Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eighty-third posting of Souls

Below, please find the eighty-third posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. It's another large list this month with over 1,000 Souls having Traditional Latin Masses said for them by the 40 priests of the Purgatorial Society.

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."
How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 40 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

Fr. Kenneth Walker, Kansas, USA

Rev. Fr. Vincent Halder, M.H.M, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Rev. Fr. James Muhren, M.H.M, Holland

Rev. Sister Alice, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Solomon Sigor, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Joseph Wong  Kim Chai, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Mary Agnes Dimong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

George Segie, Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia

Lucy Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia,

Cecilia Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Andrew Ong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Anthony Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Gertrude Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Jonathan Lee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Peter Lanai Wong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Katherine Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia 

Philip Ong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Stephen Ong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Joseph Ong, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Jimmy Then, Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia

Mgr Gérard Drainville, Québec, Canada

Mgr Paul-Émile Charbonneau, Québec, Canada

Abbé Rosario Tanguay, Ontario, Canada

Père Roger Rouleau, ofm, Québec, Canada

Père Louis Pelletier, ofm, Ontario, Canada

Père Robert Farley, ofm, Ontario, Canada

Armand Bélanger, Québec, Canada

Mgr Jean-Louis Giasson, Québec, Canada

Martin Gagnon, Québec, Canada

Abbé Adrien Vaillancourt, Québec, Canada

Abbé Martin Simoneau, Québec, Canada

Abbé Robert Leblanc, Québec, Canada

Germaine Cloutier, Québec, Canada

Clément Fortin, Québec, Canada

Albéric Morin, Québec, Canada

Père Ernest Dubé, ofm, Québec, Canada

André Dumas, Québec, Canada

Roland St-Pierre, Québec, Canada

Alfred Côté, Québec, Canada

Caroline Labrie, Québec, Canada

Raymond Masson, Québec, Canada

Jeannette Walsh, Québec, Canada

Abbé Jean-Marc Lavoie, Québec, Canada

Abbé Marcel Marmen, Québec, Canada

Abbé Ludger Bernier, Québec, Canada

Abbé Gaston Tardif, Québec, Canada

Père Joseph Baril, omi, Québec, Canada

Purificacion Tabisula, Philippines

Clare Lawley, Solihull, England

Fr Batty Desmond, County Cork, Ireland

George Allan Ernest Scott, Ontario, Canada

Edward Klinger Sr., Pennsylvania, USA

The Scott Family, Ontario, Canada

The Klinger Family, Pennsylvania, USA

Mrs Ann Dsouza, Maharashtra, India

The Milotzki Family, Ontario, Canada

Darlene Bradshaw, CA, USA

Keith Gradwell, Delaware, USA

Midge Gradwell, Pennsylvania, USA

Wesley Richard Caldwell, British Columbia, Canada

Eugenia DiFonzo, British Columbia, Canada

Margaret Leary, British Columbia, Canada

Amador Ramos, Philippines

Francisco Joaquin Jr., Philippines

Justin Jay Tuquib, Philippines

Mark Andrew Dalley North Carolina USA

Hoan Van Tran, San Antonio, Texas

Louis Zamperini, California, USA

The Delaparte family, Miami, USA

The Janoura family, Boca Raton, USA

The Martinez family, Miami, USA

The Rizzo family, Miami USA

Marta Kurzyna, New Britain, CT USA

Father Aldo Omar Vara, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Clay Davison, WI, USA

