Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Seventy-ninth posting of Souls

Below, please find the seventy-ninth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 36 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

José Bartolome Vcentin, Corrientes, Argentina
Delia Lucia Debortoli de Vicentin, Corrientes, Argentina
Ariel Asis Botello, Corrientes Argentina
Claudio Abbado, Bologna, Italy
Helen Tubangui, Metro Manila, Philippines
Luisa P. Ramirez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mr. Cosentino, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Douglas Sanborn, New Hampshire, USA
Rev. Fr. Vincent Halder, M.H.M, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rev. Fr. James Muhren,  M.H.M, Holland. 
Solomon Sigor, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph  Wong  Kim Chai, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Mary Agnes Dimong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
George Segie, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Lucy Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia,
Cecilia Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Andrew Ong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Anthony Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Gertrude Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Jonathan Lee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Peter Lanai Wong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Katherine Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia 
Philip Ong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Stephen Ong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph Ong, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rene Pierrel, La Bresse, France
Marie Pierrel, La Bresse, France
Paul Didierlaurent, La Bresse, France
Pr. Domingo Petrauskas, Hamburg, Germany
P. Heinz Finé SJ, Hamburg, Germany
P. Josef Pöppinghaus SJ, Hamburg, Germany
P. Paul Bolkovac SJ, Hamburg, Germany
Br. Antonius Vorberg SJ, Hamburg, Germany
P. Dr. rer. pol. Hans-Werner Mende, Hamburg, Germany
P. Dominik Walter Germeshausen OP, Hamburg, Germany
P. Adelhard Blach OP, Hamburg, Germany
P. Dr. Lambert Josef Schmitz OP, Hamburg, Germany
P. Eligius Johannes Tegeler OP, Hamburg, Germany
P. Maternus Berthold Einig OP, Hamburg, Germany
P. Hilger Lambert Müller OP, Hamburg, Germany
P. Egbert Potthoff OP, Hamburg, Germany
P. Thomas M. Frosch OP, Hamburg, Germany
Fr. C. Gabriel Scheuten OP, Hamburg, Germany
Br. Johannes Weinrich FSC, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. Hermana Brux, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. Valeris Uder, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. Leandra Conen, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Oswalda Dimmig, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Leonilla Spurzem, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Domitilla Czmok, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Agnesia Meyer, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Generosa Jelitto, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Irmentrud Biewer, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Alfonsa Brühl, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Angelina Carbach, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Dosithea Hahn, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Adalwine Harig, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Antonina Arendt, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Alphonsis Hagemann, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Alma Koenen, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Dorothea Cornelius, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Rocha Fröhlich, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Antonia Gruhn, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Ansgaria Lindner, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Cäsaria Kremer, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Damasia Kurre, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Venantia Hoffmann, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Clarentia Lange, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Ladisla Krause, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Clementine Ernst, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. Richtrudis Müller, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Adalberta Mermter, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Alexandrine Mippein, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Julia Lademann, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. M. Arsenia Höing, Hamburg, Germany
