Rorate Caeli

New iMass app, with complete texts of Missal, Breviary and Ritual
- for Android, just in time for Holy Week

A few months ago Rorate Caeli announced the Rituale Romanum app that we had been working on. There was much excitement about the app, from everyone except those in charge of the approval process at Apple! The app was rejected from the App Store, not once, but subsequently three times - each time going a little higher up the chain of command.

Going back to the drawing board, we have decided to incorporate the Rituale into the iMass app. By doing so, the iMass app becomes a more complete resource for the 1962 Liturgy, including not only the viewable broadcasts of the Mass, but also three of the four Liturgical Books of 1962. (The fourth Liturgical Book is the Pontificale, which would not seem expedient to put on a mobile device.)

On Palm Sunday, April 13th, we will release iMass 5.0 on the Google Play Store. 

The new Android version of iMass will have the following features:

- Both the recorded versions of Mass and the Live broadcasts of the Mass now work seamlessly on all Android devices (with software newer than Ice Cream Sandwich)
- Three 1962 Liturgical Books: The Breviary, the Missal, and the Rituale Romanum
- You can now view the Sunday and daily Mass from the different broadcast locations (not only Florida)
- Although rewritten entirely, the app will be a free upgrade for those who have the current android version of iMass on their devices.

For more details, visit the website:

This current version of iMass is an update for Android. We are still working on the challenge of incorporating the Rituale into the iPhone app, and will release it when we have completed the work, and after the app has been approved by the App Store.

[Information and images exclusively provided to Rorate Caeli by the iMass team.]