Rebecca Long, WI, USA

Lucille Aiello, WI, USA

William Aikens, WI, USA

Stanley Ambrose III, WI, USA

Pauletta Arttus, WI, USA

Daniel Ball, WI, USA

Eleanore Becker, WI, USA

Beth Beth, WI, USA

Dortha Beth, WI, USA

Ronald Blaziewske, WI, USA

Donna Bragg, WI, USA

Marilyn Carr, WI, USA

Richard Cecchini, WI, USA

Bob Christensen, WI, USA

Marvid Cottingham, WI, USA

Kenneth Davis, WI, USA

Hilma Donaldson, WI, USA

Michael Falk, WI, USA

Theresa Galley, WI, USA

Vernon Goergen, WI, USA

Roland Gregory, WI, USA

Wendy Janas, WI, USA

James Jenison, WI, USA

Ardith Keeling, WI, USA

Louis Kopesky, WI, USA

Diane Koprovic, WI, USA

Allen Krahn, WI, USA

Vincent Kratzer, WI, USA

Michael Lazaris, WI, USA

Robert Lechner, WI, USA

Norbert LeMay, WI, USA

John Lovell, WI, USA

Thomas Marler, WI, USA

Richard Meyer, WI, USA

Mary Meyers, WI, USA

Fred Muetze, WI, USA

Teene Omelianchuk, WI, USA

Jerry Pace, WI, USA

Thomas Phillips, WI, USA

Donna Pillizzi, WI, USA

Kimberly Potthast-Witt, WI, USA

Clyde Rampart, WI, USA

Matthew Royce, WI, USA

Dale Rydlewicz, WI, USA

Roman Schultz, WI, USA

Maria Scola, WI, USA

John Spencer, WI, USA

Jim Swanson, WI, USA

Marjorie Taske, WI, USA

Herbert Wenman, WI, USA

Nicholas Wysocki, WI, USA

Lloyd Young, WI, USA

Roger Williams, Vallejo, CA, USA

Maria Augusta Lima, Lisboa, Portugal

Anastacia Belinda Baker-Bulic, British Columbia, Canada

Luigia Revelant, British Columbia, Canada

Sr. Mary Patricia Wallace, New Brunswick, Canada

Francesco Paolo Zenone, British Columbia, Canada

Rose Mary Barber, British Columbia, Canada

Vincenzo Lucarino, British Columbia, Canada

Assunta Pallantieri, British Columbia, Canada

Giuseppina Valente, British Columbia, Canada

Bud Weiss, British Columbia, Canada

Alessandro Zanachelli, British Columbia, Canada

Mary Brigid Herbert, British Columbia, Canada

Adriano Bicego, British Columbia, Canada

Jeannine Marie Madeleine Caesar, British Columbia, Canada

Antony Caporale, British Columbia, Canada

MacNamara Richard Dooley, British Columbia, Canada

Patricia Anne Gibbs, British Columbia, Canada

Maureen McCulloch, British Columbia, Canada

Wilfrid Martin, British Columbia, Canada

Sophia Petelycky, British Columbia, Canada

Bruno Piccoli, British Columbia, Canada

Katharine Louise Borgen, British Columbia, Canada

Otto Frank Dovertel, British Columbia, Canada

Egil Oddbjorn Lyngen, British Columbia, Canada

Karen Belle Ripley, British Columbia, Canada

Marie Clinton, Co. Dublin, Ireland

May Whelan, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Peter Davis, Co. Dublin, Ireland

 Father James McLaughlin, Lansdale, PA, USA

Mgr Bruno Desrochers, Quebec, Canada

Mgr Charles-Henri Lévesque, Quebec, Canada

Mgr Alexandre Napoléon Labrie, Quebec, Canada

Abbé Aimé Talbot, Quebec, Canada

Abbé Martin Lamarre, Quebec, Canada

François Xavier Pelletier, Quebec, Canada

Claudia Otis, Quebec, Canada

Florida Otis, Quebec, Canada

Hermance Pelletier, Quebec, Canada

Jeanne Pelletier, Quebec, Canada

Rose-Aimé Pelletier, Quebec, Canada

Marie Pelletier, Quebec, Canada

Alphée Bernier, Quebec, Canada

Olivia Forbes, Quebec, Canada

Émile Désabrais, Quebec, Canada

Émilienne Désabrais, Quebec, Canada

Johanne Beaumier, Quebec, Canada

Thérèse Lord, Quebec, Canada

Ernest Cloutier, Quebec, Canada

Pierre Côté, Quebec, Canada

Danute Butkus Maryland, USA

AJ Janosko, VA, USA

Wayne F Dameron, North Carolina, USA

Rev. Msgr. John F. O'Connor, North Carolina, USA

Adriano H. Samson, Philippines

Albert "Jake" Person, Pennsylvania, USA

Thomas Lively. Jr., Pennsylvania, USA

Geraldo da Silva Gonzaga, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Donald Franklin Sanchez, California, United States

