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Zenit, please link and mention us when using our translations (Update: Thanks)

We are honored that Zenit chose, in their article posted today, to use our translation, without a single change, posted yesterday here, of Bishop Tommaso Ghirelli of Imola's editorial, made by our contributor Francesca Romana - but as a matter of courtesy, we ask of them what we ask of all those who get tips and texts from us: please, mention us and link to us. We always act like this to others, we receive no payment and no contributions for the job done here, this is a completely free web page with no ads, no donation requests of any kind, this courtesy does not seem much to ask - and it also is the right thing to do. This acknowledgment is the only "payment" we ask.

So many secular news organizations (including, days ago, Breitbart) have no qualms about linking to us, why should a Catholic news organization use our translation without the courtesy of referring to it and acknowledging our work? We are embarrassed to take you to task, but enough is enough: to use an entire translation as if it had come out of nowhere without a simple acknowledgment? Moreover, without it, some in the future might even think that we used the Zenit text without appropriate reference, considering it is an established and large news organization - and not the opposite. Don't do what others have been doing to us for ages: do the right thing. In the rare occasions we used Zenit as a source, we always made sure to mention and link to it, so please do likewise: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Update: thanks to Zenit for acknowledgment made after this post.