Rorate Caeli

Some Irish Redemptorists are doing it again

We received the following report from our Irish reader keeping a close eye on this ongoing situation:

Readers, you may recall the story posted some time ago about the two Irish Redemptorist priests in drag (see here). Well, they're at it again -- this time doing the "ice bucket challenge"...

Frs. Sean Duggan & Gerry O'Connor (CSsR) nominate both the papal nuncio and the Archbishop of Dublin to do it next, along with "Panti" (Rory O'Neill) -- a well known Irish drag queen and homosexual rights activist ("Panti" recently caused outrage on Irish television by labeling certain Catholic organizations and pro-life individuals as homophobes, costing the national broadcaster to pay out thousands of euros in damages). 

In this video, you can see Fr. Sean Duggan on television answering questions re: the future of the Church

Rorate note: a side note on the "ice bucket challenge," remember this goes against our pro-life values, as it funds embryonic stem cell research. See here for more.