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"Married Lesbian couple" to have daughter baptized -
and first the "two mothers" will be confirmed in the Cathedral

Where else? In Argentina, ¡naturalmente!

From La Voz:

Daughter of two mothers will be baptized in the Cathedral
Next Saturday, April 5, Umma Azul will be baptized in the Cathedral [of Córdoba, Province of Córdoba, Argentina] and president Cristina Fernández [de Kirchner] could be the godmother.

She is the daughter of Karina Villarroel and Soledad Ortiz, the two Cordoba women who contracted matrimony a little over a year ago, and regarding whom a controversy came about due to the request for leave [for matrimonial reasons] in the Provincial Police by the first one. [The civil "marriage" of same-sex couples has been legal in Argentina since 2010.]
Karina and Soledad had to demand the authorization of the Archdiocese. "I had an audience with Archbishop Carlos Ñáñez so that he would give the order, and he confirmed to me that there will be no problem in the Cathedral," she explained. [The Cathedral] Parish priest Carlos Varas will preside at er the ceremony

The two ladies will receive Confirmation on the same day and, at 10:30 the baptism of Umma Azul will take place, with a godfather who is a friend of the family and two godmothers, the President and a friend.
Meanwhile, Karina, who belongs to the police force of the Province, is still struggling for the recognition of a legal demand of a 180-day maternity leave, even though she was not the pregnant mother. ... The Police assured that the woman abandoned the job.

La Nación adds that "this will be, acccording to Church sources, 'the first baptism of the child of a homoparental [sic] family' to be celebrated in a Catholic building in the country."

Now, we are all in favor of early baptism - but is not there something in baptism related to the probability of the child being raised in the Catholic faith... faithfully? Canon 868, §1, n. 2, of the Code of Canon Law is clear:

Can. 868 §1. For an infant to be baptized licitly:

1/ the parents or at least one of them or the person who legitimately takes their place must consent;

2/ there must be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up in the Catholic religion; if such hope is altogether lacking, the baptism is to be delayed according to the prescripts of particular law after the parents have been advised about the reason.

The Córdoba Archdiocese told La Nación that "the prelate asked Varas [the pastor] to inform the couple, made up of two women, to place 'special attention' in the election of the sponsors, so that the child 'may grow in the' Catholic 'faith'." [sic!]

Speaking to news agency "DyN, Church sources recognized that the procedure to authorize a baptism with such characteristics 'would have been more complicated if Jorge Bergoglio were not the Pope."

[For picture of couple and artwork in the home where "their" daughter will "grow in the faith," see here. Tip: readers]