Stanislov Zedenick, Alberta, Canada

Charles Deraney, Georgia, USA

Gerald Anthony Floridi, CA, USA

Maria Teresa Carloni, Pavullo, Italy

Mgr. Giovanni Baloire, Turin, Italy

Mgr. Francesco Bottino, Turin, Italy

Mgr. Giuseppe Garneri, Susa, Italy

Caterina Gho, Vinovo, Italy

Sr. Laura Pavia, Turin, Italy

Maria Cristina Omes, Motta Visconti, Italy

Giulia Lissi, Motta Visconti, Italy

Gabriele Lissi, Motta Visconti, Italy

Rose Boyle, - Concord, CA, USA

Mike Bozeman - Vallejo, CA. USA

Joan Thompson Casey, Waterford, CA, USA

Beverly Daly, Vallejo, CA, USA

Carol Doucette - Napa, CA USA

Barbara Landwehr, Vallejo, CA, USA

Kay Schuler, Napa, CA, USA

John Jensen, Vallejo, CA, USA

Pat Leary, Vallejo, CA, USA

Louise Hart, Portland, Oregon, USA

Betty Level, Napa, CA USA

Tug McGraw, Vallejo, CA, USA

Diane Millerick, Port Orchard, WA, USA

Jack, Rodgers, Vallejo, CA, USA

Sister Theophane, San Rafael, CA USA

Sister Dominica, San Rafael, CA, USA

John Verducci, Vallejo, CA, USA

John Joseph Rodgers, Illinois (IL), USA

Gerardo Pascente, IL, USA

Niels Arne Holmen, IL, USA

Charles Rodges, IL, USA

Deacon Bill Steltemeier, Tenn & Alabama, USA

Frank Riley, IL, USA

James Getz, IL, USA

Tony Forchione, IL, USA

Ed Kapuscinzki, IL, USA

Robert O'Brien, IL, USA

Emmett Rodgers, IL, USA

Tom Rocco, IL, USA

Bob Main, IL, USA

James Franz, IL, USA

Jean Payne, IL, USA

Richard Irving, IL & FL, USA

Kevin Michael Klett, IL, USA

Ruby Solin, IN, USA

Carl Wooden, IL, USA

Doris Holmen, IL, USA

Anne O'Donnell Rodgers, IL, USA

Charles O'Donnell, IL, USA

Hannah O'Donnell, IL, USA

James Rodgers, IL, USA or possibly Ireland

Catherine Rodgers, IL, USA or possibly Ireland

Antonia Pascente, IL, USA

Dominic Bozzelli, IL, USA

Anna Bozzelli, IL, USA

Annette Bozzelli, IL, USA

Robert Bozzelli, IL, USA

Phil Bozzelli, IL, USA

Frances Bedard, IL, USA

Shorty Stenman, IL, USA

Roberta Rodgers, IL, USA

Irene Rodgers, IL, USA

Danny Forchione, IL, USA

Lenny Skrowronski, IL, USA

Catherine Rodgers Newman, IL, USA

Patty Newman, IL, USA

Barbara Parker, IL, USA

Marie Rocco, IL, USA

Anna Main, IL, USA

Mary Kay Walsh Franz, IL, USA

Dolores Walsh, IL, USA

Kay Holmen, IL & MN, USA

Mary Ann Rodgers, IL, USA

Henry Christiansen, IL, USA

Lorraine Christiansen, IL, USA

Angelo Borghi, IL, USA

Dr. Fred Tyrrell, IL, USA

Amy Dahly, IL, USA

William Sugrue Sr, IL, USA

William Sugrue, Jr, IL, USA

John "Bud" Sugrue, IL, USA

Joseph Polka, IL, USA

John Buska, IL, USA

Jerome Anthony Urbik, IL, USA

Vi Boetcher, IL, USA

Dolores Hayden, IL, USA

Michael Murphy, Sr, IL, USA

Effie Phillips, MI, USA

Norman Earl, IL, USA

Anne Santschi, IL, USA

Charles McBee, IL, USA

Robert Bollweg, IL, USA

Helen Gordon, IL, USA

Mary Williams, IL, USA

Walter Kania, IL, USA

Fr Dudley Day, IL, USA

Margaret Popjoy, IL, USA

Harold "Duke" Rumsey, IL, USA

Arthur Dominick, IL, USA

Mark Ives, IL, USA

Fr James Keane, IL, USA

Mr. & Mrs. Walsh, IL, USA

Megan Boken, IL, USA

Fr Joseph Thompson, Canada

Dr Francisco Juco, IL, USA & Philippines

Mr. Richard Payne, IL, USA

Patrick Gerace, IL, USA

Katherine Salute, Brooklyn , New York

Salvatore Salute, Brooklyn , New  York

Agnes, Salute, Brooklyn, New York

Mini Salute, Bronx, New York

Mary Malleola, Brooklyn Newyork

Donald Morelli Brooklyn, New York

Malleola Family Brooklyn, New York

John Morelli Brooklyn, New York

Morelli Family Brooklyn, NewYork

Carmine Salute, Brooklyn, New York

Louise Salute, Brooklyn, Neww York

Dominick Salute, Brooklyn, New York

Dominick  Salute Senior , Brooklyn, New York

Teddy, Salute, Bronx, New York

Louise Salute, Brooklyn, New York

Louise Salute, Bronx, NewYork

Millie Salute, Brentwood, New York

Miggs Salute, Brentwood, New York

Louis Salute, Long Island New York

Millie Salute, Long Island New York

Santori Family, Italy

Mary Oteri, Brooklyn, New York

Kimberly bower, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

FAther Roy McCann, Palm Beach, florida

Judy Rivers, Palm Beach, Florida

Pat Frasca, Palm Beach , Florida

Lena Montefusco, Brooklyn, New York

Frances Brocato, Brooklyn, New York

Augustus Brocato, Brooklyn, New York

Mary Piampiano, Brooklyn, New York

Niunzio Piampiano , Brooklyn, New York

Sarah Montefusco, Brooklyn, New York

Edmund Montefusco, Brooklyn, New York

Vincent Pagnata, Altanta, Georga

Eamil Provanzano, Long Island, New York

Vinci Ciardi, Weehawken, New Jersey

Joseph Ciardi, Weehwaken, New Jersey

Joe, Ciardi, Brooklyn, New York

Marie Azzara, Louisvile, Kentucky

Mike Azzara, Louisville Kentucky

Tony Brocato, Brooklyn, New York

Therese Brocato, Brooklyn, New York

John Provanzano, Brooklyn , New York

Antoinette Provanzano, Brooklyn, New York

Lizzie Ippolito, Weehawken, New Jersey

John  Ippolito , Weehawken, New Jersey

