Rorate Caeli

Do everything! Just don't introduce the Traditional Mass in your Institute!

All's well that ends well.

Or not so well:

The troubled Legion of Christ religious order is electing new leadership for the first time since its founder was revealed to have been a pedophile and fraud. The process starting Wednesday will formally end the Vatican's three-year rehabilitation of the movement, a reform the Legion is touting as a success and critics have dismissed as a sham.

The Legion was once held up as a model by the Vatican, which turned a blind eye to the Rev. Marcial Maciel's misdeeds as the order became one of the fastest-growing congregations in the Catholic Church and brought in millions in donations. After three years of Vatican-imposed reform though, questions still remain as to how the Legion can exist when its founder was a criminal and its core mission remains unclear.

The Legion's hope is that following the monthlong meeting, Pope Francis will approve a new constitution that explains the order's mission, hierarchy and rules and will allow the Legion to move on without any more Vatican oversight. The Legion's top superiors and 42 priests elected as representatives — including many close to Maciel — will finalize the constitution during the meeting and then elect new leadership. [Associated Press]

Thankfully, Maciel only abused male novices and fathered babies... If only he had introduced the Traditional Latin Mass, then the Legion would have been abolished, and their buildings burned down, and the earth beneath them salted.