Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eightieth posting of Souls

Below, please find the eightieth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. It's another large list this month with nearly 1,500 Souls.

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."
How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 37 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 
Jesus C. Palma, Metro Manila, Philippines

Rita Deater, Maryland, U.S.A.

Maria von Trapp, VT, USA

Gilberta Siles Illinois USA

Ernie Siles illinois USA

Anne Boldrick Ky USA

Kenneth Dolle KY USA

Sondra Williams KY USA

Bob VanMeter KY USA

Donna Cartwright KY USA

Fr Robert Palmer KY USA

David VanHorn Ky USA

Joseph l. Besendorf KY USA

Margaret Miller KY USA

The Glass Family KY USA

The Scribner Family KY

Joy Horseman KY USA

Roland Scribner KY USA

The Tuell Family Indiana USA

The Morgan Family Indiana USA

Frank Ballard Indiana USA

John Ashby Indiana USA

Pearl Spitz Illinois USA

The Spitz Family Illinois USA

Paul R. Carter, Newfoundland, Canada

Margaret Mary Carter, Newfoundland, Canada

Janet Marie Carter, Newfoundland, Canada

Grace Mary Body, Newfoundland, Canada

The Carter Family,  Newfoundland, Canada

The Williams Family,  Newfoundland, Canada

Felipe Gatmaitan Sr, Mindanao Philippines

Gregorio Lopez Sr, Philippines

Suzie Deater, Maryland, U.S.A.

Mary Ann Turchan, WI, USA

Phyllis Specht, WI, USA

Roy Strahan, Louisiana, USA

E. J. Ducote, Louisiana, USA

Channing Hendricks, Louisiana, USA

Gabriel Guillory, Louisiana, USA

Andre Guillory, Louisiana, USA

Herman Guillory, Louisiana, USA

Gail Greiner, Texas, USA

Carmelina Perlas-Byrne, Ca USA

Father Jorge Loring Miró , Barcelona, España

Charles Shride.  California , USA

Enrique Luft Pavlata , Patzcuaro , Mexico

Clotilde Pedraza Ortiz , Morelia , Mexico

Esteban Guido Rodriguez , Morelia , Mexico

Herminio Totosau Lira , Morelia , Mexico

Genesis Carmona , Carabobo , Venezuela

Edward Stenson, River Edge NJ

Audrey Stenson, River Edge NJ

James Leonard, Huntington NY

Rev. Msgr. Joseph Alzugaray, California,USA

Robert Johnson, California, USA

Vicente Suarez, Philippines

James Whaley, Manorville, NY

Robert Gerbe, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Oscar Cruz, Bay Shore, NY

Marilyn Colletta, Smithtown, NY

Shirley Nichols, Alberta, Canada

Rev. Fr. Vincent Halder, M.H.M, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Rev. Fr. James Muhren,  M.H.M, Holland. 

Solomon Sigor, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Joseph  Wong  Kim Chai, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Mary Agnes Dimong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

George Segie, Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia

Lucy Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia,

Cecilia Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Andrew Ong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Anthony Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Gertrude Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Jonathan Lee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Peter Lanai Wong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Katherine Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia 

Philip Ong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Stephen Ong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Joseph Ong, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Jimmy Then, Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia

Pat Reinhart, Ohio , U.S.A.

