Rorate Caeli

The pope's confession

Pope Francis revealed today his frequency of the Sacrament of Penance, telling guests at his weekly general audience that he goes to confession every two weeks.

Catholic News Service reports on the address here.

"Priests, too, need confession, even bishops. We are all sinners. Even the pope goes to confession every two weeks because the pope, too, is a sinner," he said. "My confessor hears what I say, offers me advice and forgives me. We all need this."

It should be noted that Summorum Pontificum (Art. 9, §1) grants explicit permission to priests for the traditional form of absolution to be used.  Parishioners may request this of parish priests, which is to be granted if "advantageous for the good of souls."

If your parish does not have a confessional wall card for priests to use this form, in Latin, it may be ordered here, perhaps as a gift to your pastor.