Rorate Caeli

A traditional calendar and Catholic trivia game

Our friends at Angelus Press have sent along two items for us to share: their beautiful 2015 liturgical calendar and their new traditional Catholic trivia game.

The 2015 calendar lives up and we'd say surpasses the already high expectations of the Angelus Press calendars. It's big -- really big! -- and it's very durable, which is important if you have many little hands reaching up to turn the pages. There are beautiful and historic pictures of Abp. M. Lefebvre saying Mass along with very nice historic art of the Mass through the ages.

The Catholic Trivia Traditional Version game is a great new product that's fun for the whole family or a group of friends. As the publisher says: "It makes catechism lessons, lives of the saints, and Church history fun! ... Contains two decks each containing 250 cards; 1,500 questions in total. Six categories: the Baltimore Catechism (C), the Latin Mass (M), and History and the Liturgical Calendar (H). The other contains Popes, Patron Saints and Other Pious People (P); Ritual, Symbol, and Doctrine (R); and Et Cetera (E). 500 Cards."

For more information or to buy the calendar, click here.

For more information or to buy the trivia game, click here.