Rorate Caeli

Fr. Kenneth Walker Funeral Fund

[Update: total amount has been raised.]

We had updated both previous posts that mentioned Fr. Kenneth Walker with the information, and tweeted about it hours ago - but in case you had not seen it, this is a third link to the Fr. Kenneth Walker Funeral Fund (for verification purposes, it is linked by the FSSP community website in Maple Hill, Kansas), to cover various expenses related to the funeral. Any spare amount will be handed over as donation to the Fraternity of Saint Peter.

Over half the amount has already been raised in a few hours. We know several of our readers have already given their contribution, but, in case you have not, please consider helping.
In the interest of traditional Catholic unity in this moment of grief for all Traditional Catholics in America (and around the globe), we would also point you to the prayer request of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) for the soul of Fr. Walker and for the consolation of his family.