Rorate Caeli

A resource for families with many children, but not many dollars

It is not often that we highlight those selling products outside of books. However, since this could be the answer to many families' prayers, we felt compelled to bring it to our readers' attention.

The Beatitudes Workshop is a unique service.  The head craftsman's family lives in voluntary poverty. Their suffering is the gain of their customers who now have access to quality, durable tables, chairs and more, at a cost they cannot find elsewhere.

From their website:
"Taking inspiration from the simple, elegant lines of medieval monastery furniture and rustic, functional frontier type furniture, my vision is to provide the solid, durable hand crafted quality of those kinds of pieces to family homes at the best prices available. We are raising a large family and we well know the needs that go into providing a space for many different children's clothes and bed space and dining space and food preparation space. I want to provide those kinds of pieces to help your home become as efficient and simple as you want it to be, with tasteful and sturdy furniture design that can fit into any style home.

"The challenge with modern handcrafted furniture is most frequently the oppressive cost. This leaves families having to choose between spending thousands of dollars on good quality furniture and leaving them financially drained, or buying low quality factory furniture from China for a few hundred dollars that neither holds up to the rigors of life in a house full of children, nor compliments the form and function of the home. I offer a middle way, with solid and durable hand-crafted furniture at better prices than you can find anywhere…and the flexibility of individually suited payment options."
If you are a large family, or just starting out, please click here to view their website. They have very flexible payment options. And please contact them with questions. Even if you do not see it on their website, they may be able to build you what you need.