grades.

Forward! They are Ours! said...

It's important to remember that the previous campus, while located in a good part of Fort Worth, was far too small and prevented the College from growing.

Now that Fisher More has moved to its new campus - a beautiful former convent, it will have the capacity for exponential growth.

Wendy in VA said...

Our oldest was dual-enrolled in Fisher More College's online program as a senior last year and earned several freshman credits. She just started her "official" freshman year in their online program this week, and plans to go to Texas next fall for her sophomore year. We couldn't be happier with what we've experienced so far and hope to send our five younger children to Fisher More as well.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, where in VA are you? Feel free to email me the answer.

LeonG said...

The science of The Roman Catholic Faith - Lex Orandi = Lex Credendi = lex Vivendi.

This is why we know and understand what belongs to Sacred Tradition and what is authoritative interpretation of Holy Scripture. We can witness this in the life of The Church and the lives of we its individual members.

May Almighty God protect the life of this Catholic College; keep it truly rooted in The Faith and able to resist all temptation to compromise and liberalise its norms and values.

Anonymous said...

This looks in many ways as a solid institution of higher education, while almost entirely focused on theology and humanities. As a (European) university scientist, I cannot help to notice the virtual absence of serious science and mathematics in the curriculum and in the faculty. Maybe this could be due to the special profile of the college, but I have noticed a similar bias in other traditional Catholic institutions... and I wonder if it is a more general assumption that traditional Catholic youth somehow should not be exposed to modern (NB: not modernist!) science? Is there some assumption that (contemporary) physics, mathematics etc. are somehow intrinsically bad or potentially dangerous? Or, worse, irrelevant to Catholic youth? I sincerely hope not. Certainly, there are deep reasons to cultivate the intellectual harmony of these fields with orderly thought in other domains... in fact, the standards of rigor and honesty in the hard sciences may well help one to see the hollowness of certain modernIST philosophers and even theologians...

jon pressley said...

And on a sidenote, I discovered last evening they have a great internet radio station on

Anonymous said...

katolske, email Jason and ask him. I wouldn't jump to all these conclusions so quickly.

Jason Fabaz said...



Thanks for your comment, we will add more and more science and math offerings in the future, including lectures on science and mathematics.

Mr. Hugh Owen, from the Kolbe Center for the Study of the Creation, is coming to present to our students on Sept 23, please send me an email if you would like to attend.

If you are interested in visiting our College, please give me a call or email, we would be honored to give you a tour and maybe we can work out an opportunity for you to give a lecture or seminar to our students.

God bless,



Anonymous said...

Dear Adfero
I am interested in general views (yours, Jacksons or others') and conditions related to this matter, more than in the particular college who could happen to specialize in the humanities. Do young traditional Catholics with interest and abilities for science have similar opportunities?
Cultuvating science and reason is a necessary defense against lunatics like Küng, lcwr, etc.

Manuel Vicente said...

Dear Jason,

I had to review Hugh Owen's website when a "mainstream" Catholic gave me an evolutionist-creationist explanation of Our Lord's creation. I knew he was not correct and Kolbe Center helped me verify it. It is no coincidence that Arcanum (on marriage) by Leo XIII deals single-handedly with both evolutionism and the attempted destruction of Holy Matrimony.

My BS degree is in Meteorology and I also work in high school Catholic education. Perhaps I can help develop a dual credit course in this field to confront the irrational designs of the climate warmists.

Watcher said...


If you are speaking about individual classes in science and mathematics, I think Jason may have answered your question. If you are speaking of a degree in science and mathematics, then please keep in mind that FMC is a Liberal Arts school. They are accredited to offer a liberal arts degree. I am not an expert in these matters, but I do believe they would need to seek additional accreditation. To do so would require time and funding. I do not know if this is something they will eventually consider or not. However, even if it is a consideration, I doubt they will be able to tackle something like that for awhile. The school is too small right now and they would need to grow to a size that allowed them to fill such classes with students. In addition, there is the task of finding suitable teachers to teach such classes. And lastly, there is the money factor of being able to do so without having to increase the tuition to an unaffordable price.

Manual Vicente, you should contact the school to discuss your idea.

Anonymous said...

To Jason, Manuel and Watcher.
Thanks for your helpful comments for someone who doesn't know the American system that well. I guess traditional Catholics with a serious interest in hard science would just attend a public university, of which many good exist in the US. Still, the relevance of science to Catholic "liberal arts" might be an idea to develop in the future - just a thought!
In Christo,