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Papal Irritation with Ignatius Press Book Continues
- First victim of Kasper's attack campaign, Müller tries to justify himself, blames publisher for "unfortunate timing"

"Sorry, Kasper!"
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An upside-down Church: Kasper, the heresy-promoting destroyer of Church dogma wants to demolish Catholic doctrine on Matrimony with an explosive anti-Catholic theory, but others cannot even react. It is Müller who has to excuse himself for standing with the permanent doctrine of the Church on the matter.

So... lío, mess, chaos, is only allowed when it comes from the approved side, it seems

An astonished Müller: my text was released over one year ago

Corriere della Sera
September 19, 2014
(Gian Guido Vecchi) He does not wish to feed controversy, he is even somewhat disconcerted. "They say I want to oppose, but I don't wish to oppose anyone!" Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the former Holy Office, cannot understand what is going on. He has repeated to those closer to him: "This text came out over one year ago, even L'Osservatore Romano published it!"

But in the Vatican there is some irritation with the "editorial operation" that has a past text as a response to Walter Kasper's introductory lecture to the Synod on the Family. It all began with the publication of the book "Matrimonio e comunione nella Chiesa cattolica" that gathers the texts of five Cardinals opposed to Kasper's overture, that possibility that remarried divorcees be readmitted to Communion. The book, edited in the United States by Ignatius Press ("Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church"), has been translated into Italian by Cantagalli. Among the authors, the most prominent one is obviously the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. But Cardinal Müller's text is the same one that the Holy See daily published on October 23, 2013, four months before Kasper - on Francis' request - gave his lecture to the Cardinals (February 20, 2014). But that is not all: the text that came out in L'Osservatore in turn had been the translation of a text released in Germany, in the Catholic daily Tagespost, on June 15, 2013. A text that retraced, throughout history, the doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage and the reasons for the "no" to [access to] the Sacraments, a position often affirmed by the Cardinal, who, on the other hand, pointed to a possible solution, that is, the recognition of the nullity of marriage: considering the "contemporary mentality," marriages, "are probably more often invalid in our age than they were in the past." L'Osservatore, in view of the announced Synod, explained that it published it, "in order to deepen the matter with serenity." The Cardinal had mentioned it to Francis first: the Prefect of former Holy Office cannot release two pages in the Vatican paper without the knowledge of the Pope. L'Osservatore also published a text by Kasper afterwards. Now, this book is released fifteen days before the Synod, "the timing is unfortunate." People close to Müller explain that the Cardinal had simply said yes to the publication of his old text, without concerning himself with the book afterwards. And now in the Vatican ["Oltretevere- lit. "across the Tiber"] they want to tone things down: also out of fear that there are some who "fan the flames" to thwart Francis and the Synod.

It is the second time that the word "irritation" comes out of the Vatican through the secular media regarding this simple book with a simple message. Considering Cardinal Müller's despairing and urgent need to justify himself, the complaints can only be coming from someone above him.

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