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Event: Catholic Teaching Concerning the Employment Relationship

The good James Vogel, editor of Angelus Press, sends this notice:

St. Joseph's Businessmen's Assocation 

Featured Speakers Series Lecture

"It’s Just Employment: Catholic Teaching Concerning the Employment Relationship"

6:00p.m. CST  McCabe Theatre, St. Mary's Academy and College

And online by clicking here
Brian McCall, J.D.
This conference will consider the reciprocal obligations in justice of employers and employees both from a theoretical standpoint and involving practical every day decisions and situations. In particular the conference will emphasize the socio-political nature of a business organization and the implications for differing obligations to employers and employees in contrast to contractual dealings outside of the business organization. Also, you will be able to ask questions in live-time, so this will be interactive. 
Suggested Background Reading: Encyclicals Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno as well as Father Pesch's Ethics and the National Economy

Mr. Brian McCall is a Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma, where he teaches cources in Contracts, Secured Transactions and Payment Systems. 

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