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New Archbishop in Madrid -- Cañizares might remain at the Congregation for Divine Worship, or will he go to Valencia instead?... [Updated]

The Pope has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Rouco, Archbishop of Madrid, who turns 78 on Sunday -- this has been news for several weeks. Religión Digital, closely linked to the more "progressive" circles of the Spanish hierarchy, says that the Archbishop of Valencia, Carlos Osoro Sierra, 69, has been chosen by Pope Francis as new Archbishop of the Spanish capital -- this was supposedly informed by the Holy See to the Spanish government yesterday.

Why is this important for the universal Church? First, of course, because Madrid is the key bishopric in a key nation in the Catholic world. But, much more importantly in the present, this choice is related to a Spanish vacancy that is available to the current Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW), Cardinal Cañizares, 68.

Cardinal Cañizares is the only prefect of a relevant curial office who has neither been confirmed nor discharged by Pope Francis -- and talk had been rife that he would go to Madrid (the only position that would have made sense, since he had left the country as Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain when Benedict XVI named him as Prefect), and that his position at CDW might be filled by some of the worst possible choices, including some of the main living disciples of Annibale Bugnini, the architect of the destruction of the Roman Rite.

In any event, this is very important: the news item leaves as the greatest possibility that Cañizares will be named to Valencia, capital of his home region, presumably, we gather, in order to be close to home -- and then CDW would be available once again... For whom?

[Updated to reflect full reach of original item.]