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You suggest: Devotion to the Infant King

From the ICRSS
At the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago, a recent interview was conducted with the Canons of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priests regarding the tradition and history of the monthly Infant King statue and novena. The interview is a perfect transition into the Advent/Christmas season and this December's novena, from the 17th - 25th.
The interview is extremely informative and interesting. It is broken into 3 parts for readers:
1) About the Infant King Statue 2) About the Devotion to the Infant King 3) About the practice of the Novena to the Infant King at the Shrine in Chicago, IL
Q. What is the significance or connection of the Infant King to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest?
A. The devotion to the Infant King is a wonderful expression of Salesian Spirituality in the service of our Divine King. St. Francis de Sales, our spiritual father, had a very special devotion to the Christ Child and Christmas was his favorite feast day. It is in the Christ Child that we see majesty and sweetness; divinity and accessibility; holiness and attraction. This is the very message the members of the Institute preach: that our Faith is inviting; the practice of our Faith is joyful and sanctity awaits us.
Read the full interview here.