Sr. Maria Lioba, Hamburg, Germany
The Schinkel family, Hamburg, Germany
Richard Mangin, Michigan, USA
Gerald Mangin, Indiana, USA
James Mangin, Indiana, USA
Virginia Mangin, Indiana, USA
John Smith, Indiana, USA
Clementine Smith, Indiana, USA
Bob Veeck, Indiana, USA
Austin Mangin, Indiana, USA
Thelma Mangin, Indiana, USA
Marie Didierlaurent, La Bresse, France
Joseph Didierlaurent, La Bresse, France
Jean Claude Viry, La Bresse, France
Jean Pierrel, La Bresse, France
Joesph Kline, NJ USA
Marie Mackey, NY USA
Mary Bew, NJ USA
Susan Babyack, NY USA
Sir Christopher Uwechuwe, Ilorin, Nigeria
Betty Snyder, Illinois, United States
Tod Gugino, Michigan, United States
John VanLiew, Minnesota, United States
Richard Kozack, Illinois, United States
Ralph Snyder, Illinois, United States
Joshua “JP” Boerigter, Michigan, United States
Steve Kuti, Illinois, United States
Penelope Pitstick, Washington, United States
Fr. Chuck Gemskie, Illinois, United States
The Abro Family, USA
Lolita Liban, Metro Manila, Philippines
Claudio Batiles, Metro Manila, Philippines
Lucia Batiles, Metro Manila, Philippines
Aniceto Batiles, Northern Samar, Philippines
Florencia Batiles, Northern Samar, Philippines
Arcadia Batiles, Northern Samar, Philippines
Angel Molina, Aurora, Philippines
Cornelia Molina, Aurora, Philippines
Victoria Valenzuela, Aurora, PHilippines
Antonio Valenzuela, Aurora, Philippines
Jose Molina, Aurora, Philippines
Gloria Molina, Aurora, Philippines
Zaldy Mendoza, Aurora, Philippines
Maybelline Mendoza, Aurora, PHilippines
Emmanuel Mendoza, Aurora, Philippines
Florencio Mendoza, Aurora, Philippines
Jess Batiles, Northern Samar, Philippines
Jojo Batiles, Northern Samar, PHilippines
Dugoy Batiles, Northern Samar, Philippines
Edilberto Tato, Metro Manila, Philippines
Bella, Metro Manila, PHilippines
Lumen, Metro Manila, Philippines
Cristina Molina, Aurora, Philippines
Oscar Molina, Ilocos, Philippines
Barjat Abro, USA
Hani Abro, USA
Yousif Abro, USA
Kamal Abro, USA
Aziz Abro, USA
Ramon C. Reyes, Metro Manila, Philippines
Shirley Dolan Iacovetta, Georgia, USA
Richard Peluso, Georgia, USA
Kermit Falk, Georgia, USA
Louise Iacovetta, Pennsylvania, USA
Tony Iacovetta, Colorado, USA
Giussepe Iacovetta, Pennsylvania, USA
Joe Iacovetta, Pennsylvania, USA
Concetta Iacovetta, Pennsylvania, USA
Lawrence Carter, Georgia, USA
Thomas Brodie, Maryland, USA
Nadia Beard, Georgia, USA
Neil Johnson, Georgia, USA
Patrick Johnson, Georgia, USA
James Johnson, Louisiana, USA
Elsie Johnson, Georgia, USA
Ann Marie Falk, Georgia, USA
Ernesto Martinez Villareal, Philippines
Willie C. Yu, Philippines
Sergio J. Montinola, Philippines
Danute White, Oak Lawn, Illinois  USA
Mary Russell, Phoenix, Arizona  USA
Anne McGraw, Scottsdale, Arizona  USA
Penny McKelvey, Scottsdale, Arizona  USA
Fr Donal Sullivan, IC, Dublin, Ireland
Peter Terpeluk Sr., Pennsylvania, USA
Catherine L. Terpeluk Pennsylvania, USA
Peter Terpeluk Jr., Maryland, USA
George Terpeluk, Pennsylvania, USA
Anna S. Terpeluk, Pennsylvania, USA
Walter Terpeluk, Pennsylvania, USA
Olga Terpeluk, Pennsylavania, USA
Joan B. Craig, Maryland, USA
Amleto Briscuso, Maryland USA
Nino Briscuso, Maryand USA
Arden Glass, California, USA
Norma Schlaht, Alberta, Canada
Al and Catherine Kohanowicz, Pennsylvania, USA
Virginia Haddad and Family, Pennsylvania,USA
Ruth Biesenkamp. Pennsylvania, USA
Sam and Dorothy Sells and Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Richard and Nancy Simoni, Pennsylvania, USA
Irma Miranda Olivarez, CA, USA
George Plevel, Jr., Pennsylvania, USA
Amy Koumis, Colorado, USA
James Koumis, Nevada,USA
Louis Koumis, Nevada, USA
Wesley Swank, Texas, USA
Cecelia Brevar Ursich, Pennslyvania, USA
Joseph Ursich, Pennsylvania, USA
Patrick Drob, Pennslyvania, USA
Linda Drob, Pennsylvania, USA
Helen Drob, Pennsylvania, USA
Joseph Ursich, Pennsylvania, USA
Vicky Booths, Pennsylvania, USA
Frank Booths, Pennsylvania, USA
Ludwig Ursich, Pennsylvania, USA
Ceceila Ursich, Pennsylvania, USA
Karen Virag, Alberta, Canada
Adele M. Bohne, Illinois, USA
Fr. Emilius Abifarin, Ilorin, Nigeria
Fr. Francis Adeponle, Ilorin, Nigeria
Vicente G. Encarnacion, Metro Manila, Philippines
Judith Phalen Burch,  Jensen Beach, Fla.
