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Rorate Caeli is the most-read traditional Catholic blog in the world

Yesterday, the SSPX American District announced that their website has been hacked, shutting it down since Sunday. The silver lining, they said, is "the fact that SSPX.ORG has 'merited' such singular attention is encouraging -- as it shows that someone out in the Internet world takes exception to effectiveness of our apostolic mission for Catholic Tradition."

One other thing we noticed from their email was this:

SSPX.ORG'S international ranking
You might be interested to know that according to traffic metrics provided by Alexa (an international Internet ranking company), SSPX.ORG now ranks as the 2nd most-visited website amongst traditionalist-type sites.Here's a sampling of how SSPX.ORG ranks:
  1. 134,618 (ranked amongst all websites throughout the world - 1 being the highest)
  2. 427,352
  3. (SSPX's French District): 540,312
  4. 621,039
  5. 1,016,754
  6. 2,132,833

We have indeed seen other numbers that show similar rankings among traditional Catholic sites, but not exactly where we stand among ALL websites around the world, regardless of their focus. It's also interesting to see what sites aren't listed, though this is of course their own estimation, not ours. Remember: this is a ranking of traditional Catholic sites. We cannot vouch for the exact number or position either, since, as is well known, the way to measure such data can be inaccurate.

We bring you this notice not to brag, but to say thank you, to all of you. You, your readership and your prayers, are what has taken our little blog to the most-read traditional website in the world. And we are truly grateful.