Rorate Caeli

Urgent: Pray for Christians in Iraq

The Western Powers that have irresponsibly and incomprehensibly aided the Islamist rebellion that has all but destroyed Christian life in Syria are directly responsible for the new development - the third largest and very ancient Iraqi city of Mosul fell to the invading international Syria-based Jihadists this Tuesday.

Above, burning church this Tuesday in Mosul (source). No news either from Dominican priest Fr. Najeeb Michael (source).

The massacre and exodus of Christians that followed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, strongly condemned by both John Paul II and Benedict XVI (precisely because they realized how disastrous it would be for Christians), left very few Christians in the country, the North being an exception. Now, the North is being conquered and one of the largest Christian-majority villages, Qaraqosh, is just 32 miles southwest of Mosul - it is very probable it has already been invaded by the Islamist rebels who, at least when they were in Syria, were supported by the Western governments (source: La Vie)...

Pray for the Christians of Syria! Pray for the Christians of Iraq!