George Ferguson Sr., Jensen Beach Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Burch, Brooklyn, NY
Harry Burch, Brooklyn, NY
Sister Mary Natalia Barela, Missouri, USA
Ariel Sharon, Israel
Wesley Van Dorn, Virginia, USA
Pacita Brooks, British Columbia, Canada
Daniel Eschete, Louisiana, USA
Della Matherne, Louisiana, USA
Dennis Ledet, Louisiana, USA
Dr. Robert Sabatelle, Pennsylvania, USA
Stanley Mrkonja. Pennsylvania, USA
Albert L Baumgartner, Ky., USA
Iris Wilson, Kingston, Jamaica
Lansing Townsend, Ontario, Canada
Christopher Townsend, Ontario, Canada
Vernon Harvey Mitchell, Kingston, Jamaica
Mrytle Roper, Kingston, Jamaica
Keith Young, Kingston, Jamaica
Violet Young, Kingston, Jamaica
Gerald Wood, Ontario, Canada
Mary Wood, Ontario, Canada
Michele Cumbo, Ontario, Canada
Dave Roberts, Michigan, USA
Paula Denkhaus Russel, Michigan USA
Robert Moran, Michigan, USA
Martha Moran, Michigan, USA
Stojanowski Family, Michigan, USA
Radcliffe Family, Michigan, USA
Fentress Family ,Tennessee, USA
Niblock Family, Tennessee, USA
Moran Family, Michigan, USA
Jackson Family, Alabama, USA
Elliott Family, Georgia, USA
Hattemer Family, Michigan, USA
Ross Family, Michigan, USA
Crowdis Family, Michigan, USA
Peter Foscato, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Arthur Todd, York, England
Lily Todd, York, England
Ray Russell, York, England
Irene Dillon, Castleford, England
Barry Atkinson, Leeds, England
Maureen Carpenter, York, England
Norman Allworth   Ontario, Canada
Doris Allworth   Ontario, Canada
Robert Allworth  Ontario, Canada
Mildred Allworth  Ontario, Canada
Bertha Allworth Ontario, Canada
Grandma Weir  Ontario, Canada
Sophia Mickevicious  Illinios, USA
Alexander Mickevicious Ontario Canada
Alice Kelly  Ontario, Canada
Garnet Kelly  Ontario, Canada
Walter Pope  Ontario, Canada
Clyde Sookram  Ontario, Canada
Gordon Leigh  Ontario, Canada
Bud Leigh  Ontario, Canada
G. Barry Shields Ontario, Canada
Judith Shields Ontario, Canada
Dawn Imeson Ontario, Canada
Mary English Ontario, Canada
Louise Bolger Ontario, Canada
John Bolger  Ontario, Canada
Elenora Becker Copley, Louisiana, USA
John Emile Copley, Louisiana, USA
Miriam Elaine Becker, Louisiana, USA
Paul Adam Bagur, Louisiana, USA
Germaine Jolis Bagur, Louisiana, USA
Paul A. Bagur, Louisiana, USA
Margurite S. Bagur, Louisiana, USA
Rose B. Strain, Louisiana, USA
Emitt Strain, Louisiana, USA
Denise Jolis Polizzi, Louisiana, USA
Larry Polizzi, Louisiana, USA
Jackie Polizzi, Louisiana, USA
Infant Bagur son, Louisiana, USA
Steven Zeringue, Louisiana, USA
Donna Laurent Wood, Louisiana, USA
Msgr. Clinton Doskey, Louisiana, USA
Margaret Rosenberger, Louisiana, USA
Helen Rosenberger Humphries, Louisiana, USA
John Becker, Louisiana, USA
Elenora Bourlet Becker, Louisiana, USA
Richard J. Copley, Sr., Louisiana, USA
Frances Wagner Copley, Louisiana, USA
Miriam Majeste, Louisiana, USA
Dr. John Fluitt, Louisiana, USA
Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, Louisiana, USA
Monita Lewis Cradic, Louisiana, USA
Grace Landry, Louisiana, USA
Eugene Pereira, Louisiana, USA
Evelyn Lindenlaub Ariatti, Louisiana, USA
Chuck Ariatti, Louisiana, USA
Claire Lindenlaub Carbon, Louisiana, USA
Cyril Carbon, Louisiana, USA
Helen Carbon, Louisiana, USA
Vernon Carbon, Louisiana, USA
Ray Beaumont, Maryland, U.S.
Katherine P. Harris, Maryland, U.S.
James S. Harris, Maryland, U.S.
William H. Fleckinschildt, Maryland, U.S.
Mary L. Fleckinschildt, Maryland, U.S.
Francis Lamb, Maryland, U.S.
James Ross, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Louise S. Harris, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Jan Bradstock, Maryland, U.S.
Miriam Lane, Maryland, U.S.
Jane B. Harris, Maryland, U.S.
Edgar A. Harris, Maryland, U.S.
Eleanor F. Hurley, Maryland, U.S.
Nelson F. Hurley, Maryland, U.S.
