Rorate Caeli

Two years and thousands of souls enrolled

Below, please find the seventy-seventh posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. This is our biggest month to date with over 2,000 souls enrolled!

We began this Society a little over two years and, while we have lost official count, we believe we have enrolled over 50,000+ individual souls and countless others as entire families have been enrolled. Thank you all, our dear readers, for your compassion in sending us these names!

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 36 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

The faithful who perished in the Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan
Rocco Alexander, Ohio, USA
Rosalina Ramos Trigo, São Paulo, Brazil
Marino Penachin, São Paulo, Brazil
Jandira Peccinni Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Terezo Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Rosária Ramos Thomaz, São Paulo, Brazil
Serafim Thomaz, São Paulo, Brazil
José Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Sebastiana Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Aparecida Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Antonio Trigo, São Paulo, Brazil
Victorina Trigo, São Paulo, Brazil
Joaquim Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Antonia Pereira Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Palmira Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Zelinda Ramos, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Bellotto Penachin, São Paulo, Brazil
Waldomiro Penachin, São Paulo, Brazil
Ivo Penachin, São Paulo, Brazil
Antonio Menegaldo, São Paulo, Brazil
Emílio Leoni, São Paulo, Brazil
Aracy Penachin, São Paulo, Brazil
Cassiana Leoni, São Paulo, Brazil
Cesar Bourbon, São Paulo, Brazil
Lourdes Penachin Bourbon, São Paulo, Brazil
Ângelo Bossoni, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Bertozo, São Paulo, Brazil
Zeferina Maria da Conceição, São Paulo, Brazil
Sebastião Pereira, São Paulo, Brazil
João Afonso, São Paulo, Brazil
Amélia Trigo Afonso, São Paulo, Brazil
Abílio Afonso, São Paulo, Brazil
Irma Afonso, São Paulo, Brazil
Adelaide Afonso, São Paulo, Brazil
Joaquim Trigo, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria da Glória Trigo, São Paulo, Brazil
Bernardo Trigo, São Paulo, Brazil
Luiz Antonio Dallacqua, São Paulo, Brazil
Cláudia Regina Beltramin Duque, São Paulo, Brazil
Nelson Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Aparecida Pereira Silva, São Paulo, Brazil
Pedro Pereira, São Paulo, Brazil
Rodolfo Pereira, São Paulo, Brazil
Luiza Berni, São Paulo, Brazil
Paschoal Nicolau, São Paulo, Brazil
Antonio Nicolau, São Paulo, Brazil
Ines Nicolau, São Paulo, Brazil
Cecilia Nicolau, São Paulo, Brazil
Airton Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Italo Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Edgar Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Duilio Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Primo Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Lidio Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Antonio Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Nico Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Tranquila Beltramin, São Paulo, Brazil
Donato Paschoal, São Paulo, Brazil
Fr. Francisco Janssen, São Paulo, Brazil
Fr. Gerardus Scheepers, São Paulo, Brazil
Fr. José Roberto Bertazzi, São Paulo, Brazil
José Cassiano, São Paulo, Brazil
Reginaldo José de Oliveira, São Paulo, Brazil
Monsignor Bruno Gamberini, São Paulo, Brazil
Alfredo Zago, São Paulo, Brazil
Neusa Maria Ruimatta Beckedorf, São Paulo, Brazil
Benedito Ruimatta, São Paulo, Brazil
Elvira Ruimatta, São Paulo, Brazil
Amadeu Gonsalvez Ciolfi, São Paulo, Brazil
Marco Marsaioli, São Paulo, Brazil
Dirce de Chico, São Paulo, Brazil
Ermínio Mosca, São Paulo, Brazil
Sandra Mosca, São Paulo, Brazil
Assunta Mosca, São Paulo, Brazil
Tércio Nicolucci, São Paulo, Brazil
Ana Carina Nicolucci, São Paulo, Brazil
José Francisco, São Paulo, Brazil
Aparecida Cremoneze, São Paulo, Brazil
Paulo Capelini, São Paulo, Brazil
Paulo Yoshida, São Paulo, Brazil
José Mosca, São Paulo, Brazil
Alcides Cremoneze, São Paulo, Brazil
Acyrton Pereira, São Paulo, Brazil
The Penachin family, São Paulo, Brazil
The Trigo family, São Paulo, Brazil
The Beltramin family, São Paulo, Brazil
The Ramos family, São Paulo, Brazil
Carmen Ward, Alabama, USA
Margaret Miller Cohn, Alabama, USA
Ricardo P. Guevara, Philippines
John Dillon, Wisconsin, USA
Bernard and Kathryn Nash, Kansas, USA
Nash Family Kansas, USA
Friedrich Family, California, USA
Nelson Family
Caton Family, Virginia, USA
Helen Friedrich, Nevada, USA
Doris Nash, Oregon, USA
Kyle and Helen Inman, Arizona, USA
Jenny and Husband, Florida, USA
Inman Family, USA
Sue Locati, California, USA
Jean Bodwin, California, USA
Greg, California, USA
Ed Kim, California, USA
Wessam Alkhalib, California, USA
Cat, California, USA
Debbie, California, USA
Hank and Naomi Burrows, Kansas, USA
Jack Nash, Oregon, USA
Thomas and wife, Colorado, USA
Bob Kelly, California, USA
Wilbur Edigton, Kansas, USA
Denny Bless, Kansas, USA
Richard, Kansas, USA
Penny Clark, California, USA
Leona and Jack Davis, Kansas, USA
Those that I don't remember .....names, but, have crossed my path....USA
Johnie, Kansas, USA
The soldiers from all over.. the USA
The sick and dying I have taken care of...and have passed....California, USA
Jimmie, California, USA
Ed and Millie Mirassou, California, USA
Davis Family, Kansas, USA
Bless Family, Kansas, USA
Maloney Family, Kansas, USA
Jim Mirassou, California, USA
Mirassou Family, California, USA
LoFranco Family, California, USA
Sarah Spellman, Missouri, USA
Avanda Burrows, Kansas, USA
Lakin Souls, Kansas, USA
Clyde and Barbara Beymer, Kansas, USA
Odus Gordon Raymer, Indiana, USA
Mona Lee Kime, Indiana, USA
Sean Kemp, Surrey, England
Giovanni Calla, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret Ann Iris Ceron, British Columbia, Canada
Pietro De Santis, British Columbia, Canada
Leo Joseph Doucette, British Columbia, Canada
Josefa Talastas Consunji Javier, British Columbia, Canada
Walter Napierala, British Columbia, Canada
Ira Cleary, British Columbia, Canada
Sarafina Fisher, British Columbia, Canada
Joan Frances Heinmiller, British Columbia, Canada
Barbara Cecile Reynolds, British Columbia, Canada
Ursulina Tetlak, British Columbia, Canada
Domenic Abbinante, British Columbia, Canada
Gina Antonioni, British Columbia, Canada
Eugenie Mary Eivemark, British Columbia, Canada
Romuald Lakowski, British Columbia, Canada
Young Soo Park, British Columbia, Canada
Phyllis Bevan, British Columbia, Canada
Jane McCauley, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Filomena Sabatino, British Columbia, Canada
Carmelita Ramos Velando, British Columbia, Canada
Maxine Marsalis, MS, USA
George Marsalis, MS, USA
Ray Gilbert, Sr., MS, USA
Boyd Slade, MS, USA
Ephrim Ezra Marsalis, MS, USA
Leon Knox, New York, USA
Frank Siqueira, CA, USA
Agnes (FO Alberta Broslett), Pennsylvania, USA
Vera Kathryn Gasparovich, Iowa, USA
Wilmette McLellan, Iowa, USA
Harold McLellan, Iowa, USA
Liz Bukowsky, MD, USA
Mary Elizabeth Reid, Ontario, Canada
June Keithley-Castro, Metro Manila, Philippines
Ruth Haskell, Alberta, Canada
Tyler Filla, Missouri, USA
Laurie Jackson, Missouri, USA
Kristi Segari, Louisiana, USA
Carmelita Kavanaugh, Louisiana, USA
Henry Kavanaugh, Louisiana, USA
Louis Segari, Louisiana, USA
Virginia Segari, Louisiana, USA
Cecilia Filla, Missouri, USA
Kenneth Filla, Missouri, USA
Manuel Vargas, Mexico DF, Mexico
Emma Vargas, Mexico DF, Mexico
The Liegl Family, New York USA
The Harig Family, NY, USA
Raymond Harig
Kathleen Liegl
Irene Liegl
Robert Liegl
Magdalena Liegl
Bernard Harig & family
Domenici Cardinal Bartolucci, Italy
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Harrington, Massachusetts, USA
Fr. Wilfredo Comellas, Louisiana, USA
Patrick O. Ng, Philippines
Meliton V. Salazar, Philippines
Kathy Rich, Pennsylvania, USA
Jeremy Henwood, California, USA
William Caballero, Florida, USA
Reginald Fontenot, Texas, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Corcoran, Massachusetts, USA
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Duffy, Massachusetts, USA
Arthur Smith, Massachusetts, USA
Eugene Bertoni, Massachusetts, USA
John McAuliffe, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Connors, Massachusetts, USA
Salvatore Venturelli, Massachusetts, USA
Nicholas Ward, Massachusetts, USA
Thomas A. White, Massachusetts, USA
Fr. Henry A. Marusa, Massachusetts, USA
Fr. John J. Keane, Massachusetts, USA
Sr. M. Ramon, CSJ, Massachusetts, USA
Mrs. Friedl Takacs, Ontario, Canada
Joan Brayak, Pennsylvania, USA
Darryl Morey, Alberta, Canada
Thomas J. Asaif, Belleview, Wa. USAL
Lou Jurs, Tucson, Az. USA
Jim & Rhoda Jenco, Salt Lake City, Ut.