Matthew James Helmick, Arizona, USA

Don Bertschinger, Illinois, USA

Hailey Owens, Missouri, USA

Gary Luther Indiana USA

Nell Brown Kentucky USA

Mary Rita Griesbaum KY USA

Thomas Hainline KY USA

Jeanne Purcell KY USA

Norma Schuler KY USA

Forest Heintzman KY USA

Nancy Sadler KY USA

Dr Richard Roth KY USA

Nellie Gnadinger KY USA

Edward J. klump KY USA

Mary Thelma Pason KY USA

Barbara Hagendoorn KY USA

James Dawson KY USA

Imogene Ford KY USA

Jeanne Mudd KY USA

Dorothy Barbee KY USA

Carl Larson KY USA

Pat Mouser KY USA

Mary Mouser KY USA

The Luther Family Indiana USA

The Neil Family Indiana USA

The Bammer Family Indiana USA

Frank Adcock Indiana USA

Roberta Adcock Indiana USA

The Adcock Family Indiana USA

Cliff Adcock Indiana USA

The Patterson Family Illinois USA

The Cullen Family KY USA

Robert Ludwig Indiana USA

Rose Seadler Ky USA

Rosie Seadler KY USA

Diane Dodd, Ohio, USA

Charles Robert Robinson, Ohio, USA

Mary Dumeny, Connecticut, USA   

Walter Dumeny, Connecticut, USA

Mark Eric Dumeny, Ohio, USA

Geraldine Robinson, Ohio, USA

Susan Marzetta Robinson, Ohio, USA

The Dumeny Family, Ohio, USA

The Robinson Family, Ohio, USA

Mary Mahoney, Ohio, USA

Ritter Werner, Ohio, USA

Esther Schweiterman, Ohio, USA

Bud Minnelli, Ohio, USA

Mary Stang, Ohio, USA       

Mary Kraska, Ohio, USA     

Dick Seizer, Ohio, USA  

Liza Remitio Coo, Philippines

Jose M. Santillan II, Philippines

Rosemary Kubik Piper, California, PA

Fr. Joseph S. Rooney, S.J., New York, USA

Anne Carret, North Carolina, USA

Martha Wengenroth, New York, USA

Andrea Carret, New Jersey, USA

Louis Wengenroth, New York, USA

Joshua Hudson, North Carolina, USA

Pat Cluda, Iowa, USA

Philip and Betty Carret, New York, USA

Alice, John, Ted, Tony Basaras and Dominic Pipino, New Jersey USA

Leslie Pota, Budapest,  Hungary

Frank Kontos, Toronto,  Canada

David Najvar, TX, USA

Mr. Yves Guilherm, Cannes, France

Huang Man Ying, Fujian, China

Charles L. Wright

Veronica F. Wright

Charles R. Beck

Andrew M. Beck

Kristen Frank, Minnesota, USA

Kelly Anlauf, Minnesota, USA

Christin Birkholz, Minnesota, USA

Clifton VanVleet, Minnesota, USA

Catherine VanVleet, Minnesota, USA

Marvin Wood, Minnesota, USA

John Prosser, Minnesota, USA

Ford Thompson, Minnesota, USA

Rita Thompson, Minnesota, USA

Gregory Bowen, Minnesota, USA

Ryley Hanson, Minnesota, USA

Marlene Streiff, Minnesota, USA

Frank Morriss, Colorado, USA

Marjan Kotnik, Slovenia

Charles Van Hecke, Virginia, USA

Jose Carmen Hinojosa, La Barca, Mexico

Jose Luis Garcia Medina, La Barca, Mexico

Petra Medina de Garcia, La Barca Mexico

Mary Jane Basile, New York, USA

William Basile, Sr, New York, USA

Gregory Basile, New York, USA

Christina Basile, New York, USA

Msgr Albert Schnacky, New York, USA

Clay Gilbert, New York, USA

Fr Enrique Rueda, Miami, Florida

Jamie Fagan, New York, USA

Douglas Andrews, New York, USA

Steven Denninger, New York, USA

Michael Martini, New York, USA

Thomas Schiller, New York, USA

David Bovenzi, New York, USA

Michael Fusco, New York, USA

Italia Fusco, New York, USA

Gabe Ferraro, New York, USA

Carolyn Ferraro, New York, USA

Julius DiMatteo, New York, USA

Yolanda DiMatteo, New York, USA

Mary Basile, New York, USA

Donald Ferraro, New York, USA

Carl Pecora, New York, USA

Karyn Pecora, New York, USA

Nancy Townley, New York, USA

Karl Townley, New York, USA

David Townley, New York, USA

John Townley, New York, USA

Ann Merlo, New York, USA

Joseph Merlo, New York, USA

Joseph Montante, New York, USA

Josephine Montante, New York, USA

Yolanda DiMatteo, New York, USA

Charles Buscemi, New York, USA

Joseph Valenti, New York, USA

Michael Horavitch, New York, USA

Peter Curtain, New York, USA

Beth Fahey, New York, USA

Michael Courneen, New York, USA

Michael Davies, Bromley Kent, UK

Eric de Saventhem, Bonn, Germany

Joseph Murray, New York, USA

Richard Felix, Texas, USA

Fr. James Callan, New York, USA

Marie Callan, New York, USA

John Callan, New York, USA

Philip Callan, New York, USA

Fr. Richard Rego, Arizona, USA

Virginia Bolton, New York, USA

Jean Dayton, New York, USA

Jeanne Fallon, New York, USA

John Yankowski, New York, USA

Mina Mongamo, New York, USA

Deborah Follaco, New York, USA

George Barzac, New York, USA

Mary Burke, New York, USA

Bernadette Pouliot, New York, USA

Rosalyn Pouliot, New York, USA

Michael Love, New York, USA

Richard Berdych, New York, USA

Carl Holcolmb, New York, USA

Msgr Emmett Murphy, New York, USA

Fr. John Steger, New York, USA

Joan Re, New York, USA

Raymond Buonami, New York, USA

Carmello Pecora, New York, USA

Ralph Black, New York, USA

Fr. James Collins, New York, USA

Mary Kelly, New York, USA

Paul Guzetta, New York, USA

Clara Neal, New York, USA

Yvonne Rosedale, New York, USA

Eileen, Norman and Donald Greshen, New York, USA

William and Clare Hammill, New York, USA

Phyllis Nardone, New York, USA

Rita Reburg, New York, USA

Loren Kellogg, New York, USA

George Ringholz, New York, USA

Robert Lawless, New York, USA

Ronald Zeno, New York, USA

Mark Trevisian, New York, USA

Peter Glavin, New York, USA

Gary Love, New York, USA

Michael Love, New York, USA

Fr. Robert Meng, New York, USA

Robert Mahonsky, New York, USA

Fr. William Frankhauser, New York, USA

Loretto McGuire, New York, USA

Therese Lawrence, California, USA

Leslie Dollinger, New York, USA

Fra Freddy Crichton-Stuart, Scotland

Mr. William Kaiser, New York, USA

Mrs. William Kaiser, New York, USA

Leo McIntee, New York, USA

Elsie DiRaddo, New York, USA

Maureen Madonia, New York, USA

Betty Lindsay, New York, USA

Vito Marcello, New York, USA

Robert Opelle, California, USA

Thomas Fabiano, New York, USA

Craig Pellitier, New York, USA

Mary Flansburg, New York, USA

Bernadette Schoenherr, New York, USA

Anthony Lucacko, New York, USA

Colleen Cleary, New York, USA

Fr. Raymond Dunn, S.J., California, USA

Fr. Leo Dunn, New York, USA

Sister Dominic Bennett, New York, USA

Fr. John Murray, C.S.B., New York, USA

John Norton, New York, USA

Sharon Norton, New York, USA

John Colman Logan, O.Carm., New York, USA

Michael Brennan, New York, USA

Randy Dayton, New York, USA

Charles Russell, New York, USA

Janet LaPietra, New York, USA

Celeste Cipro, New York, USA

Charlie Van Hecke, VA, USA

Lito Borromeo

Helen Theresa Dhooghe, Era, TX

Shirley Temple Black, California, USA

Robyn Benson, British Columbia, Canada

Roberto Flores, Texas, USA

Frank Milkalencak, Texas, USA

Minnie Mazoch, Texas, USA

Veronica Lopez, Texas, USA

Penny Lord, Arkansas, USA

Lorenzo Duran, Texas, USA

Gregorgia Duran, Texas, USA

Freddy Lopez, USA

Reynaldo D. Manaloto, Philippines

Cherwin B. Manaloto, Philippines

Abdon G. Manaloto, Philippines

Pacita Dimarucut-Manaloto, Philippines

Felix G. Bernardo, Philippines

Feliza David-Bernardo, Philippines

Arvin "Tado" Jimenez, Philippines

Rizalino David, Philippines

Rev. John Sherlock, O.M.I., Philippines

Dana Garland, Michigan, USA

Bernadette Lynch

John Harris, Nebraska, USA

Jan and Zuzana Bobak, Slovakia

Stanislav Bobak, Slovakia

Demeter Bobak, Slovakia

Jan and Margita Zonca, Slovakia

Ludovit Zonca, Slovakia

Fr, Daniel J. Harrington, SJ

Joseph Charles Chamberlain, Pennsylvania, USA

Nicholas Sovich Sr., Pennsylvania, USA

Margaret Sovich, Pennsylvania, USA

Agnes Weir, Scotland died Pennsylvania. USA

Raymond Maza, , Washington State, USA

Mr. and Mrs. Lum, CHINA

Rev Urban Feuch O.S.B., Washington State, USA

Rev John Scott, O.S.B., Washington State, U.S.A

Suzanne R. Nicholas, Washington State, USA

Lylian Inna Crider, Washington State USA

James Crider, Washington State USA

The Nicholas Family USA

Dorothy Brooks, Maryland, U.S.A.

Hazel Cooper, Maryland, U.S.A.