John Ippolito, Weehawken, New Jersey

Kate Provanzano, Brooklyn, New York

Provanzano Family, Brooklyn, New York

Jose Salute, Brooklyn, New York

Frank Piampiano, Brooklyn, New York

Father Curley, Palm Beach, Florida

Father Mike Lechera, Palm Beach, Florida

The George Family, Palm Beach, Florida

Sarah Montefusco, Palm Beach Florida

Ed Montefusco, Palm Beach Florida

Elena Mccoy, Key West Florida

Charles McCoy, Key West Florida

Merilee Mccoy, Key West Florida

Hector Boroso, Key Wet , Florida

Therese Broso, Key West Florida

The McCoy Family, Key West Florida

The Boroso Family, Spain

Norma Murdoch, Palm Beach, Florida

Carmella Ippolito, Weehawken , New Jersey

Mary Ippolito, Weehawken, Florida

Ippolito, Family, Weehawken, New Jersey

The Howard Family, Augusta, Ga

John Sweeny, Stuart, Florida

Mary Sweeney, Stuart , Florida

Herb Italian, Stuart, Florida

Esther Sweeney, Stuart, Florida

Mrs. Zebertavicius, Brooklyn, New New York

Mr. Zebertaviciuus, Brooklyn, New York

Zebertavicius, Family, Tithiania, Wurope

Judy Rivers, Palm Beach, Florida

Amilia Sciacca, North Bergen, New Jersey

Dorothy, Zoeller, Louisville, Kentucky

Mr.  Zoeller, Louisville, Kentucky

Janis Zoeller, Louisville, Kentucky

Marie Azzara, Louisville, Kentucky

Michael Azzara, Louisville, Kentucky

Agnes Marie Burger, Palm Beach, Florida

Calogera Provanzano, Brooklyn, New York

Eleanor St. Louis, Palm Beach, Florida

Mr. Saint Louis, Palm Beach, Florida

Alicia Oneill, Key West, Florida

Donald Oneill, Key West Florida

Jack Akquilian, North Palm Beach, Florida

Mary Akqulian, Northy Palm Beach, Florida

Joh Akqulian, North Palm Beach, florida

Akqulian Family, North Palm Beach, Florida

Maria B rocato, Brooklyn, New York

Rosalia Maria Pernice, Palm Beach, florida

Pernice Family, North Palm Beach, Florida

Fretterd Family, Palm Beach, Florida

William Carr, WEst Palm Beach, Florida

Father Bonaventure, West Palm Beach, Florida

FAther Albert, West Palm Beach, Florida

Lonnie Dowd, Pal,m Beach, Florida

Ed Dowwd, West Palm Beach, florida

Wife Dowd, West Palm Beach, florida

John doe, Palm Beach, Florida

GiGi Sacca, Palm Beach Florida

Sr. Catherine, Palm Beach, Florida

Scholl sisters of Notre Dame, Brooklyn, New York

Lois Jeffcott, North Palm Beach, Florida

All the souls of the Faithful Departed

Ramon Cuervo, Metro Manila, Philippines

Salvatore Ciotti, British Columbia, Canada

Lucia Johnston, British Columbia, Canada

Teresa McArdle, New York, USA

Harry Vestergaard, Canada

Aldon John LoCelso, California, USA

Irene LoCelso, California, USA

Michael LoCelso, California, USA

Maryanna Romanoski, Illinois, USA

Edward Adam Romanoski, Illinois, USA

Janinina Byvots, Illinois, USA

Peter Byvoets, Illinois, USA

Adam Romanoski, California, USA

Edward Romanoski, Florida, USA

Barbara Mauger, Illinois, USA

John Husar, Illinois, USA

George Russo, Illinois, USA

Aaron Talley, Minnesota, USA

Lawrence Wysocki, Illinois, USA

Tobias Biedul, California, USA

Armand LoCelso, California, USA

Maria LoCelso, Illinois, USA

Ida Ranieri, Illinois, USA

Barbara Husgens, Illinois, USA

Giovanni Pizza, Illinois, USA

Josephine Dykhuizen, Illinois, USA

Clarence Dykhuizen, Illinois, USA

Ella Meidema, Illinois, USA

Anne Steue, Illinois, USA

Frank Madrigali, Illinois, USA

George Vander Molen, Illinois, USA

Alice Vander Molen, Illinois, USA

Harry Dykhuizen, Illinois, USA

Betty Dykhuizen, Illinois, USA

Eleanore Kanzler, Illinois, USA

John Kanzler, Illinois, USA

David Kanzler, Illinois, USA

Agnes Husenica, Illinois, USA

John Husenica, Illinois, USA

Steve Husenica, Illinois, USA

Helen Husenica, Illinois, USA

Antoinete Niesius, Illinois, USA

John Klopack, Illinois, USA

George Klopack, Illinois, USA

Jay Vander Grift, Illinois, USA

George Peter Romanoski, Texas, USA

Lauretta Therese Romanoski, Illinois, USA

Joseph Thomas Romanoski, Sr., Illinois, USA

Eleanora Romanoski, Illinois, USA

Melvin Crochet, Illinois, USA

Glen Johnson, California, USA

Melvin Jones, Mississippi, USA

Carl Jones, Mississippi, USA

Gloria Jones, Mississippi, USA

Lenora Jones, Mississippi, USA

Earnest Payton, Mississippi, USA

Ina Belle Payton, Mississippi, USA

James Washington, Sr., Mississippi, USA

James Washington, Jr., Mississippi, USA

Mary Washington, Mississippi, USA

LeRoy Washington, Mississippi, USA

Deborah Crowley, Mississippi, USA

Lena Robinson, Mississippi, USA

Melvin Robinson, Mississippi, USA

George Peter Romanoski, Texas, USA

Fr. Randy Cain, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

David Kelley, New York, USA

Vicente J. Jayme Jr., Philippines

Noel T. de Leon, Philippines

Norberto Antonio G. Layug, Philippines

The Dixon Family, Ohio, USA

Josiah Craig Dixon

Edna Campbell Dixon

Joan Therese Dixon Fritz

Vi Dixon

Kenneth Dixon, Sr.

Kenneth Dixon, Jr.