Steven & Judy Jenkins, Cape Coral, Fl. USA
Kenneth Foster, Greenville, Tenn. USA
Lloyd Carver, Huntsville, Al. USA
Robert Mitchell & Wife, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Robert & Louise Middleton, Oroville,  Ca. USA
Paul Hopple, Phoenix, Az. USA
Rose L. de Paola & husband, Cape Coral, Fl. USA
Art & Molly Steele, Mission San Jose, Ca. USA
 John & Buck Shoemaker, Lacey, Wa. USA
Herman & Mildred Willis, Dos Palos, Ca. USA

Gib & Ollie Andrews, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Bob Wood & Wife, So. Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Ben Murphy, Sutter Buttes, Ca. USA
Doyle Rose & family, High Sierra, Ca. USA
Steven C. Everett, Thousand Oaks, Ca. USA
Fr. Robert Gobble, Tacoma, Wa. USA
Fr. Michael Bell, Los Osos, Ca. USA
Gerry Herbert Moore, Kelso, Wa. USA
Hank & Dorothy Hamm, Sandy Org. USA
Art Holtzhaure, Santa Cruz, Ca. USA
Jim, Beatty & wife, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Charley Beatty & family
Chuck Bristow & family, Dos Palos, Ca.A
Buck Revis & family, Freemont, Ca. USA
Sirius & July Beatty, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
 Bill Downey & family, Lake Havaus, Az. USA
Doug Cotton & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Cleve & Doris Crusenberry, Auburn, Ca. USA
Jack & Rose Crusenberry, Auburn, Ca. USA
Nora & Simon Crusenberry, Auburn, Ca. USA
Art & Molly Steele, Mission Jan Jose, Ca. USA
Gail & Helen Thomas, Modesto, Ca. USA
Margaret Thomas, Modesto, Ca. USA
Frank & Bertha Steele, Colusa, Ca. USA
Herman & Mildred Willis, Dos Palos, USA
Herky, Willis,Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Myrna Willis, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Clarence & Alice Johnson, series, Ca. USA
Bob & Toots Steele, Alturas, Ca. USA
Wm. Crossland & family, Fresno, Ca.A
Floyd Davis & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Verbel & Bessie Cole, Firebaugh, Ca. USA
Richard & Terry Atchison, Phoenix, Az, USA
Bill Johnson & family, Watsonville, Ca. USA
Frank Glass & family, Los Gatos, Ca. USA
Bro. George Marquis, Yucaipa, Ca. USA
Grady Williams & family, Atwater, Ca. USA
Alfred Gamboni & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
John de la Pina & family. Watsonville, Ca. USA
John Parker & family, Watsonville, Ca. USA
Jim Eagleson & family, Watsonville, Ca. USA
Jerry Manning & family, Arceda, Ca. USA
Kenneth Foster & family, Greenville, Tenn. USA
Thomas H. Mott & wife, Fresno, Ca.USA
Larry Hernnigan & wife, Fresno, Ca. USA
Lee & Cathy Jarvis, Santa Cruz, Ca. USA
Melvin Roberts & Family, So. Palos, Ca. USA
Less Miller & family, North Fork, Ca. USA
Mary Lou Tullis & family, Santa Cruz, Ca. USA
Nemo Re & family, Watsonville, Ca. USA
Rod Deakin & family, Olympia, Wa. USA
Steve Zelac & family, Watsonville, Ca. USA
Robert Schwartz & Family,Prundale, Ca. USA
Dr. Paul Smith & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Tom Carter & family, Atwater, Ca,. USA
Vern Huntis & family, Arceda, Ca. USA
Chas. W. Wicks & family, Fresno, Ca. USA
George Woodhouse & family, Santa Cruz, Ca. USA
Willie & Judy Hettick, Olympia, Wa' USA
Juan Romero & family, Veracruz, Mexico
Wilson Reba & Chas. Claunch, Phoenix, Arz. USA
Hack Glanden & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Mendel Roberts & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Fey Batten & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Donald Bourne & wife, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Johnny Campbell & family, Dos Palos, Ca. USA
Bob Turner & Family, Dos Palos Ca. USA
Franklia Johnson, Series, Ca. USA
Santiago Tamidles, New York, USA
Jamil Nafso, Michigan, USA
Whatha Kinaia, Michigan, USA
Bishop Peter Liu Guandong, Yixian, China
Andres R. Narvasa, Metro Manila, Philippines
Eileen Morgan, Willoughby, Ohio
Travis Morgan, Willoughby, Ohio
Erich Priebke,Rome Italy
Sergio Goquiolay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Colin Goquiolay, Metro Manila, Philipines
Epifanio Escalona, Batangas, Philippine
Pedro Gasataya, Las Pinas, Philippines
Nestor Labrador, Las Pinas, philippines
Rosalind Madeleine Maria Waters (nee Phillips), NSW, Australia
Simplicio Antonio, Philippines
Pelagia, Tanzania
Kimberly Hahn, British Columbia, Canada
Dennis DePape, Washington, USA
Father Ron Tripi, CSC
Sr. Vittorina Zacchigna NY USA
Rev Charles Fiore, Wisconsin, USA
Rev Alfred Kunz, Wisconsin, USA
Rev AJ July, Wisconsin, USA
Thomas Musso, Alabama, USA
David Holmes, Alabama, USA
Robert Stoll, Wisconsin, USA
Rick Abler, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Grace Deicher, Wisconsin, USA
Beulah Green, Alabama, USA
Reed Green, Alabama, USA
Mr & Mrs Maurice Hall, Alabama, USA
Barry Wals, Wisconsin, USA
Katie Wals, Wisconsin, USA
Mike Kestell, Wisconsin, USA
Debby Jones Miller, Wisconsin, USA
Randy Miller, Wisconsin, USA
Perry Miller, Wisconsin, USA
Richard Miller, Wisconsin, USA
Catherine Clarke, Dorset UK
Philip Clarke, Dorset UK
John Moloney, Dorset UK
John Moloney Jr, Dorset UK
Alan Nicholls, Cornwall, UK
Jim Kelly, Mayo Ireland
Mary Clarke, Belfast, Ireland
Robert Clarke, Belfast, Ireland
Nora Primrose, Belfast Ireland
Jacky Clarke, Belfast, Ireland
Robin Clarke, Belfast, Ireland
Cecil Clarke, Oxford, UK
Anne Kelly, Luton. UK
Mary McCafferty, Ohio, USA
Mick McCafferty,  Ohio, USA
Agnes Moyles, Ireland
Kathleen Moyles, Oxford, UK
George Moyles, Oxford, UK
Mario Disimone, Dorset UK
Angela Disimone, Dorset, UK
Patrick Humpheries, Dorset, UK
Bridie Hutchings, Dorset, UK
Susan Edwards, Dorset, UK
Bob Hentzen, Kansas, USA
Richard Marlow, Cambridge, UK
Donna Cerio, NY, USA
David Vanover , Wi, USA
Denis, NY, USA
Tracy, NY, USA
Mr. Perfecto Daylag I , Zambales Philippines
Mr. Willie M. Daylag, Zambales Philippines
Mr. Mauricio R. Geroka, Zambales Philippines
Ms. Monica A. Geroka, Zambales Philippines
Mr. Jesus Mercader, Zambales Philippines
Mr. Ordonio Mercader, Zambales Philippines
Mr. Roberto Geroka, Zambales Philippines
Mr. Mark Anderson Geroka, Zambales Philippines
Ms. Carmela Tan, Zambales Philippines
Mr. Feliciano T. Gelido Sr., Zambales Philippines
Mr. Domingo Marty, Zambales Philippines
Ms. Felicita Marty, Zambales Philippines
Ms. Dorina Tulaylay, Zambales Philippines
Ms. Juliet Gelido, Zambales Philippines
Delfino  Ribeiro  --  Macau
Artur  &  Heenriette  &  Adelaide  Rosario  -  Hongkong
Carlos  Godinez  -  Philippines
Ah  Lei, Ah  Yung, Ah  Suet,  Ah  Yee, Petronilla  ---  Hongkong
Bella,  Stella  Rocha,  Celina  Rocha - Hongkong
Mother  Guilhermina  -  Germany
Adolf  Mobus  -  Germany
Mme  Hervouet  - France
Mme  Simone  Joubert  -  France
Mother  Charlotte  -  Italy
Mother  Virginia  &  Betty  -  Italy
Englehart, Cassie & Harald Christensen
Amalia, Roberto, Bea, Marcus Carvalho Remedios  -  Hongkong
Camilla  &  Hans  Albers  -  Germany
Marie Albers & Fred Alves -  Hongkong
Vital & Adelaide Remedios  -  Macau
John, Pacita, Joe, Laidy, Mary, Gus, Dick Remedios --- Philippines
Rene,  Elisabeth & Louis Boursicot  --  France
Marcel  Briand and father  mother  -  France
Jose  & Mme  Chiape  Corsica
French & Chinese Carmelites,  Ziccawei, Shanghai
Bishop Valtorta  Hongkong
Marcel  Lefebre  France
Sr  Veronique Therrien,  Canada
Edris,  Guilhermina, Marcus,  Boyee,  Terese  Carvalho, Hongkong
Cathy Nienabor, Texas, USA
Patria D. Cordero, Metro Manila, Philippines
Edgar M. Sandalo, Metro Manila, Philippines
Esperanza Chit Chikiamko, Quezon City, Philippines
Juaquin Holmen , CA , USA
Peter Faulk , CA , USA
Laura Duffy , CT , USA
Henry Smith & Harold Smith , FL , USA
Mr & Mrs Manuel Paula , CA, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Silveria d'Avilla, Azores
Francis Balionis Bryn Mawr, Pa USA
Cathy Nienabor Kansas City,KS. USA
Gino Trafficante West Chester, PA  USA
Josephine O'Neal Phila, PA USA
Irene Shur West Chester, PA USA
David Blanco West Chester PA. USA
Howard Dowell, Thorndale, PA USA
Daniel SelesKi Thorndale, PA USA
William Riley Thorndale, PA USA
Members of the Fay,Tomei Family, PA
Members of the Kane Family, Drexel Hill PA
Jeanie Kane, Drexel Hill, PA
Members of the Abbott Family Nebraska
Members of the Trenko Family, PA
Uncle Joseph S., Hazelton, PA
Members of the Lynch Family, PA
Members of the DeSpirito Family, PA USA and Italy
Members of the Dorazio Family, USA USA and Italy
Members of the Decasatis Family, Italy USA and Italy
Deceased Parishioners of St. Jude's, Eddystone, PA USA
Deceased Parishioners of St. Agnes, West Chester, PA USA
Members of Hare family, PA, USA
Deceased relatives of Lana Yang
Noel J duQuesnay New Orleans LA USA
Norma Jean duQuesnay Covington LA USA
Stuart Brock duQuesnay Diamonhead, MS USA
Ernest Arthur duQuesnay and Family New Orleans, LA USA
Robert Woodson Emmons  Meridian ,MS USA
Rosa Ford Emmons
Sarah Wyse Emmons
Robert Woodson Emmons, Jr.
Talmage Young Williford ,Greenville, MS USA
Susan Holladay, New Orleans ,LA usa
Peter Harrison Bourdeaux New Orleans ,LA USA
Christopher Dippel, New Orleans, LA USA
Martha Hays, Gulfport ,MS USA
Camilla & Marie  Albers    -  Hongkong
Fred Artur & Judit Alves   -  Hongkong
Adolf Mobus   -  Hagondange
Louis  &  Elisabeth  &  rene Boursicot  -  France
Wilhelmina dos remedios  -  Philippines
Ponnie  and  Janis  Chan  -  Hongkong
Fr  Vicente  Breton  -  Espana
Fr  Antonio  Guaraventa  -  Italy
Sr  Veronique  Therrien  -  Canada
Mother  Adolfa  -  Italy
Fr  Horatio  Dangelis  -  Italy
Emily Lopes  -  Hongkong
Mary  Santos -  Hongkong
Alda  Alves  -  Hongkong
Cassie &  Harald  Christensen  -  Hongkong
Amalia, Roberto Remedios &  family  -  Canada
June  Blackhurst  -  England
Rodrigues family  -  Hongkong
Ester  Sequera  -  Hongkong
Vital & Adelaide Remedios -  Macau
John, Gildo, Pacita, Carrie Remedios  -  Philippines
Joe, Gus, Mary, Laidy  Remedios  -  Philippines
Vilia  &  Olivia  Remedios  -  U.S.A.