Joseph Cerjanic, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Robert Sprow, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

David Sprow, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Jean Marie Peters (Standley), Novi, MI (USA)

Thaddeus Mutuku, Kangundo, Kenya

Thomas Manuel O. Barrios, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ildefonso P. Santos Jr., Metro Manila, Philippines

Carmela Josefina F. Bautista-Clemente, Metro Manila, Philippines

Francis Xavier G. Perez, Metro Manila, Philippines

Gerard DeMilia, Whiting, NJ

Eleanor DeMilia, Whiting, NJ

Helen Teresa Dhooghe, Texas, USA

Bernadine Barker Lowrey

A. Homer Lowrey, Texas, USA

Bernadine Lowrey, Texas, USA

Chuck Klimko, Texas, USA

Mary K. Ward, Texas, USA

Agnes Ahern , Maryland, U.S.A.

Mary Harris , Maryland, U.S.A.

Joya Marie Antoinette O'Loughlin, British Columbia, Canada

Angelina Pironaggi, British Columbia, Canada

Afra Marie Lucinda Rogan, British Columbia, Canada

Stephen Tio, British Columbia, Canada

Salvatore Valente, British Columbia, Canada

Isabel M. Cosalan, Baguio, Philippines

Ann Dorsey , Maryland, U.S.A.

William Bardroff ,Maryland ,U.S.A.

Annabelle Harris, Maryland, U.S.A.

Frances Fleckenschildt ,Maryland, U.S.A.

Donald Douglas, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Gerardo P. Cabochan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ngo Dinh Diem, Saigon, Vietnam

Ngo Dinh Thuc, Missouri, USA

Alan Stojanowski, Michigan, USA

Mr Walker, Wisconsin, USA

The Rogers Family Indiana USA

Charles Rogers Indiana USA

Bud Rogers Indiana USA

Kelly Jo Rogers Indiana USA

Ester Rogers Indiana USA

Kevin O'Brien Indiana USA

James Patrick O'Brien Indiana USA

The O'Brien Family Indiana USA

Brenda Morgan Indiana USA

mark Morgan Indiana USA

Jesse Wright Indiana USA

Edna Mae Wright Indiana USA

Paul Wright Indiana USA

The Wright family Indiana USA

The Miller Family Indiana USA

Rita Montgomery Indiana USA

Rob Ludwig Indiana USA

Diane Carpenter Kentucky USA

Wilma Miller Indiana USA

Maurice Miller Indiana USA

The Adcock Family Indiana USA

the Bamer family Indiana USA

father Raymond Blasé OP Kentucky USA

father J Jarasco OP Kentucky USA

Father Charles Schoenbachler Kentucky USA

Father Medor Kentucky USA

Sister Miriam Ulm, O.P., Louisiana, USA

E.J. Ducote, Louisiana, USA

Wallace Howard Nichols, Louisiana, USA

Lucia Orecchia, Castagnole Monferrato, Italy

Pierpaolo Gandini, Refrancore, Italy

Milli Vai, Turin, Italy

Gipo Farassino, Turin, Italy

Sergio Marro, Chiusa Pesio, Italy

Marie S. Moreau, Louisiana, USA

Lloyd A. Moreau, Louisiana, USA

Colonel James A. Moreau, Louisiana, USA

Dr. Richard J. Stillman, Louisiana, USA

Sr. Madeline Thibeault, Religious Sister of Mercy, Louisiana, USA

Sr. Emmanuel Fortier, RSM, Louisiana, USA

Sr. Mary Ligouri, RSM, Louisiana, USA

August Lindenlaub, Louisiana, USA

Miriam Copley, Louisiana, USA

Robert Copley, Louisiana, USA

Joseph W. Copley, Sr., Louisiana, USA

Joseph W. Copley, Jr., Louisiana, USA

Mabel Copley, Louisiana, USA

Charles E. Foret, Jr., Louisiana, USA

Thelma Foret Druhe, Louisiana, USA

Merwin Dale Wood, Jr, Louisiana, USA.

