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Opinion note:
"Open war" with the Pope?... Actually, the slaughter of the Ratzingerians

Il mattatoio dei Ratzingeriani

Poor Cardinal Bagnasco! First, the Archbishop of Genoa and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) is removed from the composition of the Congregation for Bishops - we had mentioned in greater detail Cardinal Burke's replacement, but that of Cardinal Bagnasco was much more astounding considering his position in the episcopate of the Bishop of Rome's own country. Then, one of his right-hand men, the Secretary-General of the CEI, Bp. Mariano Crociata, was removed and named Bishop of the small diocese of Latina (Latium), and replaced by a "social" bishop on Dec. 30, Bp. Nunzio Galantino, of Cassano (Calabria).

Naturally, Cardinal Bagnasco is just a figurehead now in the CEI. But even that is not enough for his enemies. For despite the amazing coincidence of the end of all "Vatileaks" rumors or threats via the media after February 2013 (indicating clearly that the Vatileakers got what they wanted, that is, the end of the Ratzinger pontificate), and all of Francis's repeated words against "gossip"..., intrigue and backstabbing are more intense in the Vatican now than at any time since the Council. So, despite all that Cardinal Bagnasco has suffered, in silence and fidelity to the Pope, a newspaper close to the Vatican liberals such as Il Fatto Quotidiano and its radical Vaticanist Francesco Grana can say:

"Cardinal Bagnasco, now in open war with Bergoglio, commented the Pontiff's decision by saying that this is 'a further sign of the attention and care of the Holy Father for the Church that is in Italy'."

"Open war"?... First, no Catholic would ever want to find himself in "open war" against the Pope, because that is a battle he will certainly lose. But, most importantly, this accusation is preposterous considering the docile spirit of Cardinal Bagnasco. We only mention it here as an example of the vindictive animus of the "Progressives" in the Vatican: they are in open war against all that smells even mildly Ratzingerian. The Ratzingerians themselves are just accepting the sacrifice as silent lambs. More a slaughter led by the Liberals than an "open war" then. The Vatileakers may have gotten what they wanted most, but their slaughterhouse has only just opened.