Gladys Maher  -  Hongkong
Fr  Formenti  -  Hongkong
Terry & Katie Archee  -  Hongkong
Auntie Maria, Carmelite  -  Hongkong
Sr  Marie Cecile  &  Sister, Carmelite  -  France
Mme  Dinesco  Bouyonnet  -  France
Jack  &  Nellie  Watrin  -  France
Simone  Joubert  -  France
Mme  Huguenot  -  France
Marcel Briand  -  France
Pedro and Rahma Oliveros, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Jose, Ernestina and J Conrad Castro, Metro Manila, Philippines
Isidro Labrador Jr., Iloilo, Philippines
Juliet Arnobit, Nevada, USA
Silvestre and Remedios Chavez, Batangas, Philippines
Maximino, Ester and Maxester Tongol, Bulacan, Philippines
Florencio Cordova, Metro Manila, Philippines
Yvonne Manalo, Iloilo, Philippines
Ariel Roque, Batangas, Philippines
Patrich Warren Ednalino, Nevada, USA
Leslie Cruz, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mrs. Fausto, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tito Lazaro, Metro Manila, Philippines
Jerrold T. Maquiling, Isabela, Philippines
Luisa Sim Pak Sze Alianan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Arturo B. Noveno, Metro Manila, Philippines
Bethany Freeman, Kent, England
John Hillier, Essex, England
F. Landa Jocano, Philippines
Dr. Ernst Rett, Germany
Elenore Rett, Germany
Jacob Henrichs, Germany
Anni Henrichs, Germany
Gerhard Henrichs, Germany
Bärbel Pliester, Germany
Tante Kätherine Nippel, Germany
Tante Elizabeth Kistner, Germany
Sibylle Humbuel, Germany
Tante Sibylle Lohmann, Germany
Uncle Alfons Lohmann, Germany
Joseph Henrichs, Germany
Anna Henrichs, Germany
Liesel Henrichs, Germany
Anne Henrichs, Germany
Hans Humbuel, Germany
Manon Humbuel, Germany
Anna Boterman, Canada
Gerhard Boterman, Canada
Steve Balogh, Canada
Neighbour: Mary, Canada
Norbert Pfennig, Germany
Karl-Heinz, Germany
Rett Family, Germany
Henrichs Family , Germany
Pliester Family, Germany
August Röver, Germany
Anna Röver, Germany
Hubert Röver, Germany
Berta Röver, Germany
Heinrich Kassebaum, Germany
Hermine Kassebaum, Germany
Rudy Kassebaum, Germany
Herbert Günther, Germany
Annelise Günther, Germany
Dorothea Günther, Germany
Robert Hartung, Germany
Friedrich Günther, Germany
Marie Tolke-Wick, Germany
Sophie Rubentisch, Germany
Elsbeth Hartung, Germany
Achim Günther, Germany
Edith Freund, Germany
Röver Family , Germany
Kassebaum Family, Germany
Günther Family, Germany
Freund Family, Germany
Bishop Peter Paul Prabhu, Zimbabwe
Bishop Pietro Farina, Caserta, Italy
Bishop Timothy Joseph Lyne, Illinois, USA
Bishop Ernst Gutting, Speyer, Germany
Bishop Silvano Montevecchi, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Bishop Antonio Baltasar Marcelino, Aveiro, Portugal
Bishop Maximiano Tuazon Cruz, Calbayog, Philippines
Bishop Georg Weinhold, Dresden-Meissen, Germany
Bishop James Joseph Daly, New York, USA
Bishop Eugene Georges Joseph Lecroisnier, Belfort-Montbeliard, France
Bishop Alexander James Quinn, Ohio, USA
Bishop Bernardo Filipe Governo, O.F.M. Cap., Quelimane, Mozambique
Sr. Mary Audrey Beauvais, SSA, British Columbia, Canada
Romolo Bennato, British Columbia, Canada
Piacentina Iacutone, British Columbia, Canada
Vicki Agnes Kulyk, British Columbia, Canada
Marietta Lavigna, British Columbia, Canada
Colin Reynolds, British Columbia, Canada
The Sircy family, USA
The Rowe family, USA
The Davis family, USA
Matthew Lock, CO, USA
Donald Fehringer, CO, USA
Leyton Haggard, CO, USA
Jack Bond, CO, USA
Celestina C de Baca, San Diego, CA, USA
Louis Melllini, Orange, CA, USA
Melanie D. Miles, USA
Faye E. Lassiter, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Bartholomew J. Heaney, USA
Emma K. Haynie, Culver City, CA, USA
Gladys Kozar, Hardy, AR, USA
Dolores Paradis, Lewiston, ME, USA
Dorothy Beardslee, Hardy, AR, USA
Ida Burns, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Allegra Peterson, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Jennifer D. Mendoza, USA
Rev. Philip L. Duffy, USA
Leroy F. Barnes, Bradenton, FL, USA
Robert F. Clark, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Rev. Ernest A. Fears, Bonita Springs, FL, USA
Fr. John A. Hardon, USA
Jeanette Steinberg, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
William J. King, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Rita K. Lind, Hawthorne, CA, USA
Amy Wroblewski, USA
John P. McKelvey, Torrance, CA, USA
William C. Leslie, El Segundo, CA, USA
Diane K. Paulsen, Anaheim, CA, USA
Frank D. Flinn, Riverside, CA, USA
Adrian Romero, Fountain Valley, CA, USA
Lorraine N. Ransom, USA
Gilberte Hamann, Lewiston, ME, USA
Lillian Grolnic, USA
Walter J. Olszewski, Bonita Springs, FL, USA
Mildred M. Popovics, Gardena, CA, USA
Robert E. Zeck, Horseshoe Bend, CA, USA
Mary V. Coleman, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Rev. Thomas W. Parrott, USA
Helen P. Shinavar, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Zolton Orosz, Highland, AR, USA
Rev. John F. Duggan, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gregory M. Arnoff, Lake Oswego, OR, USA
Sadie Cote, Lewiston, ME, USA
Ovila Poirier, Lewiston, ME, USA
Emile J. Levasseur, Lewiston, ME, USA
Bertha Tardif, Lewiston, ME, USA
Eleanor M. Vosepka, Highland, AR, USA
June M. Hellner, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Antoinette I. McCluskey, Lewiston, ME, USA
Joan L. Hughart, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Giles R. Landry, Maine, USA
Rosemary Gibson, Naples, FL, USA
Amaro Nava Leyva, National City, CA, USA
Johnny Tanguay, Lewiston, ME, USA
Msgr. Cyril J. Wood, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Lulu L. Lang, USA
Lily Daigle, USA
Audrey M. Moore, USA
Rev. Ivern M. Bordelon, USA
Frank E. Smith, Sr., USA
Anna Klomhaus, Oak Lawn, IL, USA
Waldemar Klomhaus, Oak Lawn, IL, USA
Terrence W. Fenner, St. Louis, MO, USA
John E. Duplain, USA
Frances Turk, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Frances Fischer, Cherokee Village, AR,USA
Paul Fischer, Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Msgr. Raymond J. O’Flaherty, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Mary E. Scheibel, USA
Georgiana Duplain, USA
Msgr. Anthony Duval, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Raymond R. Blanchette, Lewiston, ME, USA
William C. Bluejacket, Jr., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA
Richard Sundstedt, San Diego, CA, USA
Christopher Roncone, Culver City, CA, USA
Evelyn C. Lynch, Chicago, IL, USA
Laurie Justice, Culver City, CA, USA
Claude G. Dunne, Jr., Cherokee Village, AR, USA
Laurette Dufour, Lewiston, ME, USA
William Tankersley and wife, Pennsylvania, USA
Mrs. Pauline, Pennsylvania, USA
The Crowder Family, Missouri, USA
The Bornemann Family, Missouri, USA
The Williams Family, Missouri, USA
The Binder Family, Missouri, USA
The Hofstetter Family, Missouri, USA
Dr. Franz-Xaver Herdegen, Bavaria, Germany
Father Roman Gorowski, USA
Josephine C. Gapas, Manila, Philippines
Kelly S.  Tennessee USA
Phyllis S. Tennessee, USA
Mary Elizabeth N,  Tennessee, USA
Murray N., Tennessee, USA
Anne N., Tennessee, USA
Paul N. , Tennessee, USA
Fred S. Tennessee, USA
Annie Laurie S., Tennessee, USA
Woodrow S. , Tennessee, USA
Norma S. , Tennessee, USA
Mike S. , Tennessee, USA
Arik E. Palomar, Philippines
Alberto G. Romualdez Jr., Philippines
Archie A, Swindle Sr., Ca., USA
Florence M. Swindle, Ca., USA
John F. Swindle, Ca., USA
John Swindle, Mo., USA
The Swindle Family, Mo., USA
The Crockett Family, Ca., USA
The Eugene Swift Family, Ca., USA
Mary Webster, Ca., USA
The Willis Family, Ca., USA
The Robertson Family, Ca., USA
The Steele Family, Ca., USA
The Wolfson Family, Ca., USA
The Mitchell Family, Ca., USA
The McKinsey Family, Ca., USA
Fred Williams Family, Ca., USA
The Borman Family, Ca., USA
The Beverage Family, Ca., USA
The Plowman Family, Ca., USA
The John Sliger Family, Ca., USA
The Coy Slimp Family, Ca., USA
The Cochran Family, Ca., USA
The Hub Davis Family, Ca., USA
Taylor Plowman, Ca., USA
Norman Wolfson, Family Ca., USA
Johnny Alves, Ca., USA
Anita Locke, Ca., USA
Tommy Allen, Ca., USA
Tommy Skaggs, Ca., USA
The Michael Allen Family, Ca., USA
Thelma Perry, Ca., USA
Anita Bryant, Ca., USA
Frank Steele, Ca., USA
Eka Steele, Ca., USA
Okie Oken Family, Ca., USA
The Eugene Lopez Family, Ca., USA
The Ron Lopez Family, Ca., USA
The Harold Robertson Family, Ca., USA
The Bill Downey Family, Az., USA
Rodolfo Estrada T., Veracruz, Mex.
Roberto Palacios C. Family, Mex.
The Julio Cruz Family, Veracruz, Mex.
The Rubin B. Dominguez Family, Veracruz, Mex.
The Mario Nather Family, Veracruz, Mex.
Patricia San Miguel, Campeche, Mex.
The Julio Perez Family, Veracruz, Mex.
Simon Watson Family, Veracruz, Mex.
Aaron Bermejo Family, Veracruz, Mex.