Bernard Florane, Jr., Louisiana, USA

Patricia Bulmer Florane, Louisiana, USA

Rosemary Graf, Louisiana, USA

Frank Graf, Louisiana, USA

Capt. Barth F. Reed, Louisiana, USA

Joan Bremer Reed, Louisiana, USA

Richard J. Copley, Jr., Louisiana, USA

Beryl Copley, Louisiana, USA

Frances Copley Milloit, Louisiana, USA

Jean Joseph Milloit, Louisiana, USA

Grace Landry, Louisiana, USA

Henry Landry, Louisiana, USA

Harold E. Cradic, Louisiana, USA

Frank George Knauss, Louisiana, USA

Aimee M. Frosch, Louisiana, USA

Lawrance S. Frosch, Louisiana, USA

Louise Lacoste Jolis, Louisiana, USA

Joseph Jolis, Louisiana, USA

Nina Labarrere, Louisiana, USA

Henrietta Labarrere, Louisiana, USA

Leoni Labarrere, Louisiana, USA

Eugene Johnson, Louisiana, USA

Lester Campbell, Louisiana, USA

Jessie Campbell, Louisiana, USA

Woodrow W. Casey, Louisiana, USA

George Forstall, Jr., Louisiana, USA

Anton Puderer, Jr., Louisiana, USA

William Aymami, Louisiana, USA

Nevell A. Choina, Louisiana, USA

Adele Theresa Choina, Louisiana, USA

Mary Frances DeRussy, Louisiana, USA

Rose Vittorino Dazzo, Louisiana, USA

Anthony M. Dazzo, Louisiana, USA

Anne-Marie St. Laurent, Canada

Pascuala Sanchez - Callao Peru

Familia Claussen

Nicolas Sanchez - Callao Peru

Rebeca Ferreyra de Gates - Callao Peru

Graciela Ferreyra de Ibarra - Callao Peru

Elena Ferreyra de Vargas Machuca - Callao Peru

Enrique Gates - Callao Peru

Guillermo Ibarra. - Callao Peru

Samuel Vargas Machuca Moreno Callao Peru

Moises Vargas Machuca Ferreyra Callao Peru

Matilde Esponda Mancilla, Callao Peru

Juan Navarrete Mancilla, Callao Peru

Laureano Jimenez  Frias, Callao Peru

Hildaura Claussen Narvaez, Callao Peru

Amadeo Jimenez Claussen, Callao Peru

Irene Mancilla, Callao Peru

Ismael Merino Mancilla, Lima Peru

Elsa Garibaldi de Merino, Lima Peru

Elsa Merino Garibaldi, Lima Peru

Luis Merino Garibaldi, Lima Peru

Adolfo Merino Mancilla, Lima peru

Rosa Emilia Luyo de Merino, Lima Peru

Carmela Claussen Narvaez, Lima Peru

Familia Paredes  Claussen, Lima Peru

Fr. Ephraem (John) Chifley, Australia

John Puglisi, New York, USA

Stanislaus Mazewski, New York, USA

Marie Barlow, VA, USA

Quinton Barlow, VA, USA

Lillian Griffin, GA, USA

Fortuna Giorgio, Naples, Italy

Giuseppe Giorgio, Naples, Italy

Franco Giorgio, Naples, Italy

Giovanni Giorgio, Naples, Italy

Mario Giorgio, Naples, Italy

Vincenzo Giorgio, Naples, Italy

Salvatore Giorgio, Naples, Italy

Leonilde Cipullo, NY, USA

Apolonia Mazewski, Poland

Veronica Leuken, NY, USA

Earl Swain, DC, USA

Alexander Wallington, VA, USA

Roger Devoid, ME, USA

Muriel Puglisi, NY, USA

Mildred Santaniello, NY, USA

Elizabeth Youscak, NY, USA

Alice Youschak, NY, USA

Michael Youscak, NY, USA

Steve Youschak, NY, USA

Margaret Nancarrow, NY, USA

Samuel Nancarrow, NY, USA

Bishop Arvaldis Andrejs Brumanis, Liepaja, Latvia

Cardinal Ricard Maria Carles Gordo, Barcelona, Spain

Bishop Francisco Manuel Vieira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bishop Soane Lilo Foliaki, S.M., Tonga

Bishop Joaquim Goncalves, Vila Real, Portugal

Bishop Salvatore Nicolosi, Noto, Italy

Bishop Alphonsus Augustus Sowada, O.S.C, Agats, Indonesia

Bishop Francis Joseph Pierre Deniau, Nevers, France

Bishop Jose de Jesus Garcia Ayala, Campeche, Mexico

Bishop John Mackey, Auckland, New Zealand

Bishop Kurt Krenn, Sankt Polten, Austria

Albina Bossio, British Columbia, Canada

John Stephen Flynn, British Columbia, Canada

Luigi Grandinetti, British Columbia, Canada

John Michael McLaren, British Columbia, Canada

Ruby Mellor, British Columbia, Canada

Sister Barbara Paulina Schatz, British Columbia, Canada

Mirko Tolja, British Columbia, Canada

Marja Gasparac, British Columbia, Canada

Rose Helmink, British Columbia, Canada

Delba Elmira Kostiuk, British Columbia, Canada

Francesco Pasqua, British Columbia, Canada

Jane Pullar, British Columbia, Canada

Graziella Comuzzi, British Columbia, Canada

Lucy Elizabeth Luterbach, British Columbia, Canada

Rosa Schembri, British Columbia, Canada

Mary Philomena Watters, British Columbia, Canada

Rev. Michael Fulton, OSB, British Columbia, Canada

Ryszard Lesinski, British Columbia, Canada

James Massey, British Columbia, Canada

Giuseppe Capozzi, British Columbia, Canada

Grazia Cusati, British Columbia, Canada

Owen Charles Dolan, British Columbia, Canada

Alison Theresa Terrell, British Columbia, Canada

Maria Wu, British Columbia, Canada

Anna Teresa Bossa, British Columbia, Canada

Nellie C. Norman-Villegas, British Columbia, Canada

Eugenia Ostrowka, British Columbia, Canada

Carmen Badour, British Columbia, Canada

Margaret Mary Claire Buchner, British Columbia, Canada

Marietta Cerminara, British Columbia, Canada

Gemiliano Cara, British Columbia, Canada

Agnes Julie McGrath, British Columbia, Canada

Leo Augustine Hayden, KY, USA

Lois Smith, WI, USA

Orsola Fratta, Cernivani, Italy

Patricia, Norman, William Ciaramitaro  & Family

Allen Family

Jaime Marco Oliva Altamirano, León, Nicaragua

Galen Knull, New York, USA

Donald Regels, New York, USA

Vivienne Teichner, New York, USA

Herbert Letarte, New York, USA

Helen Letarte, New York, USA

Samuel Stringfellow, New York, USA

Joseph Knez, Colorado, USA

Marie Knez, Colorado, USA

Brother Kenneth Sullivan, Georgia

David Stather, Alberta, Canada

Louis Chrisa NY, USA

Martin Niemi  OH, USA

Rev. Francis J. Curran  OH, USA

Mertyl Faulhaber   OH, USA

Bradley Nicka WV, USA

Wes Van Dorn NC, USA

Rev. Jack Kinkopf   OH USA

Ralph Febbri PA, USA

Robert Michael Kelly   FL, USA

Rosie Grimm  CA USA

Valajean Casto OH USA

Freda Nicholson TN USA



Gregoria Grajeda, Inglewood, CA, USA

Guadalupe Loza, Inglewood, CA USA

Guadalupe Ponce, Inglewood, CA, USA

Alma Rosa Ledezma,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Isidro Muños,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Jesus Trujillo,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Rigoberto Trujillo, Inglewood, CA, USA

Julio Alberto Gomez,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Matilde Ester Gomez,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Adela Lidia de Flores, Inglewood, CA, USA

Norma Blas, Inglewood, CA, USA

Isabel Gutierrez,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Ruben Cobarubia,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Bernardo Sanchez, Inglewood, CA, USA

Antonio Tavaras,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Jesus Espitra,  Inglewood, CA, USA

 Ray Chevedden,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Jasmine Sanchez,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Luis Amezcua,   Inglewood, CA, USA

Gregorio Medina,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Juan Estrella,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Josefina Santana,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Maria Soto de Dios,  Inglewood, CA, USA

Gary Michael Gunst , San Pedro, CA USA

Cheryl Harper, San Pedro, CA USA

Betty Karl, San Pedro, CA USA

Roger Rodriguez, San Pedro, CA USA

Placida Silva,  San Pedro, CA USA

Baby Boy Steffen , San Pedro, CA USA

Marie Wieczorek , San Pedro, CA USA

Gregoria Bracamonte, San Pedro, CA USA

Albert Silva, San Pedro, CA USA

Maria de Jesus de Luna, San Pedro, CA USA

Rosemarie Romero, San Pedro, CA USA

Raul “Bumble” Gonzales, San Pedro, CA USA

Deacon Frank Dieter, San Pedro, CA USA

Juan Hernandez, San Pedro, CA USA

Jerry Rodin, San Pedro, CA USA

Monica Viramontes, San Pedro, CA USA

Barbara Madonna Whitlock, San Pedro, CA USA

Joseph Calise, San Pedro, CA USA

Deacon Valentin Saucedo, San Pedro, CA USA

Nathaniel Jair Mota, San Pedro, CA USA

Maria Mercado, San Pedro, CA USA

Anthony Mlikotin, San Pedro, CA USA

Audrey Gioiello, San Pedro, CA USA

John Martins, San Pedro, CA USA

Antonio Ong, San Pedro, CA USA

Deborah Carlson, San Pedro, CA USA

Louis Ruggiero, San Pedro, CA USA

Lou Schreiber, San Pedro, CA USA

Thomas Bumgarner, San Pedro, CA USA

Laura Fuentes, San Pedro, CA USA

Ed Severn, Maryland, U.S.A.

