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Coexist Culture in Vatican Radio

Radio Vaticana - Aug 27, 2014
Footprints in Culture

In today's episode [of Footprints in Culture], we arrive in the world of Plim Plim, an Argentine series whose mission is to educate and amuse the little ones at home, always hand in hand with solidarity, responsibility, teamwork, sports, and respect for the environment. On the occasion of the football match for peace that will be played in Rome on September 1, promoted by Scholas Occurrentes and the Pupi Foundation at the request of Pope Francis, a visit to the studios of one of the creators of this nice character, Guillermo Pino, who explains to us that during his stay in Rome they will try to bring smiles to the children of the Bambino Gesù Hospital, to whom they will present Plim Plim. He will also reveal to our audience how the idea was brought about, its up-do-dateness, and what they will tell Pope Francis when they meet him next week. Let us listen.

(Source: Vatican Radio, Spanish-language section; tip: Chiesa e post concilio)

P.S. Notified that the "Coexist" logo used at Vatican Radio was slightly censored so as to include a little heart on top of letter i: the adorable original version is below, with the appropriate symbol. (source)