Fr. Lawrence O'Suillaven, Ca., USA
Jerome McCabe Family, Ca., USA
Vance Tenneson Family, Ca, USA
Paul Spooner, BC Canada
Harry McCreary, Id. USA
Ben Murphy, Ca. USA
Chart & Nora Garrison, Mo. USA
Bill Swift, Fl. USA
Gene Swift, Ca. USA
David Swift, Ca. USA
Jay & Opel Hogue, Ca. USA
Doyal Houghs Family, Ca. USA
David Porter Family, Ca. USA
Clyde Jackson, Family, Ca. USA
Tommie Allen, Family, Ca. USA
Loarence Wolfson, Family, Ca. USA
Rev. Fr. Vincent Halder, M.H.M, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rev. Fr. James Muhren,  M.H.M, Holland. 
Solomon Sigor, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph  Wong  Kim Chai, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Mary Agnes Dimong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
George Segie, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Lucy Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia,
Cecilia Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Andrew Ong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Anthony Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Gertrude Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Jonathan Lee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Peter Lanai Wong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Katherine Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia 
Philip Ong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Stephen Ong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph Ong, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Marilyn Reagle, Pennsylvania, USA
Frances Russo Heil, Pennsylvania, USA
Jack Guidone, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret Molinaro, Pennsylvania, USA
Talia Russo, Pennsylvania, USA
Domenico Russo, Potenza, Italy
Francesca Marasco, Potenza, Italy
Enrico Guidone, Pennsylvania, USA
John Paul Jones, Massachusetts, USA
Ina Nolder McKrell, Pennsylvania, USA
John Dallas McKrell, Pennsylvania, USA
Lorene Murphy McKrell, Pennsylvania, USA
Paul L. McKrell, Pennsylvania, USA
Emma Klaus Murphy, Pennsylvania, USA
Ross Murphy, Illinois, USA
Dwayne Moore, Pennsylvania, USA
Rose Baver, Pennsylvania, USA
Virginia Fischer, Pennsylvania, USA
Bill Young, Florida, USA
Jussileide Rosa Alves, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Fr. Pablo Straub, Mexico
Mercedes Rivera – Texas, USA
Rafael V. Rivera – Texas, USA
Asuncion Luna – Texas, USA
Carmen Luna – Texas, USA
Harold Luna  – Texas, USA
Agustin Luna – Texas, USA
Pedro Luna – Texas, USA
Nicolasa Hernandez – Texas, USA
Francisca Luna– Texas, USA
John Hernandez – Texas, USA
Andres Hernandez – Texas, USA
Orlando Lopez – Texas, USA
William Luna – Texas, USA
Matiana Luna – Texas, USA
Teresa Rivera – Mexico
Francisco Rivera - Mexico
Antonio Rivera - Mexico
Eucebio Luna – Texas, USA
Patricio Luna – Texas, USA
Trangilina Luna – Texas, USA
Senovio Luna – Texas, USA
Felix Luna – Texas, USA
Eusebio Luna – Texas, USA
Tomasa Luna – Texas, USA
Rosalio Luna – Texas, USA
Barney Luna, Jr. – Texas, USA
Bonefacio Luna – Texas, USA
Alfonso Luna – Texas, USA
Sylvester Luna – Texas, USA
Geneva Luna– Texas, USA
Johnny Pedroza – Texas, USA
John Greiner, Sr. – Texas, USA
Julie Greiner – Texas, USA
Carmen Razo - Texas, USA
Robert Lopez– Texas, USA
Jimmy Price – Texas, USA
Eric Melendez – Texas, USA
Sydney Thorpe  – Texas, USA
Peter Greiner – Texas, USA
Lilie Greiner – Texas, USA
Henry Greiner – Texas, USA
Pat Rush – Texas, USA
Beverly Pollard – Texas, USA
Carolyn Goforth – Texas, USA
Ted Gibson – Texas, USA
Ty Cobb, Sr. – Texas, USA
Leonard Lopez, Jr. – Texas, USA
Toby Jordan – Texas, USA
Kyle Favor – Texas, USA
Orlando Lopez – Texas, USA
Mary Lou Pedroza – Texas, USA
Cornelia Luna – Texas, USA
Wanda Barnett – Texas, USA
Robert Williams – Texas, USA
Peggy Shaw – Texas, USA
Lorenzo Duran – Texas, USA
Gregoria Duran – Texas, USA
Freddy Lopez– Texas, USA
Barbara Tipp – Texas, USA
Ernestina Mendez – Texas, USA
Henry Rojas Morales, Managua, Nicaragua
Morena Molina Chavarria, Jinotega, Nicaragua
Santiago Miranda, Miami, Florida, USA
John Bowen Williams Ohio United States
Paul Schockman and Willie Schockman Ohio United States
Charlie Schockman California United States
Louis Derscheid, Mississippi, USA
Edward Pothier, Massachusetts, USA
Irvin B. Alley, Ohio, USA
Lourdes R. Javier, Davao City, Philippines
Ellen McNamara, New Jersey, USA
Jaime Guerrero Jr., Metro Manila, Philippines
Ronald McArthur, California, USA
Roberto Medina, Metro Manila, Philippines
Sister Caroleen Hensgen, Mississippi, USA
Wladyslawa Konieczna & Edward Konieczny - Bialystok, Poland
Irena & Wladyslaw Lazny  - Bialystok, Poland
Eugeniusz Bielinski - Bialystok, Poland
Wanda & Alek  Korsztun - Bialystok, Poland
Kazimiera Sawicka - Bialystok, Poland
Weronika & Mikolaj Iwaszko - Augustow, Poland
Miroslaw Slinko - Augustow, Poland
Darlene Clark, British Columbia, Canada
John Staats, Alberta, Canada
Richard Robert Eddy
Marie McCaffrey & Sydney McCaffrey
Edward Brown & son Edward Brown, Doreen, Annett Brown
Thomas Brown and nephew Thomas Brown
Catherine Brown, Alan Brown, Richard Brown, & Grandparents
James McCaffrey & Mary McCaffrey & Grandparents
Beatrice Hamilton & Stanley, & son Stanley
George Hamilton, Fred Smith
Rose Gallagher and James Cowperthwaite & wife
Denis Jewers, sister Margaret & Bob Gillan, Jane Gillan
Donald Elliott & Jean
James McBurney & Family
Cyril Little, John Watson
Fr. Benedict O'Halloran and all priests known to me
Fr.Hodgson, Fr.Wells, Moulding, Mortel   
Religious of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus& Mary
Lionel Fournier, Quebec, Canada
Armand Fournier, Quebec, Canada
Diane Chouinard, Quebec, Canada
Emmanuel Castonguay, Quebec, Canada
Paul-Emile Pelletier, Quebec, Canada
Joseph Castonguay, Quebec, Canada
Emilia Lord, Quebec, Canada
Pierrette Paradis, Quebec, Canada
Marie-Claire Pelletier, Quebec, Canada
Florent Lord, Quebec, Canada
Pascal Lebel, Quebec, Canada
Patrice Leclerc, Quebec, Canada
Leo Gaudreau, Quebec, Canada
Jean-Marc Robichaud, Quebec, Canada
Jim Kennedy, Ontario, Canada
David Wink, Ontario, Canada
Sr. M. Winefriede Walsh, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Gabriel Vaux, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Teresa Moreland, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Cecilia Donnelly, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Columba O'Malley, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Anthony Dunn, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Ignatius Sheedy, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Gertrude Claffey, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
M.M. Ethna Mc. Neely, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Philomena Flanagan, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. Margaret M. Fitzpatrick, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Joseph Imelda Reilly, RSM, Kent United Kingdom
M.M. Angela Coyle, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
M.M. Philomena Downing, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Gertrude Russell, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
M.M. Evangelist Coyle, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Gerard Murphy, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Martha Kehoe, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Carmel Boyle, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Alphonsus Dalton, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Francis Elmes, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Aloysius Duignan, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Xavier Gallagher, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Stanislaus Mc Gynn, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Gerard O'Brien, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
M.M. Teresa Donnelly, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Clare Doyle, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Veronica Couchman, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Camilius Doyle, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Sr. M. Francis Lennon, RSM, Kent, United Kingdom
Francis J. Nolan, New York, USA
Violet Dixon, Alberta, Canada
Gail Nowacki, Pennsylvania, USA
Denise Baker, California, USA
Sgt. Glenn Sewell, San Antonio, TX
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Bellard, LA
Jeffrey Paul Russo, Tampa, FL
Reece J. Woodard, Fort Meyers, FL
Kailash Kejariwal, India
Cecelia & Michael Gross--Iowa-USA
Janice & Owen Langenfeld--Iowa--USA
Cloyd Johnston--Iowa--USA
Francis Hann--Virginia--USA
Donald Keller--Virginia--USA
Joe Calkins--Virginia--USA
Eva & Frank Pulley--Virginia--USA
Mary J. Heyob, Ohio, USA
Reynaldo Rabe, Metro Manila, Philippines
Battista Barbaro, British Columbia, Canada
Alma Anna Benson, British Columbia, Canada
Gabriele Bertoldo, British Columbia, Canada
Edward Butler, British Columbia, Canada
Emilio Costantino, British Columbia, Canada
Luigina D'Elia, British Columbia, Canada
Valerie MacPherson Findlay, British Columbia, Canada
Joseph Mario Mancinelli, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Pupo, British Columbia, Canada
Justine Thompson-Zampini, British Columbia, Canada
Mario Ballarin, British Columbia, Canada
Betty Fletcher, British Columbia, Canada
Bill Fletcher, British Columbia, Canada
Jozef Tobias, British Columbia, Canada
Kirk Codron, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppe Corsi, British Columbia, Canada
Luigi Frattin, British Columbia, Canada
Mieczyslaw Latek, British Columbia, Canada
Wilfred Joseph Lefebvre, British Columbia, Canada
Michael Joseph Lynch, British Columbia, Canada
Peter McKenna, British Columbia, Canada
Sisto Sabellico, British Columbia, Canada
Kathryn Anne Zulijan, British Columbia, Canada
Patricia Boyle, British Columbia, Canada
Ian Campbell, British Columbia, Canada
Adam Ewasiuk, British Columbia, Canada
Thomas Joseph Klinosky, British Columbia, Canada
Katherine Ray, British Columbia, Canada
Raymond Tameling, Alberta, Canada
Marie Javier, California, USA
Józef & Janina Sienkiewicz, Toronto, Canada
Roman & Irena Gruszecki, Dzierżoniów, Poland
Antoni & Stanisława Sienkiewicz, Dzierżoniów, Poland
Witold Sienkiewicz, Dzierżoniów, Poland
Lucyna Gondas, Dzierżoniów, Poland
Jerzy Sienkiewicz, Dzierżoniów, Poland
Albin & Julia Sienkiewicz, Dzierżoniów, Poland
Stanisław & Agnieszka Gajewski, Opatów, Poland
Julian Kwaśniak, Szczucice, Poland
Matylda Przysucha, Szczucice, Poland
Antoni & Janina Bogdan, Warszawa, Poland
Barbara Janicka, Dzierżoniów, Poland
Marianna Wąsik, Busko, Poland
Krystyna Tyburkiewicz, Wrocław, Poland
Jackson C. Parker, Louisiana, USA
William H. Ferguson family, Louisiana, USA
Crescencio Gort, California, USA
Arturo Nazzaro, Italy
Vincey Mutyaba, Uganda
Joseph Mutyaba, Uganda
Fr. Caesar Mutyaba - Uganda
Fr. Joseph Kyeyune -Uganda
George Gathara- Kenya
Sr. Maria Anthony Mboya -Tanzania
Jane Kwebiiha- Uganda
Francis Muwonge- Uganda
Fr. Kayima- Uganda
Fr. Deogratius Nsubuga- Uganda
Noelina-FortPortal Uganda
Luke Baanabakintu-Uganda
Innocent JJemba- Uganda
Bemba- Uganda
Nkuubi Thomas-Uganda
Mutyaba lineage in Purgatory
Mike Raffety, CA, USA
Theresa Ann Rozance, Ohio, USA
Carol Harris,  Florida, USA
John Rozance,  Ohio,USA
Margaret Rozance,  Ohio,USA
Ivan Rozance,  Ohio,USA
Julie Rozance, Ohio,USA
Michael Rochford,  Ohio,USA
Annie Rochford, Ohio,USA
Helen Rochford,  Ohio, USA
Lloyd Vaughn, Pennsylvania,USA
Mary Vaughn, Pennsylvania,USA
Richard Takacs ,  Ohio,USA
Joan Takacs,  Ohio,USA
Raymond Ohara, Ohio,USA
Ray Michelle Ohara, Ohio,USA
Joy Nunnally,  Ohio,USA
George Schwarz,  Ohio,USA
Mildred Schwarz, Ohio, USA
Robert Princic,  Ohio,USA
Mary Princic,  Ohio,USA
Michael Herbst,  Ohio,USA
Joseph Dzurilla,  Ohio,USA
Joan Dzurilla,  Ohio,USA
Ted Jordan, Ohio,USA
Jane Jordan, Ohio, USA
Laura Young  Florida, USA
Allyn Lipstreuer,Ohio, USA
Stanly Rymarczyk, Ohio, USA
Helen Brewer, TX, USA
Mary Palmer, TX, USA
Delores Sherburne, MN, USA
Wayne Nesbitt, Fayetteville, NC
Sean Brown, Ventura, CA
Victor Feiffer, Alberta, Canada
Marcos Lanz, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pietro Bini, Italy
Angelo Bianchi, Italy
Noel McRae, Metro Manila, Philippines
Graciela Quiñònez de González, ciudad de Guatemala
Mario Roberto Contreras, ciudad de Guatemala
María Ester González de Zelaya, ciudad de Guatemala
Raúl Zelaya, ciudad de Guatemala
María Consuelo Mendizabal, ciudad de Guatemala
Manuel de Jesús Alvarado, ciudad de Guatemala
Jesús de Mijangos, Sanarate, El Progreso, Guatemala
Catalino del Cid Mijangos, Sanarate, El Progreso, Guatemala
Padre René Flores, ciudad de Guatemala
Marilyn Eugenia Flores, ciudad de Guatemala
Gloria de Walty, ciudad de Guatemala
Rigoberto del Cid, El Progreso, Guatemala
Buenaventura Franco, Zacapa, Guatemala
Salvador del Cid Carrera, El Progreso, Guatemala
María Josefa Alvarado, , ciudad de Guatemala
Padre José Payá Sanchis, ciudad de Guatemala
Lorraine Juckno (Korth), MI, USA