Evelyn Severn, Maryland, U.S.A.

Rosemary Brown, Maryland, U.S.A.

Joseph Albert Calvert, Ontario, Canada

Archbishop Theophile Georges Kassab, Homs (Hama-Nabk), Syria

Bishop Anthony Joseph Burgess, Papua New Guinea

Bishop Raymond Mwanyika, Njombe, Tanzania

Bishop Joaquín José Morón Hidalgo, Acarigua-Araure, Venezuela

Archbishop Bruno Bertagna, Italy

Bishop Vasco Giuseppe Bertelli, Volterra, Italy

Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci, Rome, Italy

Archbishop Onesimo Cadiz Gordoncillo, Capiz, Philippines

Bishop Joseph Frans Lescrauwaet, M.S.C., Haarlem, Netherlands

Archbishop Matthias N’Garteri Mayadi, N’Djaména, Chad

Bishop Pierre Jacques Joatton, Saint-Etienne, France

Bishop William Jerome McCormack, New York, USA

Bishop David Bernard Thompson, South Carolina, USA

Bishop Zéphyrin Toe, Dedougou, Burkina Faso

Bishop Max Georg von Twickel, Munich, Germany

Bishop Waldyr Calheiros Novaes (de Novais), Barra do Piraí-Volta Redonda, Brazil

Bishop Fernando Sabogal Viana, Bogota, Colombia

Bishop Antonio Lino da Silva Dinis, Itumbiara, Brazil

Willie Pizzaro Guam, USA

Edward Acfalle Guam, USA

Edward Varela Guam, USA

Lourdes English Guam, USA

James Schekel Pismo Beach CA, USA

Jean Marie Mooren , Wisconsin , USA

Bernard Lacenski , Wisconsin , USA

Dorothy Klika, Wisconsin, USA

Galen Knull, New York, USA

Donald Regels, New York, USA

Vivienne Teichner, New York, USA

Herbert Letarte, New York, USA

Helen Letarte, New York, USA

Samuel Stringfellow, New York, USA

Joseph Knez, Colorado, USA

Marie Knez, Colorado, USA

Brother Kenneth Sullivan, Georgia, USA

Pauline (Penny) Eve Lord, Morrilton, AK

Mrs. Kinny Lukman, Toronto, Ontario

Mr. C. K. Kunjipavu and family, Trichur, India

Mrs. C. K. Elia, Trichur, India

Mrs. C. V. Mariam, Trichur, India

Mr. C. K. Thomakutty and family, Trichur, India

Miss C. M. Margaleetha and family, Trichur, India

Mr. P. V. Chellappan, Trichur, India

Mrs. Rosily Johny, New Delhi, India

Mrs. Liji Shaju, Trichur, India

Mr. C. C. Jose, Trichur, India

Howard F. Nelson, Vermont, USA

Evelyn Nelson, Vermont, USA

Wilhelmina Reed, Vermont, USA

Evelyn Nelson, Minnesota, USA

Gabrielle Barrette, Ontario, Canada

Bernard Fortier, Ontario, Canada

Marcel Gladu, Ontario, Canada

Imelda Hearty, Ontario, Canada

Kevin Lagrois, Ontario, Canada

Marjorie Lageunesse, Ontario, Canada

Rita Lavallee, Ontario, Canada

Denise Lurette, Ontario, Canada

Beau Mason, Oregon USA

Tito Ilagan, British Columbia, Canada

Gil V. Razon, Metro Manila, Philippines

Gerald William Buchen New Mexico USA

Sarah Lynne Buchen New Mexico USA

James Durr, Hampton Wick, England

Patti Stringfellow, New York, USA

Jennie Rowell, New York, USA

Kathleen Read, New York, USA

Mr. Knull, New York, USA

Andrew F. Boldt, West Bend, Wisconsin

Ralston Alexander Stuart, California, USA

Wilma Jean Stuart, California, USA

Samuel Allen Campbell, California, USA

Patricia Iwana Campbell, California, USA

George Schaeffer, California, USA

Elsie Schaeffer, California, USA

Relaford Warren Stuart, Kansas, USA

Lawson Relaford Stuart, Kansas, USA

Della Madeline Octavia Boiselle Stuart, Kansas, USA

Jefferson D. Davis, Tennessee, USA

Daniel H. Petithory, Massachusetts, USA

Brian C. Prosser, California, USA

Michael J. Jakes Jr., New York, USA

Giovanny Maria, New York, USA

Benjamin Johnson, New York, USA

Vincent Parker, Michigan, USA

Bryant L. Davis, Illinois, USA

Jonn J. Edmunds, Wyoming, USA

Kristofor T. Stonesifer, Montana, USA

Evander E. Andrews, Maine, USA

Steven Checo, New York, USA

James Henry Ebbers, Illinois, USA

Antonio J. Sledd, Florida, VA

Mark Jackson, Michigan, USA

Christopher J. Speer, New Mexico, USA

Sean M. Corlew, California, USA

Anissa A. Shero, West Virginia, USA

Peter P. Tycz II, New York, USA

Gene Arden Vance Jr., West Virginia, USA

Brian T. Craig, Texas, USA

Justin J. Galewski, Kansas, USA

Jamie O. Maugans, Kansas, USA

Daniel A. Romero, Colorado, USA

Matthew J. Bourgeois, Florida, USA

Marc A. Anderson, Florida, USA

John A. Chapman, Texas, USA

Matthew A. Commons, Nevada, USA

Bradley S. Crose, Florida, USA

Jason D. Cunningham, California, USA

Neil C. Roberts, California, USA

Philip J. Svitak, Missouri, USA

Christopher M. Blaschum, Florida, USA

Stanley L. Harriman, North Carolina, USA

Thomas F. Allison, Washington, USA

James P. Dorrity, Borth Carolina, USA

Jody L. Egnor, Ohio, USA

Curtis D. Feistner, Minnesota, USA

Jeremy D. Foshee, Alabama

Kerry W. Frith, Nevada, USA

William L. McDaniel II, Ohio, USA

Bartt D. Owens, Ohio, USA

Juan M. Ridout, Washington, USA

Bruce A. Rushforth Jr., Massachusetts, USA

Jason A. Disney, Nevada

Walter F. Cohee III, Maryland, USA

Dwight J. Morgan, California, USA

Matthew W. Bancroft, California, USA

Bryan P. Bertrand, Oregon, USA

Stephen L. Bryson, Alabama, USA

Scott N. Germosen, New York, USA

Nathan P. Hays, Washington, USA

Daniel G. McCollum, South Carolina, USA

Jeannette L. Winters, Indiana, USA

Nathan R. Chapman, Texas, USA

Les Newcomb, Georgia USA

Virginia Newcomb, Minnesota ,USA

Svobodny Family Ca. USA

Lourdes Henson Galvez, Metro Manila, Philippines

Issac Wilton Mott, Louisiana, USA

Deceased Priests and Religious of the Diocese of Lake Charles, Louisiana

Eldon Winkel, Iowa, USA

Bill Millea, Nebraska , USA

Charles Schmidt, Illinois, USA

Mary Kay Schmidt, Illinois, USA

Betts Gagne, Illinois, USA

Bernard Gagne, Illinois, USA

Walter Koster, Iowa, USA

Viola Koster, Iowa, USA

Oliver Rea, Iowa, USA

Florence Rea, Iowa, USA

Margaret Millea, NE, USA

Thomas Millea, NE, USA

Mary Margret Millea, NE, USA

Tom Lynch, Illinois, USA

Robbie Winkel , Iowa, USA

Zeke Winkel, Iowa , USA

June Winkel, Iowa, USA

Laurence Winkel, Iowa, USA

Ida Winkel, Iowa, USA

Jacob Winkel, Iowa, USA

Mamie Winkel, Iowa, USA

Jack Henry, Iowa, USA

Judy Chandlee, Iowa, USA

Tristan Chandlee, Indiana, USA

Irene Little, AR, USA

Sr. Lois Ann Rea, O.S.F., Iowa, USA

Sr. Emerentia Reising, F.S.P.A., WI, USA

Louis Reising, Iowa, USA

Barbara Reising, Iowa, USA

Mons. Jorge Schöeffer, La Plata, Argentina

Joan Jellett, New South Wales, Australia

Vera Cross, New South Wales, Australia

The Jellett family, New South Wales, Australia

Joan Jellett, New South Wales, Australia

Vera Cross, New South Wales, Australia

Joachim Elanjikkal, Kerala, India

Mariam Jacob, Kerala, India

Jacob Velivil, Kerala, India

Madaletha Thondiparambil, Kerala, India

Elanjikkal family, Kerala, India

Velivil family, Kerala, India

Luth Lavadia, Metro Manila, Philippines

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Christopher O. Grant, Louisiana, USA