Michael A. Siegel, New Mexico, U.S.
Michael Lepter, Maryland, U.S.
Michael Angelo Vilchez, Manila, Philippines
Lorenzo Salaguban, Cavite, Philippines
James S. Harris, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Catherine H. Harris, Maryland, U.S.
Anna Severn, Maryland, U.S.
Helen Bardroff, Maryland, U.S.
James G. Harris, Maryland, U.S.
Mary E. Main, Maryland, U.S.
Richard L. Main, Maryland, U.S.
Brian MaGee, West Virginia, U.S.
Michele Williams, Maryland, U.S.
James T. Williams, Maryland, U.S.
Louis J. Harpalas, Maryland, U.S.
Stephanie Williams, Maryland, U.S.
Mamie Main, Maryland, Maryland, U.S.
Roger L. Main. Maryland, U.S.
John O'Hara, Maryland, U.S.
Ethel O'Hara, Maryland, U.S.
Leana M. Carmen Dennings, Texas, USA
Steven Elliott Coleman, Louisiana, USA
Fr. Robert Cunningham, SJ, Bukidnon, Philippines
Lydia B. Gonzalez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Louise C. Harris, Pennsylvania, U.S.
John Richard Harris, Maryland, U.S.
Christopher Plumb, ME, USA
Peter Plumb, ME, USA
Chester Pina, CA, USA
Carmen Pina, CA, USA
Rene Remkus, ME, USA
Marguerite Poulin, ME, USA
Eddie Melendez, CA, USA
Joseph R. Pelletier, FL, USA
Bro. Leonard Mary, California, USA
Father Nugent, PA, USA
Bob Grant, NY, USA
Antonius H. Seesink, PA, USA
Elizabeth Louise Trigilio, Pennsylvania, USA
Fr. Eric Freed,  CA, USA
Anesia Camasin, Tacloban City, Philippines
Salvacion Camasin, Tacloban City, Philippines
Catalina Colminas, Tacloban City, Philippines
Marita Caguicla, Tacloban City, Philippines
Sheana Caguicla, Tacloban City, Philippines
Manuel Figueroa, Puerto Rico, USA
Francisco Quiban, Aklan, Philippines
Al Leger   Michigan USA
Eric Stoutz Ohio USA
Ann Garanen Michigan USA
Helen Janik Ohio USA
Helen Brendel Kentucky USA
Jack Willson Kentucky USA
Margaret Robinson Tingler Clark Kentucky USA
Oliver Clark Kentucky USA
Tracy Bloom  Kentucky USA
Judy Pichotta Kentucky  USA
Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald Kentucky USA
Rev Raymond McClanahan Kentucky USA
Rev. Edwin Heile Kentucky USA
Rev Shockey Kentucky USA
Chuck Theil Kentucky USA
Emmett Irelend Kentucky USA
Bob Reuss Kentucky USA
James Vesper Kentucky USA
Marilyn Vesper Kentucky USA
Robert Randall, Michigan, USA
Virginia Reitz, Michigan, USA
Warren Shaw, Michigan, USA
Florence Shaw, Michigan, USA
Christina Randall, Michigan, USA
Aldice Randall, Michigan, USA
Father Joseph Lima, Ohio, USA
Father Roy Zebrowski, Michigan, USA
The Bryant family, California, USA
The Presley family, California, USA
Gisele Ferguson, California, USA
Mary Boccanfuso, California, USA
Jerome McAdams Derry, N. Ireland
Catherine Cooley Derry, N. Ireland
Sean Semple Derry, N. Ireland
Francis Vocelka, Nebraska, USA
Adeline Vocelka, Nebraska, USA
Karl Baehr, Nebraska, USA
Jacqueline Mary Coote Oxford, England
Hugh Trollen, Prestwick, Scotland
Walter Flemming, Glenolden, USA
John VanSorosin - Maine - USA
The McAtamney Family, Armagh, Ireland      
The Teague Family, Tyrone, Ireland
Colette L. Dans, Maryland, USA
Lumina L. Lizotte, Rhode Island, USA
Edouard Lizotte, Rhode Island, USA
Filomena Dans, New York, USA
Emanuel Dans, New York, USA
Caterina V. Lisanti, New York, USA
Joseph Lisanti, New York, USA
Peter Lisanti, New York, USA
John Lisanti, New York, USA
Marc E. Plante, Rhode Island, USA
Robert McCain, Maryland, USA
Maj. Peter C. Graff, Pennsylvania, USA
Rev. Monsignor W. Louis Quinn, Maryland, USA
Dr. Henry Heim, Maryland, USA
Dr. Gaetano Francis Molinari, Maryland, USA
Christine O'Reilly, New Jersey, USA
Josephina Alves Ferreira, Parana, Brazil.