Rogelio Jimenez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Agerica Limlengco Gisbert, Metro Manila, Philippines
Joseph Stroh, Alberta, Canada
Carlos Senosiaín , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Juan Senosiain ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Paco Villalón Sanchez de la B , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Baca Villalón , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Villalón Ezquerro , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Francisco Villalón Mota ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Villalón Calderón family , Michoacán  , Mexico
Francisco Villalón Calderón  , Michoacán , Mexico
Mercedes Villalón Calderòn ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Carmen   Villalón Calderón, Morelia , Michoacán , Mexico
Efrén Villalón ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Pilar Villalón ,Michoacán , Mexico
José Villalón ,Michoacán ,Mexico  
Guillermo Villalón ,Michoacán , Mexico
Father.Antonio Villalón , Michoacán ,Mexico
Ignacio Calderón ,Michoacán ,Mexico                             
Guadalupe Tena ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Rosa Jimenez ,Jalisco ,Mexico
Maria Elena Jiménez , Jalisco , Mexico
Jose Antonio Ramos , Jalisco , Mexico
Jose Antonio  Ramos Jimènez ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico                  
Maria Ramos Jimenez , Jalisco , Mexico
Jiménez de Chimaliztac ,Jalisco ,Mexico
Familia Igartùa Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Octaviano Igartùa ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Sara Villaseñor,Michoacán , Mexico
Octaviano Igartúa Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Ana Maria Igartúa Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Sara Igartúa Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Eduardo Igartúa Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Jose Ernesto Igartùa Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Ramiro Igartúa Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,México
Alfonso Igartúa ,Michoacán ,México
Clemencia Ruiloba de Igartùa ,N.L ,México
Silvia Baigts de Igartùa , Oax,  México
Elena de Igartúa ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Marcela de Igartúa ,Ciudad  de Mexico , Mexico
Marcela Igartúa , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Luisa de Igartúa,,San Francisco Ca., Mexico
Srita Ruiloba , Nuevo León ,Mexico
Familia Villaseñor ,Michoacán , Mexico
Max Betancourt Villaseñor ,Michoacán ,Mexico
Familia Ezquerro y Alvarado , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Alicia Larrea y familia  , La Habana  ,Cuba
Carlos Ezquerro y Alvarado ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Rafael Ezquerro y Alvarado , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Raúl Ezquerro y Alvarado , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Sofía Ezquerro y Alvarado,Ciudad de Mexico  ,Mexico
Elena Ezquerro y Alvarado  , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Tete Ezquerro y Alvarado , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Alfredo Ezquerro y Alvarado  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Luis Ezquerro y Alvarado , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Familia Moreno Muñoz  , San Luis Potosí  , Mexico
Carmen Moreno Muñoz , San Luis Potosí  , Mexico
Familia Ezquerro Moreno, Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Carmen Ezquerro Moreno  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Jorge Ezquerro Moreno  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Familia Muñoz  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico 
Familia Garibay , Mexico
Familia Muñoz Liceaga  , San Luis Potosi  , Mexico
Manuel Muñoz  , San Luis Potosi  , Mexico      
Bertha Liceaga  , San Luis Potosi  , Mexico 
Rafaela Muñoz Liceaga ,Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico 
Dr. Angel Hernández , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico 
Familia Mayen  , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Nana Elvira , Michoacán  , México
Evita Muñoz  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico                   
Felix  ,   Michoacán  , Mexico
Marino  , Mexico
Eduardo Almanguer , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
José Cardoso , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Familia Ramirez Yañez , Oaxaca, Mexico
Isidra Ramirez Yañez , Oaxaca , Mexico
Chon Ramírez  Yañez  ,Oaxaca , Mexico
Iglesias , modelista ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Agustina , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Miss Helen ,USA ,Mexico
Sr. Preciado , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Prof. Lazcano , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Prof.  Macouzet ,Michoacán , Mexico
Muñoz de Cote ,  Ciudad de MexicoMexico
Sra.Quass  , Ciudad de Mexico
Cpa. Hector Valencia  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Mario Ballado , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Carlos Peniche ,  Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Enrique Solorzano  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Enrique  Solorzano W. , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
CP. Unda ,Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Fam. Wiechers , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
José Cario   , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Sra. Quaas,Oxtopulco  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico 
Teo  , Cuernavaca , Mexico
Federico  Moreno , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Prof. Monjaraz  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Salvador Agraz  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Federico Sescose  ,Zacatecas  , Mexico
Juan Sánchez Navarro ,Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Tere Redo de Sánchez Navarro ,  Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Mari Carmen Rodriguez de Tazzer  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Familia Padilla ,calle del Prior  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Sra y sr. Hautecoeur , France ,  Mexico
Armando Sotres  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Familia  Uribe Moctezuma , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Fam. Cortina  , Chimaliztac  , Mexico
Fam. Tamm   ,  Chimaliztac  , Mexico
Jutta Tamm  ,   Chimaliztac  , Mexico
Fam Novaro ,  Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Arq. Henschel , Chimaliztac  , Mexico
de Novara , Chimaliztac  , Mexico
Fam de Fredy  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Sres Gálvez  Emilia , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Sra Tazzer , Chimaliztac  ,Mexico 
Sor Josefina Vargas , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Sor  Imelda  , Chimaliztac , Mexico                                                                                 
Padre Antonio Macedo , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Padre Gualterio  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Padre Hans Fitkau  ,   Chimaliztac , Germany
Padre Guillermo Havers  , Chimaliztac , Germany
organista de la iglesia  , Chimaliztac  , Mexico
Germán Wiechers  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Fam. Miranda , Chimaliztac  , Mexico
Familia  Malagon  , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Roberto Malagon  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Margarita  Malagon  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
telegrafista  , Oxtopulco , Mexico
Sr. Floresmeyer  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Prof. Floresmeyer ,  Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Sr. Pablo Barquett  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Fam.. Gómez Anda , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Arq. Macías  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Sr. Norman ,  Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Vanessa González Palomeque  , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Leonel  Sierra   Echegaray  ,Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Maite Abascal Noriega  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Fam. Santoyo Deddens , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Fam.Borja  , Ciudad  de Mexico  , Mexico
Fam.Mujica , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Indio Fernández ,  Mexico
Adela Fernández  , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Manuel Parra  ,  Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Jesús  Chucho  Reyes Ferreira ,Jalisco , Mexico
Arq . Luis Barragán Morfin , Jalisco , Mexico
Familia Barragán Morfín  , Jalisco , Mexico
Arq Oscar Pintado R. y Sra, , Jalisco  , Mexico     
Srita Castillo  , Ciudad de Mexico  ,  Mexico 
Tomás enfermero ,  Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Paulita cocinera , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Raúl Ferrera ,  Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico   
Fam Sordo Madaleno  ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Enrique del Moral  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Elsa de del Moral , Ciudad de Mexico , México
Max  Cetto , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Obregón Santacilia , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Ing. Margaín  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Jose Luis Benlliure  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Ignacio Diaz Morales , Guadalajara , . México
Armando  Gómez Portugal  , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Mathias Goeritz  , Germany , Mexico
Felipe Derflingher  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Allan  Carter , Mexico  , USA       
Max Clemente , Mexico
Nacho Ramos , Ciudad de Mexico
Kaho , Germany , Mexico , Mexico
Aurora Castillo  , San Luis Potosí , Mexico
 sastre.Miguel Palma , Ciudad de Mexico  ,  Mexico
 Rafael Rebollar , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Gonzalez Polo  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Sotelo Regil ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Fam. del Paso  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Elena de del Paso  , Ciudad de Mexico  ,  Mexico
Yolanda Iznaurrizar , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexic
Georgiana Dubin  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Olga Azcárraga  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Oscat Méndez  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Sres . Guizcafre , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Fam.. Amaya  , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico       
Sres. Lázaro  ,  Navarra  , España  
Fam. Provencio , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Padre Benjamin Campos  , Jalisco , Mexico
Padre Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga S. J. , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Xavier Wiechers  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Adriana Wiechers  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
María Ruiz  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Doctor Ruiz y sra  , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexic ,
Padre Ruiz , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Sres. De Mucha ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Ing. Mendoza ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Ing Maitret , Veracruz ,  Mexico 
María Cristina Angelina Pía Cuevas ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Victor  Alvarez  Suarez ,Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Jose Vasconcelos y fam. , ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
José  Ignacio Vasconcelos  , Ciudad de Mexico  ,Mexico
José Eliserio Vasconcelos García , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Carmen María  García Satre , Tabasco ,  Mexico
Alejandro Valenzuela Domenge , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Gilberto Valenzuela Ezquerro , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Dr.  Enrique Hurtado , Jalisco  , Mexico
Maresa Robinson  , Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Fam. Peredo ,  Jalisco  , Mexico
Lourdes Peredo ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Mónica Peredo , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Roberto Malagon , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Fam. Rodríguez , Alzayanca ,Tlax , Mexico
Padre Humberto Limón , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Familia Limón , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Luis Mac Gregor S. N.  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Sra. Agraz ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Miguel Gabino Perez , Monterrey  , Nuevo Leon  , Mexico
Amigo de Gabino Perez  , Monterrey  , Nuevo Leon  , Mexico
Eduardo Bolio Rendón , Yucatán  , Mexico
Gregory Kendall ,England , Cuernavaca .
