Rorate Caeli

A New Symbol in Catholic Heraldry: "The Tree of All Religions"

Achbishop-elect Julian Leow Beng Kim, chosen by Pope Francis months ago, will be installed archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, tomorrow, October 6, 2014.

He will certainly be a great Archbishop -- well, at least assuredly for non-Catholics. He has just introduced a new symbol in ecclesiastical heraldry, the "Tree of All Religions" or "Coexist Tree".

Because, as Jesus said, "the gate is wide," and "you can go to the Father not only through me, but through any other way as well. Just pick from the Tree of All Religions whatever faith rocks the Divine within you, dude.

(Coat of arms explained by Archdiocese)

[News item and images sent by local Catholic faithful, who appeal to our worldwide readership for prayers as well as action (the Archdiocesan office's e-mail address is archbishop@archkl.orgto move the Archbishop's heart to change this symbol that has scandalized them so deeply.]