Lyle D. Turnbull, Virginia, USA

Patrick H. Quinn, Pennsylvania, USA

Patrick C. Hawkins, Pennsylvania, USA

Jennifer M. Moreno, Californian, USA

Cody J. Patterson, Oregon, USA

Joseph M. Peters, Missouri, USA

Jeremiah M. Collins Jr., Wisconsin, USA

Angel L. Lopez, Ohio, USA

Thomas A. Baysore Jr., Pennsylvania, USA

Jonathan S. Gibson, Oregon, USA

Landon L. Jones, California, USA

Timothy R. McGill, New Jersey, USA

Liam J. Nevins, Colorado, USA

Joshua J. Strickland, Georgia, USA

James T. Wickliff-Chacin, Oklahoma, USA

William D. Brown III, North Carolina, USA

Randall R. Lane, Indiana, USA

Robert E. Thomas Jr., California, USA

Todd J. Lobraico Jr., Connecticut, USA

Joshua Bowden, Georgia, USA

Michael H. Ollis, New York, USA

Ricardo Young, Arkansas, USA

Jason Togi, Pago Pago, American Samoa

Kenneth Clifford Alvarez, California, USA

Jonathon Michael Dean Hostetter, Missouri, USA

George A. Bannar Jr., Virginia, USA

Timothy G. Santos Jr., Alabama, USA

Keith E. Grace Jr., Texas, USA

Octavio Herrera, Idaho, USA

Jamar A. Hicks, Arkansas, USA

Nickolas S. Welch, Oregon, USA

Nicholas B. Burley, California, USA

Stephen M. New, Tennessee, USA

Eric T. Lawson, Georgia, USA

Caryn E. Nouv, Virginia, USA

Rob L. Nichols, Colorado, USA

Jonam Russell, Arizona, USA

Stefan M. Smith, Georgia, USA

Anthony R. Maddox, Texas, USA

Sonny C. Zimmerman, Ohio, USA

Benjamin Tuttle, Arkansas, USA

Errol D.A. Milliard, Alabama, USA

Tracy L. Stapley, Utah, USA

Hilda I. Clayton , Georgia, USA

Aaron X. Wittman , Virginia, USA

David J. Chambers , Virginia, USA

Mark H. Schoonhoven, Michigan, USA

Jonathan D. Davis, Arizona, USA

Larry  Bunn , Louisiana, USA

Cody D. Suggs, Ohio, USA

Steven P. Blass, Iowa, USA

Bryan J. Henderson, Louisiana, USA

Sara M. Knutson, Maryland, USA

Andrew M. Pedersen-Keel, Florida, USA

Rex L. Schad, Oklahoma, USA

Marc A. Scialdo, Flordia, USA

Zachary L. Shannon, Florida, USA

Christian M. Pike, Arizona, USA

David T. Proctor, North Carolina, USA

James E. Groves III, Ohio, USA

James F. Grissom, California, USA

Tristan M. Wade, Indiana, USA

Michael C. Cable, Kentucky, USA

Curtis S. Reagan, South Carolina, USA

James M. Steel, Florida, USA

Wilbel A. Robles-Santa, Juncos, Puerto Rico

Delfin M. Santos, California, USA

Christopher M. Ward, Tennessee, USA

Matthew P. Ruffner, Pennsylvania, USA

Jarett M. Yoder, Pennsylvania, USA

Barrett L. Austin, South Carolina, USA

Aaron R. Blanchard, Washington, USA

Robert J. Hess , Virginia, USA

Brandon L. Cyr , Virginia, USA

Richard A. Dickson , California, USA

Daniel N. Fannin, Kentucky, USA

Reid K. Nishizuka, Hawaii, USA

Michael H. Simpson , Texas, USA

Charles P. McClure, Oklahoma, USA

Trinidad Santiago Jr. , California, USA

Herman Mackey III , California, USA

Victoria A. Pinckney , California, USA

Mark T. Voss, Colorado, USA

Kevin Cardoza , Texas, USA

Eric D. Christian, New York, USA

Brandon J. Landrum, Oklahoma, USA

Thomas P. Murach, Idaho, USA

Francis G. Phillips IV, New York, USA

Brandon J. Prescott, Oregon, USA

David M. Sonka, Colorado, USA

Jeffrey C. Baker , California, USA

Mitchell K. Daehling, Massachusetts, USA

William J. Gilbert , California, USA

Cody J. Towse, Utah, USA

Trenton L. Rhea, Kansas, USA

Eugene M. Aguon, Mangilao, Guam

Dwayne W. Flore, Sinajana, Guam

Christopher R. Drake, Louisiana, USA

Joe A. Nunezrodriguez, Texas, USA

Ray A. Ramirez, California, USA

Mariano M. Raymundo , Texas, USA

Job M. Reigoux , Texas, USA

Kyle P. Stoeckli , Virginia, USA

Sean W. Mullen, Delaware, USA

Robert A. Pierce, Oklahoma, USA

Justin L. Sisson, Arizona, USA

Todd J. Clark, New York, USA

Jaimie E. Leonard, New York, USA

Jesse L. Thomas Jr., Florida, USA

Marek Soja, Pennsylvania, USA

Jared W. Brown, Florida, USA

Ember M. Alt, South Carolina, USA

Robert W. Ellis, Washington, USA

Justin R. Johnson, Florida, USA

William R. Moody , Texas, USA

Corey E. Garver, Maine, USA

Javier Sanchez Jr. , California, USA

Justin R. Rogers, New York, USA

Betty Podojil Porubsky, OH, USA

Alex A. Viola, Texas, USA

Richard L. Vazquez, Texas, USA

Forrest W. Robertson, Kansas, USA

David I. Lyon, Idaho, USA

Daniel M. Vasselian, Massachusetts, USA

Randy L. Billings, Oklahoma, USA

Peter  Bohler , North Carolina, USA

Omar W. Forde, Georgia, USA

Terry K. D. Gordon, Mississippi, USA

Joshua B. Silverman, Arizona, USA

Jesse L. Williams, Indiana, USA

Matthew R. Rodriguez, Massachusetts, USA

James L. Smith, Texas, USA

Todd J. Lobraico Jr., Connecticut, USA

Cody O. Moosman, Idaho, USA

Todd J. Lobraico Jr., Conneticut, USA

Cody O. Moosman, Idaho, USA

David I. Lyon, Idaho, USA

Daniel M. Vasselian, Massachusetts, USA 