Giorgio Belloli ,Italia , Guanajuato  , Mexico
Rodolfo Ayala ,Jalisco  , Cuernavaca , Mexico
Arturo Pani ,Ciudad de Mexico
Jose Vidargas. San Miguel de Allende , Gto. Mexico
Doty  Vidargas ,USA  , San Miguel de Allende , Gto , Mexico
Hans Joachim Von Block  , Germany , Cuernavaca , Mexico
Raymond Cotè ,USA , Cuernavaca , Mexico
Carlos de Beistegui  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Pio Caro Baroja   , España
José  Carrillo  , España
Adam Rubalcaba , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Mariana Yampolski & family  , Ciudad de Mexico  ,  Mexico
Fam Santini  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Alexander Von Wuthenau y Sra , Ciudad de Mexico  ,  Mexico
Carla Von Wuthenau  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Trixi Von Wuthenau ,  Taxco  , Mexico
Timotea , Taxco  , Mexico
Enrique Creel  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Lopez Peimbert. ,  Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Hector Alcocer , Guanajuato , Mexico
Sra Clara Cajiga de A, , Guanajuato , Mexico
Tomás  Cajiga y fam  , Ciudad de Mexico  ,  Mexico
Arq. Carral  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Pedro Ramírez Vázquez  ,  Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Mario Pani  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Arturo Pani  ,  Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
López Carmona  , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Leonora Carrington , England , Ciudad de Mexico  , Mexico
Joaquín Cordero y fam. ,  Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Elba Monje  , Puerto Rico ,  Mexico
Helen Hays , Cuernavaca ,  USA
Rosa Ayers & family  , Cuernavaca ,USA
Sres. Leoff , Cuernavaca , USA
Calderwood , Cuernavaca , USA
Robert Brady , Cuernavaca , USA
Marianne Jurgens  , Dominicana , Mexico
Gladis Brewer  , Buenos Aires  , Argentina
Vicente Mendiola ,Ciudad de Mexico  ,  Mexico
Francisco Artigas y fam  , Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Alvaro Carrillo  , Mexico
Antonio Carlos Jobim , Rio do Janeiro , Brasil
Vinicius do Moraes , Rio do Janeiro , Brasil
Schlamm  , Germany , Mexico
Zacarias Gomez Gomez ,Ciudad de Mexico
Miguel Palma ,Cuernavaca ,Mexico
Roberto Orozco,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Isaac Escobar Bustamante ,Ciudad de Mexico ,  Mexico
Julio Cesar Zarco Castro , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Enrique Briceño Martinez , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Frau Herzig & family ,  Ciudad de Mexico , Switzerland
Bruno Herzig ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Von Stetten , Germany , Mexico
Jean from England , Chimaliztac,Mexico
González Franco Family ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
García Sabate Family ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Jorge Flores Meza ,Tamaulipas , Mexico
Carolina Salinas de F,Nuevo Leon , Mexico
Guinea Fernández Family ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Vecinos  Chimaliztac, Mexico
Salvador Cervantes Family , Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Carlos Budzizewski,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Adela Gonzalez de Cossio,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Dr. Luengas ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Dr. Rivero Borrell ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Dr. Luis Oberhauser ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Morales Alessio Family ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Arroyo,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Roberto Araujo Family , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Beatriz Irazoqui de Araujo , Ciudad de Mexico,Mexico
Emilio Araujo ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Rafael Capetillo,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Milmo , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Jacqueline Beraud ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
De Baar, Austria , Mexico
Maas Family,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Lourdes Maas , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Manuel Borja M. ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Gonzáles Polo Family , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Graciano Contreras y sra. , Morelia, Michoacán , Mexico
Carlos Navarrete ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Gonzalo Gonzalez Diaz.,Tamaulipas ,Mexico
Carlos Abascal. ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Sra. de Jesùs Barragán ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Guido Plascencia y familia., Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Arq. Guillermo Trumbull., Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Ing . Trumbull. ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Merlin R. Carothers , Indiana ,USA
Sor  Josefina Vargas. , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Sor Antonieta Boehm , Germany ,Mexico
Sister Antoinette. , Chicago ,USA
Padre Juanito Vega ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Padre Wilhelm Maria Havers,Germany, Mexico
Padre Hans Fitkau,Germany , Mexico
Padre Martens ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Padre Antonio Macedo ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
PadreGualterio ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Padre  Jesus de Alva , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Padre Miguel Moya , Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Padre Antonio Trimakas , Lituania , Mexico
Father Pier Jaccard , France
Father Raimond Jaccard ,France
Padre Ricardo Junius,USA ,  Ciudad de Mexico
Padres Benedictinos ,Nuevo Leon ,Mexico
Padre Benito ,Nuevo Leon ,Mexico
Obispo Luis Reynoso,Cuernavaca , Mexico
Prbro. Humberto Limón ,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Prbro . Luigi Villa , Italia ,
Mons.  Marcel  Lefevbre , France
Padre Wilfrido Guinea S.J. ,  Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Padre Salvador Guinea Fernández ,Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
John Primi Jr. , USA
Cardenal Giuseppe Siri , Italy
Juan Carlos Villalón  Ezquerro,Ciudad de Mexico ,Mexico
Palma Organista de Catedral ,Cuernavaca,Mexico
Rudolph Buser N.J., USA
Waltrauld Buser N.J., USA
Arq. Martinez  , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Hermann Ahrens ,Germany
Gustav Rohr , Germany
Wilhelm Hasper , Germany
Werner Breitswerdt , Germany
Paul Bracq , France
Hans Scherenberg  , Germany
Hermann Gauss  , Germany
Ottmar Wickenheider ,Germany
Emil Nolde  , Germany
Leonora Carrington , England , Mexico
Silvia Pardo , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
John Portman , USA
John Lautner , USA
Philip Johnson , USA
Jörn Ützon , Denmark
Wallace Neff ,  USA
Timo Suomalaïnen , Finland
Tuomo Suomalaïnen , Finland
Tapio Wirkaala , Finland
Alvar Aalto ,Finland
Marcel Breuer , USA
Albert Laprade , France
Dieter Rahms , Germany
Ricardo de Robina , Ciudad de Mexico , Mexico
Ricardo Legorreta Vichis , Ciudad
Peggy Jarman, Kentucky, USA
Giovanni Vivona, New York, USA
Nina Vivona, New York, USA
Vito Valenti, California, USA
Betty Valenti, California, USA
Angie Vivona, California, USA
Lillian Arcidiacono, New Jersey, USA
Michael Vencheri, New Jersey, USA
Jean Vencheri, New Jersey, USA
Benny Vivona, Louisiana, USA
Salvatore Arcidiacono, New York, USA
Margaret Arcidiacono, New York, USA
Santa Arcidiacono, New York, USA
Carmela Arcidiacono, New York, USA
Mae McFadden, New Jersey, USA
Charlie Biggerstaff, New Jersey, USA
John Cookson, New Jersey, USA
Mario Ceccone, New Jersey, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Sapienza, Palm Coast, USA
Joanne Trout, New Jersey, USA
Margaret Chaille, Ohio, USA
Everett Chaille, Ohio, USA
Alice Stofer, Ohio, USA
Ruby Stofer, Ohio, USA
Willard Stofer, Ohio, USA
Fred Stofer, Ohio, USA
Bolly Stofer, Tennessee, USA
All of the deceased of the Stofer family, Ohio, USA
All of the deceased of the Chaille family, Ohio, USA
All of the deceased of the Ristoff family, Ohio, USA
All of the deceased of the Stinson family, Ohio, USA
Margaret Mahaffey, Ohio, USA
Peter K. Williams, Ohio, USA
Bill Flemming, Ohio, USA
Gloria Flemming, Ohio, USA
Maria E. Tiberi, Ohio, USA
Jeffrey Babbitt, New York, USA
Noel McRae, Metro Manila, Philippines
Eric Stumm, Alberta, Canada
Joseph J. Betzler , Minnesota , USA
Emma A. Betzler , Minnesota , USA
William H. Betzler , Minnesota , USA
Lillian Betzler , Minnesota , USA
Daniel Furey , California , USA
Mary Furey , California , USA
Father James Furey , Minnesota , USA
Bernard Ostrowski , California , USA
Lillian Ostrowski , California , USA
Louise Schaible , California , USA
Louise Fail, Georgia , USA
William F. Betzler, Minnesota , USA
Laurena Betzler, Minnesota , USA
Robert Betzler , Minnesota , USA
Margaret Betzler , Minnesota , USA
George Betzler , Minnesota , USA
George Hunt , Minnesota , USA
Florence Hunt , Minnesota , USA
George Hunt , Arizona , USA
Ethel Green , California , USA
John Green , California , USA
Cordelia Green, Minnesota , USA
Oliver Wethern , Minnesota , USA
Katherine Wethern , Minnesota , USA
