Rorate Caeli

Wisconsin, circa 1973

Deacon Sandy
"Good Shepherd Catholic Church" 
Parish Church of the Good Shepherd, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
Circa 1973*


What does it mean to be a traditional Catholic? It means something quite unlike what is meant by "catholic" above.

[Tip: Creative Minority Report. *Actual date of video: Dec. 18, 2013.]
[Feb. 23 Update: the original video, located at this URL, was removed. Copy made available by Mr. Patrick Archbold.]

[Feb. 25 Update: the first copy having also been removed, we embedded this exact second copy, which is now available above, courtesy of GloriaTV. We believe this video is a historical document of the highest value for future students of the evolution of the liturgy of the Latin Church that indicates the way the liturgy of the Rite of Paul VI is lived and practiced by a portion of the faithful of the Latin Church in this day and age throughout the world. As a historical document we feel it must be known and accessible to future generations for impartial historical analysis. Since it reflects reality as it is lived by many Catholics in their liturgical life, it is a document that must remain publicly accessible, since that is the way it was first made available - public and to the general public worldwide. Note: the video had already been uploaded by a user unknown to us to the international platform of GloriaTV at the time of this update - it was not downloaded nor uploaded by us.]