Jacob M. Hess, Washington, USA

William K. Lacey, Florida, USA

Drew M. Scobie, Hawaii, USA

Matthew R. Rodriguez, Massachusetts, USA

Cody J. Patterson, Oregon, USA

Edward Balli, California, USA

James Robert McLaughlin, Maryland, USA

Winifred McLaughlin, Maryland, USA

Helen French, Georgia, USA

J.B. French, Georgia, USA

Paul "Pete" Taylor, Virginia, USA

Floyd Pawlowski, Oregon, USA

John Poulin, Manitoba, Canada

Felipe Galanida, Bohol, Philippines

Flora Galanida, Bohol, Philippines

Susana Galanida, Bohol, Philippines

Braulio Estillore, Bohol, Philippines

Ana Mamerta Estillore, Bohol, Philippines

Metodio Estillore, Bohol, Philippines

Sexagesima Maravilla, Quezon, Philippines

Asyong Maravilla, Quezon, Philippines

Lorenzo Galanida, Bohol, Philippines

Buenaventurada Madelo, Bohol, Philippines

Teodora, Bohol, Philippines

Rommel Acido, Bohol, Philippines

Ben Tiu, Quezon City, Philippines

Maria Meza Ramirez, Guadalajara ,Mexico

Sr. Felix , Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

Jesus Quiroz Ayala , DF , Mexico

Juan Hernandez, Guadalajara , Mexico

Isidro Alferez, Guadalajara Mexico

Ma. de la Luz Nungaray, Guadalajara Mexico

Daniel Rodriguez, Guadalajara, Mexico

Ma. de Jesus Ramirez, Guadalajara , Mexico

Margarita Meza, Guadalajara Mexico

Alicia Aguilera, Guadalajara, Mexico

Juan Pablo Hernandez, Guadalajara Mexico

Michael Lombardo, California, USA

Vince Lombardo, California, USA

Mary Bullinger, California, USA

Emmanual Adam Bullinger, California, USA

Mary Lucido, California, USA

Joey Lucido, California, USA

Frank Puccio, California, USA

Jenny Puccio, California, USA

Francesca Davi, California, USA

Ratzi Davi, California, USA

Virginia Davi, California, USA

Joe Davi, California, USA

Virginia Martin, California, USA

Margaret Selway, California, USA

Shirley Weyant, California, USA

Catherine Marchetta, California, USA

Karen DeLapp, California, USA

Mark Wilson, California, USA

Sr. Mary Cecilia, New York, USA

William Becker, Texas, USA

Elizabeth Becker, Texas, USA

Leo Rohmer, Texas,USA

Anna Rohmer, Texas, USA

Werner Becker, Sr., Texas, USA

Rita Becker, Texas, USA

Edward Rohmer, Texas, USA

Herbert Hundt, Texas, USA

Marie Hundt, Texas, USA

Albert Rohmer, Texas, USA

Ursula Rohmer, Texas, USA

Mary Rohmer, Texas, USA

Bud Pettit, Texas, USA

Adeline Pettit, Texas, USA

Gerald Wooten, Texas, USA

Bertha Wooten, Texas, USA

Martha Rohmer, Texas, USA

George Barker, Texas, USA

Viona Barker, Texas, USA

Alois Rohmer, Texas, USA

Rose Rohmer, Texas, USA

Urban Rohmer, Texas, USA

Arnold Rohmer, Texas, USA

Ben Voth, Texas, USA

Martin Becker, Texas, USA

Mary Becker, Texas, USA

Anna Becker, Texas, USA

Johnny Sicking, Texs, USA

Eleanor Sicking, Texas, USA

Carol Ann Koesler, Texas, USA

Jimmy Wooten, Texas, USA

Carol Pettit, Texas, USA

Gene Sicking, Texas, USA

Andrew Homer Lowrey, Texas, USA

Bernadine Barker, Texas, USA

Thomas S. Stevens, Delaware, USA

John T. Evans, Pennsylvania, USA

Mildred Davies Evans, Pennsylvania, USA

Thomas A. Stevens, New Jersey, USA

Hedwig Guyer Stevens, New Jersey, USA

Barbara Baxter, Pennsylvania, USA

Craig Baxter, Pennsylvania, USA

Joan Stevens, New Jersey, USA

Walter Guyer, New Jersey, USA

Dorothy Guyer, New Jersey, USA

David Samuel, Pennsylvania, USA

Laura Gamble, Delaware, USA

William A. Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA

Bruce Kline, Pennsylvania, USA

The Stevens family, New Jersey, USA

The Guyer family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Evans family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Davies family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Samuel family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Rogers family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Wilson family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Robison family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Kowalke family, Iowa, USA

The Cross family, Pennsylvania, USA

The Wishmeyer family, Pennsylvania, USA

Elsa Guyer Farney, Pennsylvania, USA

Doris Farney, Delaware, USA

Mr. Kowalke, Iowa, USA

Edith Rogers Kowalke Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA

Gertrude Robison, Pennsylvania, USA

Jack Robison, Virginia, USA

Alan Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA

Yaroslav Rudawsky, Delaware, USA

Ruth Slote, Pennsylvania, USA

Robert Slote, Pennsylvania, USA

Mr. Spencer, Pennsylvania, USA

Patricia Greene, Co. Mayo, Ireland

The McCarten Family, Co. Armagh, Ireland

The Fiddimore Family, Croydon, England

The Koep Family, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The Hagerty family Ohio USA

