Rorate Caeli

Doctrine does not change, except when it does

From an interview with Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster, published on Vatican Insider:

Q.  Do you foresee that there could be a change in relation to the question of the divorced and remarried? 
A.  I don’t know. The Church does not change, it develops. By that I mean the doctrine of the Church develops by going out in a different direction.  That is to say, it changes in an indirect way. And it could develop in the question of the divorced and remarried.

His remarks on Pope Francis as representing "radical change" and how his election "made people feel free" -- and the never heretofore heard use of the expression "opening Pandora's Box" to signal something that the speaker considers good, meaning the election of Francis -- are also worth noting and keeping in file...