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Straight talk from Benedict-appointee: "Francis a figure of discontinuity with previous pontificate, exorcises Church from her fears"

(Statements begin at 1:20)

"I believe that Pope Francis is a figure of discontinuity with the previous pontificate, but a very very good discontinuity because he's pushing the Church, he's exorcising the Church from all the fears that she had in the past."

"I agree totally with these changes that Pope Francis is doing because they correspond precisely to the challenges we face today."
Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, S.D.B., Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University
Dec. 22/23, 2013

Bishop dal Covolo, the Salesian rector of the "Pope's University", had to go halfway around the world to the beautiful American island territory of Guam to make known what the ecclesial elite in Rome actually thinks of Pope Francis. And also what he thinks about Benedict XVI, who made him Rector of his University, named him bishop, made him consultant in the most relevant Congregations of the Roman Curia and also a Synod Father. Ah, l'ingratitudine!

The use of the word "discontinuity", and the positive tone given to it, are far from being coincidental, of course.

[Tip: Messa in Latino. Source: Pacific News Center, Guam. (We made a slight adaptation of the translation made in the video, not, "from all its fears it had in the past," in relation to the Church, but, "from all the fears she had in the past.")]