Vera Dixon

Florence Elizabeth Dixon

J. C. Dixon

Florence Elizabeth Hollibaugh

Paul Hollibaugh

Robert Hollibaugh

Robert Dixon

Harriett Dixon

Harry Dixon

June Dixon, sisters

Ted Kramer

Nell Dixon Kramer

Dorothy Dixon Johnson

E. A. Johnson

Eric Dixon, wife

Herbert Craig Dixon

Theron Dixon

Angela Dixon

Dick Dixon

Ed Voison

Marjorie Dixon Haas

Al Haas

The Terrence M. Campbell Family, Ohio, USA

George Campbell Family, Ohio, USA

Raymond Campbell Family, Ohio, USA

Thomas Campbell Family, Ohio, USA

William Campbell Family, Ohio, USA

William Gillespie Family, Ohio, USA

Bernard Richards Family, Ohio, USA

The G. Richards Family,California, USA

Ed Herald,Florida, USA

Ed Mara, Florda, USA

Ed Ryder, Florida, USA

Rita Ryder, Florida, USA

Carol Bukowski, Florida, USA

Anne Harris, Florida, USA

Veronica Duffy, Tx., USA

Charles Dixon, wife, Tx., USA

Andy Kosen, Florida, USA

Gordon Douglas Klein, Ohio, USA

Janice and Elmer Klein, Ohio, USA

Nina Ingersoll, Ohio, USA

Elmer Klein, Ohio, USA

Mary Klein, Ohio, USA

Rosalie Richards, Colorado, USA

The Giesman Family, Pennsylvania, US

The Bornemann Family, Pennsylvania, US

The Schlegel Family, Pennsylvania, US

Sandy Wilkins, Florida, US

Mrs. Jeanne Hey, San Jose, CA

Glenn Zamora, Bacoor, Philippines

Ma. Cristina C. Zamora, Bacoor, Philippines

Kristine F. Cernal, Dasmariñas, Philippines

Camille I. Genova, Imus, Philippines

Clarence I. Genova, Imus, Philippines

John E Gibbons, Illinois, USA

Laura Gibbons, Illinois, USA

Frank & Cora Gibbons, Illinois, USA

Daniel & Maria Higgins, Illinois,USA

Ella Wisnaski, Ilinois, USA

Catherine & Josephine Wigman, Illinois, USA

Camilla Neville, Illinois, USA

Craig Neville, Illinois, USA

Sherry Neville,Illinois, USA

Jeffrey Neville, Texas, USA

Sharon Neville, Illinois, USA

Kenny Neville, Illinois, USA

Harry Yeates, Illinois, USA

Jeanette Lecour, Illinois, USA

Paul Lecour Sr. Illinois, USA

Paul Lecour Jr. Illinois, USA

Amelia Granger, Illinois, USA

George Granger, Illinois, USA

Laura Fortin Granger, Illinois, USA

Paul Granger, Illinois, USA

Jeff Ricollo, Illinois, USA

Johnny Zappa, Illinois, USA

Scott Oleson, Illinois, USA

Denise Houlahan, Illinois, USA

Gerry Hulbert, Illinois, USA

Barbara Hoegger, Illinois, USA

Kathy Hoegger, Illinois, USA

Jim Slattery, Illinois, USA

Rose Price, Illinois, USA

Julie Sullivan, Illinois, USA

Billy Townsend, Illinois, USA

Gordon Dupont, Illinois, USA

Karen Carpenter, California, USA

Sharon Robertson, Illinois, USA

Jim Slattery, Illinois, USA

Cynthia Ganzert, Illinois, USA

Eileen Murphy, Illinois, USA

Becky Lane, Illinois, USA

Michael Moyemont, Illinois, USA

Lucille Watson, Illinois, USA

Fr. John Naab, Illinois, USA

Fr. Michael Tracy, Illinois, USA

Fr. John Barret, Illinois, USA

Fr. Burns Sealey, Illinois, USA

Fr. Edward Karlovich, Illinois, USA

Fr. Ambrose Granger, Illinois, USA

Sr. John Dominic OP, Illinois, USA

Sr. Mary Benedict OP, Illinois, USA

Frank Kaiser, British Columbia, Canada

Justine Louise D. Canon, Imus, Philippines

Jeremiah Levi D. Cañon, Imus, Philippines

Ma. Ludy D. Cañon, Imus, Philippines

Jaime A. Cañon, Imus, Philippines

Ed Lorenz D. Mabalot, Imus, Philippines

Laura D. Alviar, Imus, Philippines

Percibal D. Alviar, Imus, Philippines

Perlita D. Alviar, Imus, Philippines

Balbino Alviar, Imus, Philippines

Mark Karl Henry D. Rodriguez, Imus, Philippines

Cynthia D. Rodriguez, Imus, Philippines

Lorenzo Dela Cruz, Imus,

Purificacion D. Dela Cruz, Imus, Philippines, RIP

Ong Ming Yee, Metro Manila, Philippines

Joseph Skelton Sr., Detroit, USA

Warren R. Bloomquist, Minnesota, USA

Katie Krizan, Wisconsin, USA

Ken & Priscilla Shelton, Illinois, USA

Rev. Mike Chernetzki, Illinois, USA

Karna Plumley, Illinois, USA

Joe & Hilda Meggiorini, Illinois, USA

Dom Meggiorini, Illinois, USA

The Hylla Family , Michigan , USA

The Kruger Family , Ohio , USA

The St. Louis Family , Michigan , USA

Eleanor St. Louis, Florida , USA

Frank St. Louis, Florida , USA

Jack Schmidt , Florida , USA

Father Fidelis Connolly, C.P., Florida , USA

Earl Harmon , Florida , USA

Carole Coutts , Florida , USA

Vincenza D’Anna, Florida , USA

Daughter of Vincenza D’Anna , Florida , USA

Jeanetta Young, Florida , USA

Joanne Magrann , Florida , USA

Rose Harrigan , Florida , USA

John Harrigan , Florida , USA

Mary Cloutier, Florida , USA

Harold Cloutier, Florida , USA

John Murphy , Florida , USA

Deanna DeCesare , Florida , USA

Husband of Deanna DeCesare , Florida , USA

Anna Stephenson , Florida , USA

Hans Stephenson , Florida , USA

Sam Vasto , Florida , USA

Gerald Roberts, Florida , USA

Louise Roberts, Florida , USA

Father Frank Flynn , Florida , USA

Vincent Hylla , Michigan , USA

Emma Hylla , Florida , USA

Jeanette St. Louis, Michigan , USA

Arthur Kruger , Florida , USA

Mary Kruger , Florida , USA

Debbie Stojanowski, Michigan, USA

Jimmy Dempsey, Tennessee, USA

Michael Hoch, Michigan, USA

Fr. Thomas Steinbugler, SJ, Metro Manila, Philippines

Regina Parnell Abel, Kentucky,  USA

James Martin Abel,  Kentucky,  USA

Ferdinand Flick,  Ohio,  USA

Ferdinand H Flick,  Ohio, USA

Ferdinand J Flick,  Ohio,  USA

Walter Landenburg,  Ohio,  USA

Adeline Landenburg,  Ohio,  USA

Blanche Underwood,  Kentucky,  USA

Claude Parnell,  Kentucky,  USA

The Flick Family,  Ohio,  USA

The Abel Family,  Indiana,  USA

Francisco Ruiz Guiñazú

Yolanda Sasia, Bilbao, Spain

Pedro Mari Sasia, Bilbao, Spain

Harvey Bryson, Grafton, Ontario, Canada

Peter Daniel Doran II, Colorado, USA

Eugenio Orcullo, Cebu City, Philippines

Richard Joseph Cuddihy, Oregon, USA

Arthur Tanseco, Philippines

Redentor Antonio Roque Natividad, Philippines

Jill Renee Laird Shaw, MO, USA

Marie Ursula DeSouza, Markham, Ontario

David Joseph Ross, Quebec, Canada

Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, New Brunswick, Canada

Douglas James Larche, New Brunswick, Canada

Angeli S. Rivera, Bacoor City, Philippines

Geraldine Cerile P. De Guzman, Manila, Philippines

Helen O'Connell Philadelphia, Pa

Violet Casey- England 

Mary Gibbons- England

Patricia Clyne- Ireland

Wojciech Jaruzelski, Poland

Manuel Villarama, Metro Manila, Philippines

Maria Brozyna, British Columbia, Canada

Sergio Bruno de Blasio, British Columbia, Canada

Hector Emil DeGusseme, British Columbia, Canada

Irene Elizabeth Doyle, British Columbia, Canada

Margaret Mary McLaughlin, British Columbia, Canada

Theresa Helen Wynne, British Columbia, Canada

Leolinda Marcelina Branca Achiam, British Columbia, Canada

Margaret Kathleen Bader, British Columbia, Canada

Olive Anna Bourque, British Columbia, Canada

Vincenzo Circo, British Columbia, Canada

William Bernard Hickey, British Columbia, Canada