Marion Wethern , Minnesota , USA
Thomas Miles , Minnesota , USA
Agnes Miles , Minnesota , USA
John Miles Jr. , Minnesota , USA
Leona Miles , Minnesota , USA
Leo Wethern , Minnesota , USA
David Wethern , Minnesota , USA
Lucille Wethern , Minnesota , USA
Milton O’Rourke, Minnesota , USA
Charlotte O’Rourke, Minnesota , USA
William Smith , Minnesota , USA
Grace Smith , Minnesota , USA
Edmund Borchart, Minnesota , USA
Norma Borchart , Minnesota , USA
Richard Smith , Minnesota , USA
Bonnie Smith , Minnesota , USA
John Genskay , Minnesota , USA
Grace Genskay , Minnesota , USA
Al Smith , Minnesota , USA
Ida Smith , Minnesota , USA
William Smith Jr. , Minnesota , USA
Clarence Lathrop , Minnesota , USA
Louise Lathrop , Minnesota , USA
Dick D. Smith , Minnesota , USA
Mary Smith , Minnesota , USA
Roy Gustafson , Minnesota , USA
Holly Carlson , Minnesota , USA
Mike Kelly , Minnesota , USA
Ray Struck, Minnesota , USA
Debra Cunningham , Minnesota , USA
Bonnie Dobmeier , Minnesota , USA
Jane Kostecka , Minnesota , USA
Lillian Brandes , Minnesota , USA
Don Nordlin , Minnesota , USA
Joseph J. Joos , Minnesota , USA
Thomas Lynch , Minnesota , USA
Msgr. Walter H. Peters, Minnesota , USA
Fr. James Gillen, Minnesota , USA
Msgr. Zachman , Minnesota , USA
Father Raymond Zweber , Minnesota , USA
Sr. Mary Angelica , Minnesota , USA
Rosemarie Mayer , Minnesota , USA
Paul Bedard , Minnesota , USA
Eugenia Bedard , Minnesota , USA
Arthur Albrecht , Minnesota , USA
Gerry Albrecht , Minnesota , USA
Debbie Smith , Minnesota , USA
Dr.  A. A. Kugler , Minnesota , USA
Stanley Lindberg , Minnesota , USA
George Abeln , Minnesota , USA
Mary Abeln , Minnesota , USA
Cecilia Abeln , Minnesota , USA
Margaret Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Terrence Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Joseph Cummings, Pennsylvania, USA
Clark Jarman, Pennsylvania, USA
Fidelis Mudd, Virginia, USA
Melba McDermott, Nebraska, USA
Dolly Otto, Nebraska, USA
Bruce Birge, Sr., Nebraska, USA
Bruce Birge, Jr., Nebraska, USA
Tom Finn, Nebraska, USA
The Larson family, Nebraska, USA
The LaGreca family, Nebraska, USA
Larry Traudt, Nebraska, USA
Jeffrey Janacek, Nebraska, USA
Jennifer Browning, Maryland, USA
Joe Worth Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Mattie Lou Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Robert Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Gray Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Nina Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Josie Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Glen Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Gwen Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Tacy Jane Guthrie, North Carolina, USA
Grandpa Ellington, North Carolina, USA
Anthony Beal, Virginia, USA
Alice Beal, Virginia, USA
Francis Beal, Pennsylvania, USA
Helen Morris, Pennsylvania, USA
Arlene, Pennsylvania, USA
The Beal Family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Steinhiser Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Baby Piwowarski, Massachusetts, USA
Baby Slettebo, Texas, USA
Henry DiLiddo, Massachusetts, USA
The Shimkoski Family, Massachusetts, USA
The DiLiddo Family, Massachusetts, USA
Jerry Lynn King, Oklahoma, USA
Dorothy June King, Oklahoma, USA
Jean & Shab King, Oklahoma, USA
Hiro King, Oklahoma, USA
The King Family, Oklahoma/Texas, USA
The Whatley Family, Oklahoma/Texas, USA
The Haney Family, Oklahoma, USA
Monica Hawkins, Virginia, USA
Roy Trigger, Virginia, USA
Dalcey Jordan, Virginia, USA
Guy Gesswein, Virginia, USA
Jim Faggetter, Virginia, USA
Coach Berry, Virginia, USA
Dassan Poole, Virginia, USA
Baby Morton, Massachusetts, USA
The Mancini Family, Massachusetts, USA
George Stewart, Massachusetts, USA
The Stewart Family, Massachusetts, USA
Baby Shimkoski, Massachusetts, USA
Dhillon Guckert, Alberta Canada
Kathleen Osman, Isle of Wight, England
Herbert William Osman, Isle of Wight, England
Lionel Osman, Isle of Wight, England
Nadia Jill Osman, Isle of Wight, England
Osman Family, Isle of Wight, England
Nellie Weller Guy, Poole, England
Father Mark Illig, New York, USA
Clarence Green, California, USA
Joan Green, California, USA
Louise Black, California, USA
Robert Landru, California, USA
Robert Guy, Guadalajara, Mexico
Eileen Guy Ballerino, Guadalajara, Mexico
Mel Ballerino, California, USA
Elizabeth Watson, California, USA
Margaret Falconer, California, USA
Charles Falconer, California, USA
Elizabeth Curie, California, USA
George MacFarland, Texas, USA
Tony Lakacko, New York, USA
Joan Timm, AZ, USA
Donald Timm, AZ, USA
Mary Timm, AZ, USA
Fr. Charles Schoenbaechler
Stanley Lawrence Conway, Perth, Western Australia
Alejandro & Remedios Anunciacion, Manila, Philippines
Dionisio & Dolores Anunciacion, Manila, Philippines
Getulio & Fermina Repelar, Manila, Philippines
Gloria Anunciacion Barbacena, Manila, Phiippines
Sixto Sueno, Manila, Philippines
Sidney & Deborah Conway, London, England
Jack & Sylvia Conway, London, England
Norah Cohen, London, England
Charles & Marie Bird, Leeds, England
Mayrina Perasso Vaccarezza, California, USA
Lawrence Vaccarezza, California USA
Janet Noel Bolognini, California, USA
Gian Bolognini, California, USA
David Bolognini, California, USA
Grace Bolognini, California, USA
Gian M. Bolognini, California, USA
Jeffrey Bolognini, California, USA
Molly Bolognini, California, USA
Luke Bolognini, California, USA
Matteo Bolognini, California, USA
Paul Vaccarezza, California, USA
Constance Vaccarezza, California, USA
Christopher Vaccarezza, California, USA
Emily Vaccarezza, California, USA
Beth Vaccarezza, California, USA
Stephen Vaccarezza, California, USA
Loren Bryan Vaccarezza, California, USA
Caroline Vaccarezza, California, USA
Megan Vaccarezza, California, USA
Katherine Mayrina Vaccarezza, California, USA
Adrianna Vaccarezza, California, USA
Nicholas Loren Vaccarezza, California, USA
Joseph Timothy Vaccarezza, California, USA
Matthew Lawrence Vaccarezza, California, USA
Celine Marie Therese Vaccarezza, California, USA
Emilio Perasso, California, USA
Rosetta Perasso, California, USA
Iride Granara, Montoggio, Liguria, Italy
Bruna Sbiza, Genoa, Italy
Alba Klemin, California, USA
Robert Klemin, California, USA
Ronald Klemin, California, USA
Bruce Klemin Family, California, USA
Diane and Greg Kerr Family, Minnesota, USA
Maria Vaccarezza, California, USA
Lorenzo Cademartori, Chiavari, Liguria, Italy
Timothy and Jennifer Bumb, California, USA
Sara Bumb, California, USA
Madeline Selway, California, USA
John Augustine Selway, California, USA
Gemma Selway, California, USA
Grace Selway, California, USA
Bernadette Selway, California, USA
Sophia Selway, California, USA
Ava Selway, California, USA
Timothy and Andrea Bumb Family, California, USA
Matthew Boudreaux, California, USA
Clare Boudreaux, California, USA
Ethan Boudreaux, California, USA
Rocco Boudreaux, California, USA
Blaise Boudreaux, California, USA
Gianna Boudreaux, California, USA
Julianna and Trevor Johnson, California, USA
Bonnie and Andrew Bumb, California, USA
Samuel Bumb, California, USA
Jackson Schaper, California, USA
Michael Garcia, California, USA
Zoe Bowdish, California, USA
Maryann Schaper, California, USA
Liam Riley, California, USA
Aaron Robertson, California, USA
Luke Robertson, California, USA
Alexandra Robertson, California, USA
James Robinson Wheeling, West Virginia
Sarah J. Robinson Wheeling, West Virginia
Joseph W. Robinson Wheeling, West Virginia
James Robinson Wheeling, West Virginia
Emma R. Laughlin Wheeling, West Virginia
Nellie R. Hall Wheeling, West Virginia
Sarah Jane R. Highland Wheeling, West Virginia
Frank Robinson Wheeling, West Virginia
Fannie Robinson Wheeling, Wet Virginia
Effie Robinson Wheeling, West Virginia
Ida Robinson Wheeling, West Virginia
Nestor Nario California USA
Randy Widgeon, Virginia, USA
The Simpson Family, Virginia, USA
The Burgess Family, Virginia, USA
The Scarborough Family, Virginia, USA
The Bradley Family, Virginia, USA
The Massey Family, Virginia, USA
The White Family, Virginia, USA
Mia Vye, Maryland, USA
Kay Weatherford, Abaco, Bahamas
Ante Zvonimir Zaradic  Alberta, Canada
Ann Marie Zaradic      Alberta, Canada
Stjepan Zaradic      Slavonija ,Hrvatska
Danica Zaradic      Slavonija , Hrvatska
Marijan Zaradic    Slavonija , Hrvatska
Radoslav Zaradic  Austria
Zaradic family      Hrvatska
Marija Novak      Slavonija , Hrvatska
Novak family      Slavonija , Hrvatska
Viktorija Lazic    Slavonija , Hrvatska
Lazic. Family.      Slavonia , Hrvatska
Josip Sokol            Alberta, Canada
Fr. Dusan Domic OFM. Dalmacija, Hrvatska
Domic family    Alberta, Canada
Domic family    Hrvatska
Mustapic family  B.C, Alberta
Mustapic family  Alberta, Canada
Mustapic family  Hrvatska
Fr. Anthony DiFalco  SDB.  San Francisco Province
Fr. Albert Andreatta  SDB.  San Francisco Province
Dr. Rod Martinez, Calookan City, Philippines
Ana Bastos Ribeiro, Bahia – Brasil.
Andrei Quinteiro de Matos, Bahia – Brasil.
Antonieta Cordier, Bahia – Brasil.
Armando Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
Avelita Bastos, Bahia - Brasil.
Bernardete Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
Carlos Plínio Cordier do Nascimento, Bahia – Brasil.
