Rorate Caeli

How to help a truly traditional Roman Catholic college

From our friends at Fisher More College:

What: We invite you to visit our website every day through Oct. 13th as we post new videos and pictures featuring our students at the Traditional Latin Mass, praying the Holy Rosary, singing the Angelus, chanting Vespers as a community, taking classes, studying and just hanging out with each other; in short, living out the Catholic Faith as a college community!

When: October 7th (Feast of Our Lady of Victory) through October 13th (Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima), including a special day on October 11th (Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

Where: Please make a secure  online donation hereYour donations are tax deductible.

Why: Help us raise a much-needed $250,000 enabling us to provide scholarships for deserving students and helping us restore our campus building (dedicated to Our Lady of Victory in 1909) back to its original purpose: Traditional Catholic Education and Formation.

Who should participate: One of our goals is that every Catholic who loves the rich and sacred traditions of our Faith, who is certain that fidelity to the eternal teachings and traditions of the Church is essential to a holy and excellent life, regardless of where -- or whether -- they attend the Traditional Latin Mass, will learn about Fisher More College and recognize that we exist for YOU and need YOUR SUPPORT.  

We are a unique college in many ways, one of which is our commitment to graduating students who have not been forced into debt dependency because of their education. We place our confidence in Divine Providence and in the generosity of good people like you to help us make this possible.

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