John Edward Nixon, British Columbia, Canada

Giuseppe Papalia, British Columbia, Canada

Paola Corra, British Columbia, Canada

Paul Lawrence Duggan, British Columbia, Canada

Loretta May Hadcock, British Columbia, Canada

Vincenzo Lucarino, British Columbia, Canada

Janina Spyrka, British Columbia, Canada

Grant Firth, British Columbia, Canada

Lucia Manchon, British Columbia, Canada

Maria Papa, British Columbia, Canada

Teresa Santucci, British Columbia, Canada

Palmiro Albino Zanotto, British Columbia, Canada

Daniel Albro, California, USA

Thomas J. Kelly, North Carolina, USA

Cecilia N. Rahl, North Carolina, USA

Carolyn Ward Sepich, North Carolina, USA

Chuck Barnewolt, North Carolina, USA

Brother Raymond McQuade, Texas, USA

James Delaney, NJ USA

George Diaz, NY, USA

Basilio Celicious, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

Genoviva Celicious, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

Cornelio Juele, Negros Occidental, Philippines 

Marcelina Juele, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Solano Cezar, Pasig City, Philippines

Agustine Cezar, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Milagros Ganzon, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Alejandra Icalina, Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

Bernard Joseph Heggeman, III; Alabama; USA

Graham Smith, Louisiana USA

Candido Intic, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Maria P. Intic, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Alejandro Celicious, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Rufina B. Celicious, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Jesusa C. Josue,  Dipolog City Philippines 

Christopher B. Celicious, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Luzminda C. Paner, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Evagrio P. Intic, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Silvestre Daymiel, Dipolog City, Philippines 

Juanita B. Daymiel, Dipolog City, Philippines

Monica I. Panares, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Estrella P. Mirafuentes, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Charles Intic, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Tiago Intic, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Danilo Celicious, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

Margarita Lira, Dipolog City, Philippines

Primo Lira, Dipolog City, Philippines

Basilisa Barosa, Dipolog City, Philippines

Rosa Puntanar

Ann B. Davis, Texas, USA

Judith Bluestein, Ohio, USA

Msgr. Francisco G. Tantoco Jr., Philippines

Vicente Antonio C. Torres, Philippines

Jack and Regina Boutcher, Pennsylvania, USA

James R. Scoville, Ogden, UT, USA

Fr. J. Basil Breen, St. Thomas Parish, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Monsignor G. Breen, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Patricia Milnemow, Philadelphia, US

Deborah C, Philadelphia, US

Emma Burns Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

John Proudfoot Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Michael Proudfoot Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Walter Dubowec, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Arnie Kasdorf Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Donald Fenwick Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Mary Alice Warren Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Wallace Imlah Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Wallace Raymond McQuade Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Richard Jan Osicki Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Jay C Swartz Adirondack Lake

Augustus Svorad Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bruce E. McDonald Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Claire Lamontagne Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Robert J. Webster Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bernadette Webster Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

William Woodbeck Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Patricia Easton Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Robert Easton Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Ina Florence Milne (McInnes) Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Archibald McInnes Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Edward Rourke, Missouri, USA

Maya Angelou, North Carolina, USA

Jay C Swartz Adirondack Lake

Augustus Svorad Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bruce E. McDonald Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Claire Lamontagne Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Robert J. Webster Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Bernadette Webster Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

William Woodbeck Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Patricia Easton Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Robert Easton Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Ina Florence Milne (McInnes) Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Archibald McInnes Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Joachim J Speciale,  California, USA

Shiela M Speciale, California, USA

O.H. Speciale, California, USA

Anita B Speciale, California, USA

Rosalie V Speciale, California, USA

Anna Martha Speciale, California, USA

John Franklin Lefler, California, USA

Thomas Oberst, California, USA

Annette O'Hara, California, USA

Angelo Chimienti, California, USA

Barbara Smith, Arizona, USA

Elizabeth Smith, Arizona, USA

Tom Bugellen, Arizona, USA

Michael Kane, Arizona, USA

John E Turco, California, USA

Fr. Alberto Huerta, California, USA

Fr. Francis D Macpeck SJ, California, USA

Fr John Geary SJ, California, USA

Fr Joseph Geary SJ, California, USA

Fr. Robert E Griffin SJ, California, USA

Fr John Martin SJ, California, USA

Fr Louis Bannan SJ, California, USA

Fr. Leo P Rock SJ, California, USA

Fr Alan Miller SJ, California, USA

Fr James D Obrien SJ, California, USA

Fr Lucius Grosso  OFM, California, USA

Fr. Lester Mitchell OFM, Arizona, USA

Rita Mahaney, California, USA

Bud Mahaney, California, USA

Martin Hackethal, New York, USA

Malen Ekert, New York, USA

Dorothy Sly, Michigan, United States

Robert Sly, Michigan, United States

Hildegard Kubisek, Michigan, United States

Alice Hadsall, Michigan, United States

Ryan Henson, Michigan, United States

John Kovacs, Michigan, United States

Howard Schuman, Michigan, United States

Jean Schuman, Michigan, United States

Barbara Shaker, Michigan, United States

Mary Anne Krasuski, Michigan, United States

Elsie Maue, Michigan, United States

Lawrence Maue, Michigan, United States

John Kovacs, Michigan, United States (duplicate intended)