D Eliseu Maria Gomes  O. Carm, Paraíba, Brasil.
D Paulo Lopes de Faria, Minas Gerais – Brasil.
Deusa Maria, Bahia – Brasil.
Eleonira Nunes Oliveira, Bahia – Brasil.
Esmênia Reis, Sergipe – Brasil.
Eunice Miranda, Bahia – Brasil.
Felix Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
Francisco Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
Hosaná Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
Ir Creuza, Bahia – Brasil.
Itamar Bittencourt, Bahia – Brasil.
Jairo Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
João Almeida, Bahia – Brasil.
João Baldoino dos Reis Irmão, Sergipe – Brasil.
João Rosa dos Santos, Bahia - Brasil.
Joãozito Quinteiro, Bahia – Brasil.
Manoel Pires, Bahia – Brasil.
Marcelino de Carvalho Sobrinho, Sergipe – Brasil.
Maria Pureza Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
Olinta Cordier do Nascimento, Bahia – Brasil.
Onildo Bastos Ribeiro, Bahia – Brasil.
Ormezinda Bastos Quinteiro, Bahia – Brasil.
Otto Bastos Ribeiro, Bahia – Brasil.
Pe. Cleverson, Bahia – Brasil.
Pe. José Carlos, Bahia – Brasil.
Pe. Valdelio, Bahia – Brasil.
Pedro Bastos Quinteiro, Bahia – Brasil.
Raimundo Araujo, Bahia – Brasil.
Sandra Quinteiro, Bahia - Brasil.
Theodolinda Cordier dos Santos, Bahia - Brasil.
Theodolindo Cordier dos Santos, Bahia - Brasil.
Vitória Alves, Bahia – Brasil.
Waldemar, Bahia – Brasil.
The Blosser family, Iowa, USA
The VanderBilt family, Arizona, USA
The Schaeffer family, Minnesota, USA
The Runner family, MI, USA
Thomas Blosser, AL, USA
Michie Noro, Sapporo, JAPAN
The Kanagy family Pennsylvania, USA
Priscilla Blair, Pennsylvania, USA
Stephen Starr, NC, USA
The Cook family, NC, USA
The Whiteside family, NC, USA
The Fortune family, MI, USA
Shirley Schultz, MI, USA
The Umeki family, Hokkaido, Japan
Michael Davies, Somerset, England
Marcel Lefebvre, Martigny, Switzerland
William Buckley, NY, USA
Mortimer J. Adler, CA, USA
Michael Polanyi, Northampton, England
Cindy Mayotte, NY, USA
Martin Winderl, NY, USA
Virginia Wiley, Ontario , Canada
Darryl Guay, Ontario , Canada
Mark Taylor, Ontario, Canada
Stark Family, Ontario, Canada
Dave Muszyack, Ontario, Canada
Katie, Ontario, Canada
Jimmie Andrews, Ontario, Canada
Bastings Family, Ontario, Canada
Holly Bradley, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Kump, Ontario, Canada
Bruce Horvath, Ontario, Canada
Marjori Mcquestion, Ontario, Canada
Cornell family, Ontario, Canada
Langille family, Ontario, Canada
Justin Steeves, Ontario, Canada
Lucia P, Netherlands
Maria Theresa L, Netherlands
Paul & Maria T.P.
Jean Baptist de LaSalle L.
Maria L.P
Rosa P.
Leth family
Phamstra family
Evelyn Benton, WI, USA
Doris Blue, WI, USA
Michael Cardamone, WI, USA
Gerald Cooper Jr., WI, USA
Terri Dummer-Gallo, WI, USA
Yolanda Edwards, WI, USA
Frances Fanke, WI, USA
Sandra Fliris, WI, USA
Peter Jansen, WI, USA
Helen Kerns, WI, USA
Shirley Armstrong, WI, USA
George Ates, WI, USA
Ed and Ruth Bauer, WI, USA
Herbert Block, WI, USA
Floyd Brown, WI, USA
Lillian De Ridder, WI, USA
Ruth Berber, WI, USA
Angel Gonzales, WI, USA
Jerry Hoeke, WI, USA
Tami Hrncar, WI, USA
Enid Maniscarco, WI, USA
David Marcus, WI, USA
Darrin Masters, WI, USA
Michael Modory, WI, USA
Linn Nelson, WI, USA
Linnea Astrid Thompson Nelson, WI, USA
Jerry and Gary Peterson, WI, USA
Thomas Francis Powers, WI, USA
Theodore Raymond, WI, USA
Dorothy Renbarger, WI, USA
Joshua Resch, WI, USA
George Riesselmann, WI, USA
Leopoldo Ruffolo, WI, USA
Joel C. Santos, WI, USA
Erwin Schmidt, WI, USA
Roman Schultz, WI, USA
Michael Spence, WI, USA
Joe Spino, WI, USA
Bruce Techert, WI, USA
Robert Tenuta, WI, USA
Sylvia Tenuta, WI, USA
Charles Thompson, WI, USA
Arlene Washack, WI, USA
Josephine Wendorf, WI, USA
Jeffrey White, WI, USA
Susan Mae Wieliczka, WI, USA
James Wynn, WI, USA
Timothy Zuehlsdorf, WI, USA
Xavier Budnicki, New Jersey, USA
Ingrid Bergdal New Jersey, USA
Richard Budnicki New Jersey, USA
Irene Budnicki, New Jersey USA
Wanda Kamak, New Jersey, USA
Anna Budnicki, New Jersey, USA
Richard McGuire, New Jersey, USA
Anatoly Chistov, Moscow, Russia
The Jurewicz Family. Pennsylvania. USA
The Stasny Family. Pennsylvania. USA
The Rees Family. Pennsylvania. USA
The Santelli Family. Pennsylvania. USA
Ailsa Hardess. Queensland. Australia
Stuart Watkinson. Queensland. Australia
The Naughtin Family. Victoria. Australia
The Hardess Family. Queensland. Australia
Alphonse Pawlowski, Jacksonville, OR
Mable Pawlowski, Jacksonville, OR
Matthew Ripfl, Winnipeg, Canada
Barbara Ripfl-Harvey, Beaverton, OR
Matthew Ciesla, New Jersey, USA
Edna Ciesla, New Jersey, USA
Barbara McMeel, New Jersey, USA
Bennett Ciesla, New Jersey, USA
Loretta Trinneer, Richmond, VA
Cyril Trinneer, Brooklyn, NY
Anne Durkin, Richmond, VA
Walter Durkin, Staten Island, NY
Mary Durkin, Staten Island, NY
Joseph Durkin, NY
Casimir Ciesla, Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ
Walter Ciesla, Newark, NJ
Edward Ciesla, Newark NJ
Zygmunt Ciesla, Pt. Pleasant, NJ
Kay Ciesla, Pt. Pleasant, NJ
Stella Ciesla, Newark, NJ
Barbara Ciesla, Newark NJ
Andrew Ciesla, Newark NJ
Joseph Anderson, Arlington, VA
Frank Maszeroski, Rahway, NJ
Gregory Hesse, Austria
Jean Arfel, France
Gianpietro Carafa, Italy
Malachi B. Martin, Ireland
Jacob Daniel Huggett, Minnesota, USA
Alma Rath, South Dakota, USA
Jacob Rath, South Dakota, USA
Elizabeth Wika, South Dakota, USA
Joseph Wika, South Dakota, USA
Evelyn Huggett, South Dakota, USA
Henry Huggett, South Dakota, USA
Doris Schuster, South Dakota, USA
William Schuster,South Dakota, USA
Eileen Nelson, South Dakota, USA
Karen Kwasniewski, South Dakota, USA
Joel Premus, South Dakota, USA
Susanne Huggett, South Dakota, USA
Raymond Schuster, Minnesota, USA
Ramona Sichmeller, California, USA
Gladys Debilzan, South Dakota, USA
Jim Debilzan, South Dakota, USA
Corinne Wika, South Dakota, USA
Della Maloney, Washington, USA
Esther Fromelt, South Dakota, USA
Edward Fromelt, South Dakota, USA
Timothy Fromelt, South Dakota, USA
Michael Kuecker, South Dakota, USA
Jan Debilzan, South Dakota, USA
Sharon Orth, Minnesota, USA
Robert Zakrzewski, South Dakota, USA
Carol Zakrzewski, South Dakota, USA
Donnie Daly, South Dakota, USA
Connie Gonsoir, South Dakota, USA
Norman Potratz, South Dakota, USA
Shane Miller, South Dakota, USA
Jolene Hopkins, South Dakota, USA
Delbert Rath, South Dakota, USA
Darlene Rich, Minnesota, USA
Stephen K Edwards  Central City, Kentucky USA
Leona Susa Osman    Baker, Montana USA
Christopher Allgeier   Louisville, Kentucky USA
Fr Charles Schoenbaechler   Louisville, Kentucky USA
Mrs Breda Guerin Delaney, Kerry, Ireland
Mr Anthony Guerin, Kerry, Ireland
Mr Willy Guerin, Kerry, Ireland
Mr and Mrs William & Ellen, Kerry Ireland
Mr Charles Hutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Rudolph Martens, Ohio, USA
Agnes Martens, Ohio, USA
Patrick McKenna, Ohio, USA
Margaret McKenna, Ohio, USA
Dolores McKenna, Ohio, USA
John McKenna, Ohio, USA
Robert Snyder, Ohio, USA
Irene Snyder, Ohio, USA
Robert and Laura Gonzales, California, USA
Robert and Priscilla Gonzales, California, USA
Rosie Gonzales, California, USA
Edmond Gonzales, California, USA
Irene Navarro, California, USA
Karl Gonzales, California, USA
Dolores and Richard Lemon, California, USA
Rick Gonzales, California, USA
Wanda Sue Gonzales, California, USA
Maria and Gilbert Fernandez, California, USA
Richard Fernandez, California, USA
Carmen Sandoval, California, USA
Luz and Inez Fernandez, California, USA
Carmen and Angel Ortega, California, USA
James Huderberg, California, USA
Wilhemenia Labasan, California, USA
Bishop MacFarland, California, USA
Father John Hiltz, California, USA
Father Ed, California, USA
Barbara Oakes, California, USA
Robert Quigley, California, USA
Dave and Sandee Condit, California, USA
Ruben Omar Alija, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ruben Dario Garcia, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fr. Francis Adeponle, Ilorin, Nigeria
Fr. Felix Ajiboye, Ilorin, Nigeria
Ray Hooker, Nebraska, USA
Alexandra Hunt, Nebraska, USA
Damian Grossi, PA, USA
Caesar Grossi, PA, USA
Margaret Grossi, PA, USA
Josephine Grossi, PA, USA
Adolph Grossi, PA, USA
Maria Testa, PA, USA
Pierre Vilain, Montpellier, France
Juscelino Militante Siongco, Philippines
Raul V. Hidalgo, Philippines
Fr. Kevin Kayda, PA, USA
Gloria Brackett, Massachusetts, USA