Rorate Caeli

Beyond Belief: a Neoconservative Reality Show

Carol Reed directs Rex Harrison as an armored Julius II
in The Agony and the Ecstasy

A disgraced superior of the most powerful of the "new movements" favored by John Paul II under the protection of the most powerful of the Secretaries of State. One of the superior's right-hand priests. The most prominent woman in the Church's higher administration and a distinguished legal mind in the most prestigious university of our age. Journalists in the most influential Catholic news agency. 

Roman intrigue. Family connections. Illegal relationships. Secret liaisons. Illegitimacy. Shadows in the highest echelons of the Vatican. Silence and mutual protection up to the last moment within a Catholic elite and media too enamored with close access and exclusive information.

A lousy and poorly written novel? No, the truth.

So, that is it in the Church of Vatican II?! We get Renaissance-like scandals with no Renaissance art, no Renaissance beauty, no Renaissance liturgy, no Renaissance popes dividing the world between Catholic powers, no Renaissance heroes sailing the oceans, discovering new lands and conquering new worlds for the Faith, no Renaissance Men? Bring back Julius II!