Pearl Kovacs, Michigan, United States

Herman Clark, Michigan, United States

Joseph Piechocki, Michigan, United States

Marie Piechocki, Michigan, United States

Fay Geb, Michigan, United States

Pearl Schuman, Michigan, United States

Ted Schuman, Michigan, United States

Grace Daugherty, Michigan, United States

Karly Davidson, Ohio, United States

Laura Vasquez, Michigan, United States

Steve Beaton, Michigan, United States

Zaradic family Hrvatska

Domic family.  Hrvatska

Krsinic family  Hrvatska

Mustapic family Hrvatska

Ivan Zdravko Domic Alberta, Canada

Harlan Richard Adkins, Illinois, USA

Christie Lee Adkins, Illinois, USA

The Cavazos Family Texas USA

Marlu Fenoy Evangelista, Philippines

Magnus Vizenor, Pine Point, Minnesota, USA

Edita S. Casiano

Othelo G. Casiano

Victoria Angeles

Gerardo Angeles

Arcadio Angeles

Atching Mereng Angeles

Tatang Seniong Sason

David del Rosario

Leonidas del Rosario

Florencio Serrano

Nanay Aguilar

Aniceto Cariola

Neil Phillips

Alfredo Antonio Isagani

Matt Skerva

Leona delos Reyes

Chit Tisbe

Nonie McBride, Florida, United States

The Casiano Family, California, USA

Frank Lolli, IL, USA

Titi Bertini Tucuman, ARG

Michael Kitson, NC, USA

Nathan Trapuzzano, IN, USA

Alice O'Brien, New York, USA

Neil O'Brien, New York, USA

Baby Benedict Francis Gunther, NY, USA

Danielle Gunther, New York, USA

Gunther Family, New York, USA

O'Brien Family, New York, USA

Dunn Family, New York, USA

Clair Family, New York, USA

Margaret Mulligan, New York, USA

Ryan Barrett, NY, USA

Alice Dunn, NY, USA

Michael Dunn,  NY, USA

Mary O'Brien,  NY, USA

Joseph O'Brien, NY, USA

Joseph Dunn,  NY, USA

Peggy Fay, Ohio, USA

Marie Toohig, NY, USA

Joseph O'Brien, NY, USA

Daniel O'Brien, NY, USA

Robertine Dunn, CT, USA

Therese Corcoran, NY, USA

Margaret Still, NY, USA

Kathy Dunn, SC, USA

Florence Dunn, NY, USA

James Dunn, NY, USA

Sister Eileen Dunn, O.P., NY, USA

Robert Kobus, NY, USA

Herbert Still, NY, USA

Brandon Huggins, NY, USA

John Gagliano, NY, USA

Joseph Corcoran, NY, USA

Robert Fay, NY, USA

Baby Tommy Dunn, NY, USA

Joe Higgins, NY, USA

Timothy Rooney, NY, USA

Marguerite Clohessy, NY, USA

Joseph O'Sullivan, NY, USA

Família Bezerra; Paraná; Brasil

Christian Kane, Connecticut, USA

Sean Brady, New York, USA

Charles Heerey, New York, USA

George A. Beagle, Jr. NJ, USA

Vincent J. D'Ambrosio, NJ, USA

Frank Staunton, NJ, USA

Msgr. Lawrence Boyle, NJ, USA

Msgr.Joseph Joynes, NJ, USA

Dolores Brindisi, NJ/PA, USA

Brindisi Family, NJ/PA, USA

Nicholas Crosson, NJ, USA

Marioano Family, NJ/PA. USA

Joan Murray Cormy, NJ, USA

Teresa Bell, NJ, USA

Mena Family, NJ, USA

Hartman Family, NJ, USA

Fr. Thomas McGurdy, C.M., NY, USA

George Saltarelli, NY, USA

Saltarelli Family, NY, USA

Fred Bernardi, USA

Cyndi Cain, USA

Michael Kitson, USA

Andrew Watkinson, NY, USA

David Gibbons, Surrey, UK

Mary Gibbons, Surrey UK

Betty Costello, Kerry, Ireland

Paddy Sheehy, Kerry, Ireland

Valeria Nowaczewski, Michigan, USA

Lamberto Tanael Manapsal  Pangasinan  Philippines

Gregoria Tanael Manapsal  Manila  Philippines

Pedro Manapsal Sr  Manila  Philippines

Pedro Manapsal Jr  Olongapo Philippines

Alberto Manapsal  Pangasinan  Philippines

Milandri Angelo  Pangasinan Philippines

Filomena Camaya Naguit  Pampanga  Philippines

Francisco Naguit  Pampanga  Philippines

Francisco Manuel  Manila   Philippines

Gregorio Tongol  Batangas  Philippines

Mauricia Naguit Cajigal  Tarlac  Philippines

Leonardo Cajigal  Tarlac  Philippines

Rogel Camaya  La Union  Philippines

Keith Cranley Sharp  Wellington  New Zealand

Elisabeth Maclean Sharp  Wellington  New Zealand

Terence Conroy  Wellington  New Zealand

Isabelita Mallada  Wellington  New Zealand

Norma Taylor  Brisbane  Australia

Nicasio Camaya  California  USA

Florence Manapsal  California  USA

Flor Manapsal  California  USA

Leroy Lawrence, Indiana, USA

David Wade, Sr., Indiana, USA

Helen McNerney, Indiana, USA

Opal Gamble, Indiana, USA

Clete Olinger, Indiana, USA

Chip Olinger, Indiana, USA

Judy Mettler, Indiana, USA

Eva Griffith, Indiana, USA

Mother of Anka Beer, Slovakia

Father of Gabriel Beer, Slovakia

Family Macova, Slovakia

Family Muckova, Slovakia

David Yaeger, TX, USA

Judith Dalton, FL, USA

Lillian M Izzo, MA, USA

Stella M. Quinones, TX, USA

Dot Daniels, AL, USA

Preben Jørgensen, Belgium

Anna Bøg Madsen, Denmark

Elise Marie Bahnson, Denmark

H.B. Petersen, Oregon, USA

Leonard Theodore Christensen, Washington, USA

Jean Marie Christensen, Washington, USA

Paul Williamson, California, USA

Roxie Latapie, Missouri, USA

Radu Florescu, Massachusetts, USA

Helen Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Richard Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Elvira Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Sisto Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Fausto Turski, Illinois USA