The Fradl family Ohio USA

The Freund Ohio USA

Fr. Dezso K. Molnar, Hungary

Suhajda Molnar Family, Hungary

Marsalko Family, Hungary

Simon Family NJ USA

Varro Family, Hungary

Costinett Family, VA USA

Listoe Family Demark USA

Dominic Nghi Nguyen, Bien Hoa, Vietnam

Joseph Phan Nguyen, Melbourne, Australia

Maria Thuy Tran, Melbourne, Australia

Eduardo Laxa, Bataan, Philippines

Maria Salas, Bataan, Philippines

Sergio Salas, Bataan, Philippines

Marcial Laxa, Pampanga, Philippines

Carmelina Laxa, Pampanga Philippines

Martin Salas, Bataan, Philippines

Nicomedes Salas, Bataan, Philippines

Jerard Casalme, Bataan, Philippines

Bachicha Family, New Mexico, USA

Romero Family, New Mexico, USA

Lautenschleger Family, Strasburg, Ohio, USA

Croft Family, Baltic, Ohio, USA

Benjamin T. Vilchez, Legazpi City, Philippines

Leonardo T. Vilchez, Legazpi City, Philippines

Sigefred T. Vilchez, Legazpi City, Philippines

Abet T. Vilchez, Sorsogon, Philippines

Rosita Vilchez, Legazpi City, Philippines

Illuminado Cortez, Manila, Philippines

Trinidad Cortez, Manila, Philippines

Ronald Braunwart, Sr. Kentucky, USA

Karen Roberts, Maryland, USA

Zdzislaw Fiutowski, Toronto, Canada

Kalicinski Family, Wachock, Poland

Fiutowski Family, Wachock, Poland

Chmielarz Family, Jedrzejow, Poland

Rzymkiewicz Family, Jedrzejow, Poland

Munoz Family, NYC, New York

Pineda Family, NYC, New York

Marcin Fiutowski, Stary Sacz, Poland

Vincent and Marie from GA, USA

Catherine Puglisi from Amsterdam NY USA

Alfred Puglisi from Amsterdam NY USA

Madison Holleran, New Jersey, USA

Roman Schonwiesner, Slovakia, Europe

Daniel Philip Linnell Sr.

Massachusetts, USA

Marie Turner, Colorado, USA

Leon Fedinec, Colorado, USA

James Powers, Connecticut, USA

Louise Fedinec, Colorado, USA

Peggy McCarthy, New York, USA

Stanislaw Kozubal Des Plaines Il, USA

Maciej Kozubal, Wroclaw Poland

Samuel L. Elias, Pennsylvania, USA

Eloise A. Elias-Hoffman, Pennsylvania, USA

George Beatovic Chicago Il USA

Zofia Lipka Warsaw Poland

Zdzislaw Tomczynski Warsaw Poland

Ernesto Llaneza, Philippines

Fr. Eric Freed, California, USA

John McDonald, California, USA

Elizabeth Gaffney, IL, USA

John Gaffney, IL, USA

Nora Cason Fambrough, TX, USA

Cason Fambrough, TX, USA

The Fambrough family, TX USA

Mr Padraig (Paudie) Horan, Kerry, Ireland

Mr Charles (Charlie) Lovell,  Kerry, Ireland

Miss Marina Egan, Kerry, Ireland

Mr Tom O’Gorman, Dublin, Ireland

James B. Fambrough, AZ, USA

Catherine Fambrough, AZ, USA

Arlene Fambrough, AZ, USA

Jack Gaffney, IL, USA

Arthur Gaffney, IL, USA

Anne Gaffney, IL, USA

Beulah Gregory, TX, USA

Chig Gregory, TX, USA

The Gregory Family, TX, USA

The O B Favela Family, AZ, USA

Marilyn Milner, NJ, USA

Patti Harris, Louisiana, USA

Marion Perry, Louisiana, USA

Fambrough Family, USA

Dorothy Worsdale, NY, USA

Bernice Trumpter, NM, USA

The Broadaway Family, NM, USA

Andres Calvario, Quezon, Philippines

Felisa Calvario, Quezon, Philippines

Gerardo Camasin, Leyte, Philippines

Cecilia Camasin, Leyte, Philippines

Arnel Maravilla, Quezon, Philippines

Orlando Danao, Masbate, Philippines

Apiot, Leyte, Philippines

Paul Marquez, Metro Manila, Philippines

Pedrito Estillore, Bohol, Philippines

Beata Estillore, Bicol, Philippines

Jerry Mamola, IL. USA

Jean Payne, IL. USA

Gene Soens, WI, USA

Dale Antes, WI, USA

Grace Aull, WI, USA

MIldred Bremer, WI, USA

Donna Carney, WI, USA

George Carroll, WI, USA

Louise Damaschke, WI, USA

Lois Daun, WI, USA

Billy Evans, WI, USA

Charles Fleming, WI, USA

Jean Frey, WI, USA

Charles Fry, WI, USA

Charlotte Fumo, WI, USA

Joe Gracia, WI, USA

Jim Gilliam, WI, USA

Eugene Greenwald, WI, USA

Joyce Greenwald, WI, USA

WIlliam Hackbarth, WI, USA

Mathilde Houghton, WI, USA

Gladys James, WI, USA

Michael Jaros, WI, USA

Ruth Kuehn, WI, USA

Dale La Plant, WI, USA

Richard Ligocki, WI, USA

Irene Matoska, WI, USA

Lionel Medina, WI, USA

Beverly Musselman, WI, USA

WIlliam Oaf, WI, USA

Virginia Peters, WI, USA

Theodore Peterson, WI, USA

Carol Preuss, WI, USA

Donald Ranker, WI, USA

Albina Runkles, WI, USA

Raymond Skrzypek Jr., WI, USA

Joseph Starling, WI, USA

Viola Tait, WI, USA

Lynn Thomson, WI, USA

Raymond Trapp, WI, USA

WIlliam Travanty, WI, USA

Gordon Tweed, WI, USA

Forrest Wells, WI, USA

Ralph Wells, WI, USA

Alan Zeller, WI, USA

Jeremy Smith Idaho USA

Jack McCarroll California USA

Kathleen Catapano, New York, USA

William A, Wayne, New York, USA

Helen Antinarelli, New York, USA

Eva Mae Snyder, New York, USA

Thomas Ryan, New York, USA

David Jenkins, New York, USA

Samuel Pizzo, New York, USA

Elizabeth Fessenden, New York, USA

Winnie Phillips, British Columbia, Canada

Danny La Plante, British Columbia, Canada