Rorate Caeli

Speaking of strange altars, part 2

We recently wrote about some very strange altars (see here). Then, a former student of Calvert Hall College High School in Maryland, sent us the photo below of the school's "Thanksgiving Liturgy." We weren't sure at the time if this was the unbloody Sacrifice on Calvary or aisle 8 at Whole Foods. 

Then, after a barrage of criticism on the school's Facebook page, which in the thread had the priest in the photo defending this Mass with Vatican II arguments, the school took the photo and the thread down. 

But wait! There's more ...

Today, in a live stream of the school's "liturgy," it's clearly Advent! The report below is from a former student of the school:

Not to be outdone by the Thanksgiving Liturgy, the Advent Liturgy was celebrated this morning at Calvert Hall College, a Catholic school for boys sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers.  It began with a student's reflection and an unsuccessful attempt by that student to light the Advent wreath. The entrance procession was a multitude of boys carrying clear trash bags full of presents to place around the altar, which had just been carried out. A highlight was the boys riding the bicycles down the aisle. 

The priest and several students distributed communion while the faculty and religious who were present simply received. Those who came forward for a blessing were patted on the arm by the student distributing. A large screen above the altar furnished the responses, etc. After the communion, the priest looked up at the screen and said, "Sometimes I have to look up at the board to see where we are!" A rock version of O Holy Night complete with electric guitar solo, tambourine, and clapping ended the festivities!  The band's jam session to O Holy Night was followed by wild clapping and whistling. Kyrie eleison!

Any wonder why young men flee the Novus Ordo in droves? Kyrie eleison, truly.