Natalia Turski, Illinois, USA

Anne Kastelic, Illinois, USA

Joseph Kastelic, Sr., Illinois, USA

Marian Kastelic, Illinois, USA

Ellen Prater, Colorado, USA

Lauren Easton, Georgia, USA

Joseph Kastelic, Jr., Illinois, USA

Jessica Bauermeister, Colorado, USA

Brother Sean Rogers, Georgia, USA

William Beezeley, Missouri, USA

Cyndi Babecka, Georgia, USA

Richard Morris, Georgia, USA

Mary Kastelic, Illinois, USA

Curtis Michael Reilly, Florida, USA

Rose Cannatella, N.J.  USA

Robert Womack, N.J.  USA

Robert Golkowski, Virginia, USA

Patricia M. McCauley, Illinois, USA

William M. Maloney --  New York USA

Ann C. Maloney       -- New York USA

Alfred Maloney   -- New York  USA

Elsie Maloney   --  New York  USA

Patrick Maloney  --  New York  USA

Catherine Maloney  --  New York  USA

Joseph Pearce  -- New York  USA

Margaret Ruvo  --  New York  USA

Rose Barrese   --  New York  USA

Joseph Hanulik   -- Connecticut  USA

Mary Hanulik  --  Connecticut  USA

George Hanulik  --  Connecticut  USA

Donald Hanulik  --  Connecticut  USA

Joseph Aloisi  --  Connecticut  USA

Josephine Aloisi  --  Connecticut  USA

Helen Buckley  --  Connecticut USA

Jame Buckley  --  Connecticut  USA

Fr. John Hiltz, California, USA

Bishop MacFarland,California,USA

Robert Quigley,California,USA

Wilhemena Labasan,California, USA

Ernest Dedmon,California,USA

Carmen and Angel Ortega,California,USA

Carmen Sandoval,California,USA

Victoria and Frank Johnson,California,USA

David and Sandee Condit, California,USA

Margaret and Karl Karcher,California,USA

Liz Diggins,California,USA

Barbara Oakes, California,USA

Robert Bishop,California,USA

Dennis Tazza,California,USA

Preben Jørgensen, Belgium

Anna Bøg Madsen, Denmark

Elise Marie Bahnson, Denmark

H.B. Petersen, Oregon, USA

Leonard Theodore Christensen, Washington, USA

Jean Marie Christensen, Washington, USA

Paul Williamson, California, USA

Roxie Latapie, Missouri, USA

Radu Florescu, Massachusetts, USA

Helen Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Richard Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Elvira Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Sisto Bertacchi, Illinois, USA

Fausto Turski, Illinois USA

Natalia Turski, Illinois, USA

Anne Kastelic, Illinois, USA

Joseph Kastelic, Sr., Illinois, USA

Marian Kastelic, Illinois, USA

Ellen Prater, Colorado, USA

Lauren Easton, Georgia, USA

Joseph Kastelic, Jr., Illinois, USA

Jessica Bauermeister, Colorado, USA

Brother Sean Rogers, Georgia, USA

William Beezeley, Missouri, USA

Cyndi Babecka, Georgia, USA

Richard Morris, Georgia, USA

Mary Kastelic, Illinois, USA

Curtis Michael Reilly, Florida, USA

Rose Cannatella, N.J.  USA

Robert Womack, N.J.  USA

Patricia M. McCauley, Illinois, USA

Natalie Barnard, Queensland, Australia

Fr Des Byrne, Victoria ,Australia

Fr Francis Merlino. OFM Cap, New South Wales, Australia

Marcus L. DiLeo, M.D., New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Frank Johnson, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bob Walker, Ontario, Canada

Virginia Wiley, Ontario, Canada

Wayne Tars Mom, Ontario, Canada

Bruce Horvath, Ontario, Canada

Maria Repka, Ontario , Canada

Darryl Guay, Ontario, Canada

Bastings family, Ontario , Canada

Dorothy Bastings, Ontario, Canada

Jose Vieira Goncalves, Goias, Brazil

Virginia Lellio Marapese

Jose Vieira Goncalves, Goias, Brazil

Francesco Rinaldi, Connecticut, USA

Vito Carchedi, Ohio, USA

Maria DeNisi Carchedi, Ohio, USA

Vito Malacaria, Massachusetts, USA

Barbara Bartucca Malacaria, Massachusetts, USA

Alessandro Carchedi, Ohio, USA

Nicolina Malacaria Carchedi, Ohio USA

Mary Carchedi Pushkar, Massachusetts, USA

Barbara Carchedi Hutchinson, Massachusetts, USA

Benny Marapese, Ohio, USA

Virgnia Lellio Marapese, Ohio, USA

Mary Jane Marapese McCormick, Ohio, USA

Joseph Ugboko, Lagos, Nigeria

Francisca Ajiboye, Ilorin, Nigeria

Stephen Idehen, Agbor, Nigeria

Raymond Ugboko, Ogwashi-Ukwu, Nigeria

Oluchi Obichukwu, Ilorin, Nigeria

Louisa Emidun, Ilorin, Nigeria

The dead woman on the curb, Ilorin, Nigeria

Michael Jackson, U.S.A.

Fr. Emilius Abifarin, Ilorin, Nigeria

Sam Loco Efe, Nigeria

Fr. Felix Ajiboye, Ilorin, Nigeria

Fr. Cosmas Aina, Ilorin, Nigeria

Fr. Okere Edmund, Ilorin, Nigeria

Patrick Dorrian, County Down, Northern Ireland

Crista Fabrycki Chadwick, Colorado, USA

Rose Paliotta, New York, USA