MaryAnna Thomas, Ohio, United States.
Liberty Tablante, Jr. - Cebu City, Philippines
Victoriano Crisologo - Cebu City, Philippines
Teotima Crisologo - Cebu City, Philippines
Antonio Crisologo - Cebu City, Philippines
Bonifacio Crisologo - Cebu City, Philippines
Julio Crisologo - Cebu City, Philippines
Mrs. Virginia Bramer, Michigan, USA
Rev. Fr. Valerian Rykowski, Michigan, USA
The Bramer Family, Michigan, USA
The Freundl Family, Michigan, USA
Rev. Fr. Jerome Rykowski, Colorado, USA
Rev. Fr. Edwin Frederick, Michigan, USA
The Jakubeck Family, Michigan, USA
Ronald Dietzen, WI USA
Daniel Dietzen WI/USA
Joseph S. DeCarlo, Connecticut, USA
Antoinette DeCarlo, Connecticut, USA
Gabriel Beer`s father and mother, Slovakia, Europe
Iris Patterson, NSW, Australia
James Patterson, NSW, Australia
Michael Ciok, NSW, Australia
Judith Patterson, NSW, Australia
Nicholas Crosson, NJ, USA
Msgr. Easton, MI, USA
Joan McEvoy, NJ USA
Rita Marsh, MA, USA
Walter Tosi, MA, USA
Miss Teresa Fitzgerald, County Kerry, Ireland
Miss Rachel Osei, Surrey, UK
Mr David Sonny Carmody, County Kerry, Ireland
John Choberka Massachusetts USA
Margaret E Choberka Massachusetts USA
George B. Korngiver, West Virginia, USA
Sophia B. Korngiver, West Virginia, USA
Ruth A. Greene, West Virginia, USA
Madelyn V. Henderson, West Virginia, USA
Ralph C. Henderson, Ohio, USA
Fr. Robert Ignatius Bradley SJ, Texas, USA
Hayden Hartnett, Texas, USA
Corina  Capote, Ohio, USA
Richard Seltzer, Texas, USA
Sr. Virginia Marie OSU, Texas, USA
John C. VanSorosin, Maine, U.S.A.
Loretta Margaret O' Connell Lamb, NJ, USA
Joseph Leo Lamb, NJ, USA
Christopher Damian Lamb, NJ, USA
Patrick Lamb, NJ, USA
Terrance Lamb, NJ, USA
Hanna Lamb, NJ, USA
Albert Reiman, NJ, USA
Gertrude Reiman, NJ, USA
Ronald Iskra, NJ, USA
Edward farley Sr. , NJ, USA
Edward Farley Jr. , NJ, USA
Agnes farley, NJ, USA
John O'Connell, NJ, USA
Cornelius O'Connell, NJ, USA
Patricia O'Connell, NJ, USA
Father Harold Oppido, NJ, USA
Father Hill, NJ, USA
Gerard Rinalde, NJ, USA
Michael Mannion, NJ, USA
Father Errol MacDonald, Nova Scotia, Canada
Sister Betty O'Neil, Nova Scotia, Canada
Robert Burns, Sr. Canoga Park, CA
Robert Burns, Jr. Canoga Park, CA
Marie G. Davidson, Thailand
Jack H., Davidson, Seal Beach, CA
Walden H. Kunz, Colorado Springs, CO
Thelma M. Kunz, Colorado Springs, CO
Jack Duva, Denver, CO
Therese Gaultier, Quebec, CA
Rose Gillespie, Seal Beach, CA
Ted Gillespie, Seal Beach, CA
Baby Duva, Dallas, TX
Newcomb Family, Minnesota, USA
Eddie Miller, Georgia, USA
Les Newcomb, Georgia, USA
Covino Family, New York,USA
Patricia Maloney, New York, USA
Papa Family, New York, USA
Grago Family, New York, USA
Kiehl Family, New York, USA
Daho Family, USA
James Dougherty, New Mexico, USA
Betty Dougherty, Texas, USA
Clarence Stransky, Wyoming, USA
Jodie Stransky, Wyoming, USA
Juanita Stransky, Wyoming, USA
Anne Stransky, Wyoming, USA
Lee Reichart, Missouri, USA
Wayne Timmons, Missouri, USA
Abby Stephenson, California, USA
John Byram, Wyoming, USA
Ivan Cherry, New York, USA
Those who lost their lives in the Battlefield of Okinawa