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Iraqi Christian Refugees call upon the Vatican and the West
"Come, Pope in the Vatican!" "America, fix it." "Where are you?"

There's really nothing left for us to say, other than our words in the editorial and our surprise at the Pope's silence  (except for a written statement by his spokesman) and absence from the cameras in this, one of the most dramatic days for any mostly Catholic population in decades. The mostly Catholic refugees can't understand either, and call upon the "Pope of the Vatican" to help them. But from Rome and from the United Nations Security Council only written statements...

Dramatic moments ask for dramatic gestures by those who can make a difference, and these have not been forthcoming, we are very sorry to say.

This video was recorded hours ago:

[Update: 01:40 a.m. GMT:] The President of the United States has authorized limited airstrikes against ISIS.

"This is going to be a very long term effort against ISIL," White House officials say on background call on #Iraq airstrikes
LATimes' Maeve Reston (@MaeveReston) August 8, 2014

A Maronite reader asks us to post this information on the collection being made by the Eparchy of Brooklyn that will go directly to the Christians in need.

Bishop Mansour has issued an appeal to the parishes in his eparchy, to assist the Iraqi christians. He writes: "As the world sits by and does nothing to help our brothers and sisters who are being openly discriminated against, displaced, and persecuted for no other reason than being Christian, we feel we need to do something to help." To do so, he is taking up a collection on the weekend of August 16-17. All monies collected will be sent through the appropriate Catholic channels so that those suffering may directly receive the benefits. Bishop Gregory is a member of the USCCB but this collection is not part of any effort they may be devising. I checked their web site but found not such collection listed.

Perhaps some of your readers, frustrated like myself, may want to assist this effort. If so, they should direct their contributions to:

Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
Collection for Iraq
109 Remsen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201